Friday, May 23, 2008

May I bitch...........

Happy Friday Y'all !

I have to agree with Soul, this week has been unusually boring. Bleah

I feel the need to bitch about some stuff I am hating right now. So let's start with that. Shall we.

1. Not sure if I am the only person in the world who uses "sweet and low" or not.....but lately , I have bought and had to throw away 3 boxes of the stuff because it tastes like bitter POISON.
What the hell is up with THAT?
As we speak ,I am having to drink coffee with a ton of sugar. ack!!
Nothing ruins the morning worse than lousy coffee.

2.AWFUL commercials. Such as that idiotic T-mobile commercial with the nerds and the wizard.
WTF? Some one actually got PAID for creating that swill??
Every time I see it , it pisses me off. It sooo STUPID and makes no sense what so ever.
Advertising people : more hot guys , less fat ,ugly or stupid nerds,wizards and Neanderthals.
You're making my eyes bleed!

3.This years Womens shorts . What are you people thinking???The only shorts available this year are down to ones knees or up to ones crotch. Neither of which look the least bit flattering on middle aged ,short, fat drumstick legs.What are real human beings supposed to wear ? You morons!!!

I have panties longer than this!

Over my dead body!

Ok...that's enough for now. I feel better .LOL

Here's my first lame attempts at scrap booking. (keep in mind , my theme here is lazy and cheap) :)

click on the pics to see the full sized version.

I'm out. gotta get busy.

Have a great day peeps!

luv me


Anonymous said...

when a person hits the 40's, they NEED to wear the longer ones! or have someone cut them off. Most cleaners have a seamstress. 2 inches of rain last night..... lightening horrible..... auntie j

Design PR said...

Nice scrapbooking! Where's the insano page? He's jealous.

Bonnie said...

I don't think it's just Insano who's jealous... Maybe it's just me, but it seems like that scrapbook is 75% cats, 20% youngest and girlfriend, and 5% other 2 kids, husband, and you. Geez, play favorites much??

Hehe, just kidding. :) It looks great!

Mary said...

I agree with this year's shorts being unreasonable. I have five pair to shorten for one DIL. I'll cut them off and notch the side seam to make them more presentable. She tried them on for me to mark length - the youngest grandson came in, looked at her and told her that her pants were too short. He didn't recognize them as shorts.

Thanks for sharing your scrapbook pages. Maybe you can inspire me to do something with a few of the thousands of pics in this house.

Anonymous said...

Nice scrap bookin! You're doing great. I have asked many people if they have ever been influenced to buy a particular item or to buy an item at a particular store because of a TV commercial. To date, among the hundreds that I have asked, not one has answered yes. So why, pray tell, are all the zillions spent on TV commercials? A 60 sec Budweiser commercial during the Super Bowl costs 2 million bucks. I would really like to know how many peeps switch to Bud because of one of those commercials. Blech. Carry on. G5

myomyohi said...

The scrapbook looks great. I'm jealous.

SOUL: said...

i need to work on my scrapbook stuff toooo--- ugh. i'm sooo not motivated.

i need a vacation.

hubby get home ok?