Monday, May 5, 2008

Riding in boats with cats.....

Happy Monday Y'all,

I'm behind on everything again, including my blog.

I realized that in order to quit smoking one must be at ones mental and emotional "best" .Which ,right now, I am NOT!
There's too much on my mind ,with England and everything...looming out there.

So, that isn't going to work right now. ack! Been beating myself up over it. But what's the point of that ,right.

Yesterday Floozie2 and I took the boat out for hours. It was a gorgeous day . no damn heavy wind blowing. The water was calm and smooth . The anchors even held. A rarity. believe you me!

My plan was to take O'reilly with us. (his first time out) But Cavuto make it clear that he wanted to go!!

So we took both of them. They absolutely LOVED it!

Cavuto even took a huge nap "in " the carrier bag. BTW the two of them ,in that bag weigh a ton!

The only problem I had was being unable to get the lift to go up. Luckily ,I was able to reach my spouse on the phone and he told me how to do it right.

"I'm driving!"

The flies are out in droves. cavuto was in bug heaven.

Getting a little too brave.


(isn't that a word?)

Where are the "real" harness's? damnit.

Pretty boy.

Not sure what my plan for today is yet.if I owe you email or a phone call please don't be mad at me. I'm trying to get to it. I swear!!

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I still think it's not a good idea getting the cats used to going outside! I'll be glad, too, when the harnesses come in. I agree too much going on, in your mind, to try to quit smoking. You're doing real good scrapbooking! Have you gone to any classes? They're fun, you learn alot, and most towns have them. auntie j

desert dirt diva said...

cute pictures

SOUL: said...

those pix are awesome.... i think you should put together a calender or something.. you are real good with a camera--

anyhow-- yep-- don't worry about the smokin thing right now-- timing is everything-
luv me

Mary said...

A day on the water - that's close to heaven in my book. Apparently the kitties think so too. They are going to have more experiences and be better traveled than most of us are. And all they have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Hope you had a good today and an even better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Great cat pics on the boat! They are becoming veteran sailors. I know they would just love to swim over to Garvan Gardens and explore in all those trees. That is what their faces are saying. When you really, really want to stop smoking, you will stop. It does take an iron resolve but you are strong enuf - just have to keep tellin yourself that - when the time comes. Now 2 cats will be waking you up at 5 in the a.m. wanting you to take them out on the boat. Monkey next? G5

simonsays said...

I love these. You are so brave, going out on the boat with your kitties, I am so impressed!

Sorry about the smoking, you will get there next time. I am beginning my non-smoking journey on Friday. I need all the hope and help I can get, wish me well, will you?

Have a great day today. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Wow, they sure do love it out can tell by the looks on their faces. I will be glad, too, when you get the harnesses...if they should fall in the water, that rope will slip right off a wet cat. About the smoking...yep, you'll quit when you're ready and it will be easy then. I just celebrated my 18th year anniversary of not smoking. Yay me! I can't even BEGIN to describe how much better you'll feel...not to mention how much cleaner your house will stay.

desert dirt diva said...

update,, i know you've been busy boating with your babies but update anyways....