Friday, May 2, 2008

Senile much?

Happy Friday People,

There's absolutely nothing going on around here.

Yesterday I posted my post on the wrong blog. The old one ,that no one can get to. ack!
I just had to re-do it (it's below)

Today is day 2 with no cigarettes. I must say is hell. Maybe I'll sleep for a week. lol
Maybe I'll go buy some cigarettes. I just can't tell yet.
I told my husband that I would try to quit while he was gone. It was my OWN stupid idea!
I'm sick of the coughing, the expense, the stink.Why can't it just be easy. damnit.

It's rainy out.(again) So I suppose my plan du jour is to hang around here.Do laundry, clean the porches and the cat boxes.After that ....don't know.

Hope it's a great day in your worlds.

luv me

Happy Thursday Y'all,

The first week after my husband leaves always sucks. You'd think I could bounce right back after all these years of it.But ...noooooo.
The first week ,I'm a lazy ,sad bum.

Oh well, that week is almost over. (yes, I KNOW I could have please spare me the lecture)

I'm about to attempt to quit smoking (for the millionth time) wish me luck with that.

Yesterday I went to the "half of a half " store.
Look at this MOB that was waiting to get in the door.

Wednesday is the day the get new stuff in. WOO HOO!!

I found a couple awesome things . A polka dotted bra, some jeweled flip flops and a pair of shorts.

All for under 20 bucks. Score!

Last night the UPS man brought me an unexpected package.

My oldest son sent me this box of gourmet goodies.


I assume that the rat trap is a joke. :)

I did make dinner last night using the tahnini.

I'll post the recipe later on.

My new pirate cup.

Mama luvs pirates.

Sweet sleeping babies.....

Making himself right at home there. lol

"I love this stroller!"

"so do I!!!"

I actually haven't taken them out in it yet . i don't have their harnesses yet. Maybe they'll come today in the mail.

I'm running late on my chores this morning. Cavuto actually let me sleep in. Yippeee!!!

I'm off to get busy.
Have a great day peeps!


SOUL: said...

good luck on the smokin thang!

love the care package-- perhaps he got confused and the rat trap was for my bday? :))

happy friday

desert dirt diva said...

good luck on the smoking thing too, hope ya do better than me.. no just joking you'll be the non- smoker i am..almost....

simonsays said...

I am so proud of you, I am going to give the no-smoking thing a go in the next few days. Seriously, you can do this, and I HOPE I can, too.

I love the kitty stroller, it is so damned cute.

Have a good weekend.


SOUL: said...

well... did the tornadoes get ya????

desert dirt diva said...

update update update grrrrrrrrrrr.....only i month and 6 days... yea.. I miss you so much....i need our long talks and laughter....and us... just us...