Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rerun ...part 2 ...with pictures

Eureka part2

She is totally freaked out like a giant baby huey. This cracks me up about her, that inside she is such an emotional foo foo. LOL

We put the cat back out ,lest this bloated dog tick decides to get on us. We were BOTH too foo foo to attempt removing the tick. But we did inform the office that he had a tick. They can do that gross task.

We slept just fine on our miniscule bed. Naturally I woke up at the crack of dawn. Once I was able to force poodles to get up , we got ready , packed up and checked out. Then went back thru to see all the cats again. We made it out of there just in time , as we were leaving there was a busload of about 50 kids lined up to get in.

We agreed to stop at the first restaurant we found to eat breakfast. This happened to be about 50 miles down the road, in some Mayberry town. Our waitress was a snobby hag . But the food was good.

It took forever to get home. We were hoping there would be somewhere to stop on the way .But we only stopped in Benton at goodwill , because I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open.

Then E calls me and asks when am I going to get home. I said in about an hour. Well , the previous day , she had shown a girl this old house and the gril wanted to bring her boss and her friends to see it. But E was in Texas. So , poodles and I get to town and ,I drag her with me to show the girl and her friends this house. They take their sweet time too. We had not eaten since breakfast and they finally got out of the house around 7 p.m.

We go right downtown to find some food. We wind up at Magnolias.The atmosphere leaves something to be desired , but the food is good and cheap.I think she got a t-bone for 13 bucks.

Then we FINALLY get home. And what do we find? Two loose dogs on the porch . I have never seen them around here before. I give them some food and water and check the lost and found ads , online. We call one ad at about 10 p.m. and the lady has trouble describing her missing dog.

Turns out to be the wrong dogs. But one of these is a solid black pug. Left out loose all night , I’m pretty sure they will be road kill by morning. So we lock them on my patio and at the crack of dawn I let them back out.

They immediately run out and attack a neighbors dogs. (I didn’t know this until later on ,when someone told me)
The dogs were gone after that , so I assume the neighbor called the pound on them.

The next day we had a lazy day and pretty much just did errands and later on floozie2 and her family came over for a while. We had planned on going in the pool that day , but were just too tired.

Later on that evening the people with the missing dogs I had spoken to on the phone came by to show us pictures of their dogs. They have been missing for over a week .

The next day I had to drive poodles to the airport. I’m soooo tired. Usually after cavuto waking me up at some ungodly hour for days in a row, I will have a lazy day in there to rest up. But this time it’s been over 10 days of it with no day of rest. This morning at 4 , when he stated pawing my face I actually started crying. ACK!!
It’s like having a freakin’ baby . I’m too old for this crap.

I spent hours yesterday , downloading pictures , only to have them “not work” ack!!!
Hopefully my sister will remedy this situation today. ;)

Have a great day ya’ll. I’m sure a nap will be in my future. And this afternoon I’m going to see the new Pirates movie.


Here's the pictures......get comfortable and get what you need first. :))) It's pretty long. But The closest I've ever been to 1,000 pound cats. It was soooo awesome!!!

copy and paste the link(below) in your browser for the photo show. :)


SOUL: said...

i just went there--to find the album empty-- :((
am i surprised? well, no.. because i have been trying to comment on pages too-- only for that not too work too!
yep-- it's a monday!
but-- seems to be working now, after a reboot-- let's see if it posts this time, shall we?

luv me

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ha! it did work--woo hoo