Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scientific Saturday........

This was a was only a test.....

As y'all know SOME point ...the cats will be flying to Europe.

We have learned from experience...that this flight is a living hell.

(see the Sweden diary on the sidebar)

So, My plan IS to get them "used to going some where"
ie) LOVING their little travel bags.

Today was our first experiment.

We took Cavuto out on the boat.

On the walk "to the boat" while he was in his little bag .....he did the usual...screamed his head off.

Floozie 2 and G5 ,
they were out in "our cove " as well

so we all tied up together.

Lake Farmer was fishing and had caught the biggest crappy I have ever seen!

"Shit, do I look worried?Mean?Bored? Sun in my eyes? "

Let's hear your guess:))

"do I look like a crazy cat woman?"

"OMG....I have NEVER smelled so much at one time in my whole life!!!"

"I'm the Captain of this ship ,pardon me, my hand slipped"

Ha! my dad used to say that ...and then ...slap you.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood......won't you be neighbor?

Anyhow, Cavuto did GREAT!!! He loved his first boat trip.
And ...when the boat is moving's very similar to the airplane experience.
Maybe this could turn out to be a wonderful idea!!! :)))

Now..we just have to figure out how to get Monkey to LOVE it.

Wanted " adoptive parent for insane, hateful demon cat"
Loves whipped cream, loves you , until you dare to flinch , will sleep with you, until you dare to move. Will lay on the fluorescent lights all day, scream her head off when she's ready to go to bed.That means she wants YOU to go to bed, NOW!.
Will come out and "visit " her girlfriends.Hates travel, hates movement, hates everyone and every thing...pretty much.
She does LOVE black shoe strings.
Small, (vet says she's a midget) poops very little.
Will probably live until she's 30 .
Today could be your lucky day!!! Come adopt her!!!! Save us alll!!!!

I'm really kidding...(unless you HAVE the ideal situation for her and want to devote your life to a demanding bitch ...with little return)..we love that little bitch.

If YOU could love her MORE :)...please let me know. We only want what's best for her.


myomyohi said...

My guess is..... grumpy, and all of the above.

Anonymous said...

My guess is day dreaming about maybe he could have caught a big Crappie if he had brought his fishin pole. Are you getting the cats ready to go to Europe? You mentioned Europe. ?? Is that a hint that hubby is headed back over the pond? And what language will you have to teach the cats in order to beg for whipped cream in the native tongue? Nosey (Nosey questions aren't they?)

Anonymous said...

I agree with myomyohi... and I still think that's risky,they do need their new harnesses before you take them out! aunti j ps Start studying proper english, huh?

SOUL: said...

i have never seen a cat on a boat-- dogs yes--cats no-- only YOU. LOL
you crack me up.

i still can't grasp the fact that you're goin to england. geesh.
do you realize we've been talkin about a vacation there for years.. make SURE you have a guest room !!! lOL

Mary said...

I think we have Monkey's litter mate. Our cat has that same personality. She drives me crazy but Harry loves her so I do my best to love her as well.

I don't envy you the trip to Europe with three cats. Will they fly in the cabin with you or will they have to be in the bay? Poor kitties, poor you. How long do you plan to be in Europe? Is this a vacation or a move?

I'm full of questions this morning, aren't I. Just call me nosey old biddy and consider the source. ;-))

simonsays said...

Trying to catch up on your blog---I love the idea of the kitties on the boat with you, you are a brave woman. It surprises me that they seem to like it so much. Yea for you and them - and I'm happy that your Husband is home for awhile.


simonsays said...

PS...that stroller is the coolest thing ever! :)

Smocha said...

Mornin' Peeps, should still be secret about England for a few more weeks.

Anyhow, no it won't be a "move" we're keeping our condo here. So we'll be back.

Soul, Next time ,I'm taking O'Reilly and Cavuto. Their "walking jackets" should arrive any day now.
Monkey is going to get rides in the car for a while before any boat trips. :)

Mary,Isn't it delightful to have such a cat? (lol NOT!)
We have had Monkey since she was an infant too . That's what really makes me mad.

Not sure yet ,how they will fly .As the airlines have changed a lot of the rules since I flew to Sweden. that time they were in the cabin , in ONE carrier. Monkey ,growling and screaming the entire way.:)

All I know is that I want them to be used to traveling in the bags this time. So it won't be so traumatic for them. And hopefully they can do it drug free. I don't like the effects of giving them any tranquilizers.

Get up! you guys!!

Happy Monday!

SOUL: said...

thanks for the snowbabies! i have never ever seen one so little!! it's adorable.
i actually lasted til this morning to open the box-- can you believe it ?
stez said i was weird for waiting. only cuz he opens christmas a week early maybe !:))

anyhow-- thanks-- love the card too-- makes me thik to indio-- a ROACH A GD ROACH LOLOL.

i'm on blog leave-- i saw it comin a few days ago-- i just need to get things in order here-- i'll be baaaack.
luv me

desert dirt diva said...