Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial day

Happy hump day y'all,

(damn underlining! )

Well, Monday my spouse was too sunburned to go out on the boat. he spent the day lying around ...boring me to death ...watching hideous old movies.

By the dinner time I couldn't take it any more. I said "after we eat , we're taking the cats for a lesson.Since you're here, we'll try taking Monkey too."

He was too embarrassed to walk down there with me...pushing the cat stroller. lol
He went down to the boat ..after me.

Monkey did GREAT! I was shocked. No crying, no stiff as board terror.She was calm ,quiet and inquisitive.

In fact , the water was really rough so the dock was moving and squeaking. Cavuto was the only brat. he was whining like a baby.

I put the harness's on before we ate dinner.

Cavuto ....nice and feeling paralyzed.

Note to self: try cutting his nails while he has the jacket on:)

Monkey ...first time she ever had hers on. Doing quite well.

O' reilly

"I do not appreciate this!"

Go Monkey!

I could not have been more surprised at how well she did.

She almost looks "normal" lolololol

O'Reilly did NOT try to back out of his harness.

Cavuto ...mid whine.

"why's this dock so squeaky?"

"Do I LOOK spoiled rotten?"

"how 'bout me?"

They LOVED being in the stroller.No whining there.Not even Monkey.


Yesterday we had to get up at 4 to go to the airport. Needless to say , I was worthless alll day and accomplished NOTHING.

Today , I will be back to life.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Crazy cat lady ......go ahead and laugh neighbors.....I don't care.


myomyohi said...

OK, wth happened to spring? It's like 47 degrees here, the wind is blowing, and I had to turn the damn heat back on! I am sooooooo sick of cold weather!

SOUL: said...

that is just too funny--
do they make life jackets for cats? they have em for dogs.

but then again, you might be the only one who takes their cats on a boat-- :)))

welp-- cute pix--

did you find anything at your stores today?

what was the weather like there-- we got some storms for a few hours but it cleared up pretty good in the afternoon.. sposed to get bad again tomorrow tho--

c ya 2morrow..

Smocha said...

Myoh , Isn't this weather crap??

We had horrid thunderstorms all night Monday. I bet I got 2 hours of sleep.

All the people in the front building had 4 inches of water in their condos.
Everyone has their carpet now piled outside. ack!

I could not find any life jackets made specifically for cats.I have one little doggy one but it does not fit a cat as well as i'd like.
England should design one and get rich. :)

There are actually a lot of people who take cats on boats. Mostly sailboats though.

I found zip at the stores. Today is half of a half day though. woo hoo!!

Happy humpday girls,
luv me

Anonymous said...

They DO look cute but I still think it was a bad idea to start letting them go outside. Now you have to really watch if someone goes in and out. Weather? Humidity is so bad here, after 15 minutes outside I'm dripping wet! Could be worse --- Chicago's wind chill was 40 yesterday! auntie j

Mary said...

I love the pics. I'd walk with you to the dock and even push the stroller if you'd let me.

mentlgas said...

Yes, the crazy cat lady...your so cute,lolol : )
Only you could get away with it!

SOUL: said...

just cruisin---and fallin asleep-- every time i leave a page--i say i'm goin ta bed-- then i say--one more page--hmm.. i didn't fish long enough today apparently. :))


desert dirt diva said...

yes you are now offically cat lady crazy......now i will go read your blog........