Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm old and tired and I can't get up.....

Hi Y'all!

Yep ,I'm still alive. I have just been having one of those weeks where i can't seem to function.

I guess it's ok to talk about this ...because everyone in town knows about.

My friend E's husband of 10 years suddenly decided to start dating 22 year olds and divorce her.

Well, needless to say, she is a wreck.
She has 4 kids living at home. The 2 youngest are really too young to understand what's going on. So I really feel terrible for the older ones.
We'll call them Bubba and Sissy.
Bubba is 17 and Sissy is 14.

The other night ,I tell my friend "why don't you let Bubba and Sissy come spend the day with me?"

Me and my big pity mouth. LOL

She drops them off around 8:30 the next morning. These are good kids. Exceptionally good kids.
(they've been home schooled and have no T.V. If you can imagine that.)

So we pack up a lunch and head out for the boat. Well ,naturally it stays too cloudy and cool to get in the water or anything. So we anchored up and sat there for hours . Had our picnic lunch and tried to catch treasure with my giant magnet.

Then the rains comes. I had no choice but to drag them to the thrift stores. :)

They had never been to one. The highlight of the thrift-storing was ..we saw a pair of those shiney athletic shorts in a size 6 x!
We were all just dying that none of us had a camera with us. Those shorts were sooooo huge , we could have all got in them and still had room for more people.

It would have been great to take a picture and have it say "I lost 500 pounds eating at Subway!"
Etc.. damn . Why didn't i have my camera.

When mom finally picked them up she asked me if I was worn out. Actually YES! But not like we did anything exhausting. I was worn out from so much talking. lol

I'm used to saying very little ,on a daily basis. Just whatever I mumble to myself or the cats.
I guess I ought to get out more. :)


The rest of the week has been one of THESE kind of weeks.

Our weather has been crap. Rainy every day.


This is SOOO true. That's what must be wrong with me . I currently have NO list!

I can not operate with out a list.

Note to self: MAKE LIST DAMN IT!!!!

Two of my kids just went to Mexico for a wedding. Here are some pics from their trip.
The youngest and my future daughter. Three and Gidget.
(others are from other trips, highjacked off their friends myspace pages) be young :)

Enjoy the armchair travel. Happy friday peeps!!

Luv me


simonsays said...

I loved the photos, seriously, you have the greatest kids!

I'm sorry about your friend and her troubles, that completely bites. I was there once, I know how it feels. It's great that you can be there for her.

I hope your day is better than your week has been.

It is too bad there was no camera for the picture of you all in the shorts...just writing that makes me giggle.


Anonymous said...

I wish you'd bought them and hung on your patio! That would have been cute! Come spend mother's day with us and the kids. You wouldn't recognize them! auntie j

Mary said...

So sorry your friend is going through this. I understand how she feels. I was traded in for a 20 year old when I reached 40 - by my first husband. It nearly killed me but in the long run it was the best thing that ever happened to me other than my children.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I enjoyed my little trip.

Anonymous said...

Your friend is just too nice to have that happen to her. Pits. Get your camera and go back to that thrift store - the shorts will still be there. Then you can post your Subway commercial right here on this blog. Can't wait to see it! G5

SOUL: said...

great little video-- it's about time for me to make an updated one i reckon.
i miss yo chillens...
i remember runnin off on little vacations like that--- (sigh)

your day with those kids sounds fun. you gonna do it again, or did you learn your lesson lol.

welp i must hit the road in a few--

happy friday

i wish i didn't have a list-- you can have it if ya want--

SOUL: said...

happy mothahs day poops--
luv me