Monday, June 30, 2008

Too exhausted to speak.....

Portly cat gives great manicures.....

the supplies..

warming up...

selecting his implements....

ready to file....


the finished product.....

needs a rest now....

Ok, maybe he had a little help. :)

But HE was the real helper...(unwanted)

Thanks Eva! (and O'reilly)

Good night Peeps!

Luv me

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beware ,my huge arm of doom....

Hi Y'all ,

I sooooo have nothing to blog about:)

I have spent the past week working on my 6 page list of house work.Somehow between cleaning out my husbands closet, detailing the boat and the truck,and trying to lift the washer (a little bit) so I could put carpet arm went out.

You know how you just move a certain way and BLAM! your back goes out?

Well, my upper arm "went out". It hurt like hell at first and I couldn't lift it up. Now, a couple days later, it is warm and stuck in the "pumped up" state.
I'm going around with one arm that looks like the frekin Terminator. Isn't that special?

Clean closet ...complete with requisite cat.

Have I mentioned that I'm pretty certain that my husband has more clothes than any man in the world?

I think it's true.

Cavuto immediately made himself a nest in the goodwill pile.

Clean guest room!

Clean house!!!

Clean living room!

WHY am I busting my ass like this?

My hubby and children are coming! Tuesday all my lil darlings will be here.

Note to children: Keep in mind how hard I have worked before you trash my house;)


I actually have 2 whole squash growing.

(squash 1)

Squash 2

Tomatoes (and stinkin underlining)

It would have been wayyyy easier to buy 50 dollars worth of squash and tomatoes.


Son 2 and friend at an 80's dance the other day.

You guys are adorable!!!!

Who knew you could rock an afro and still look cute.

Well, my plan dujour is MORE work around here. my list is slowly being crossed off.

Have a great Sunday peeps!

love me

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Forgot to tell ya' about my boyfriend

Hi y'all ,

Yep , I'm behind again. Been busy working like a dog.
Monday ,I detailed the boat . It took from the crack of dawn until about noon. It was also 94 degrees. My face stayed beet red for hours afterwards and I was like a wet noodle the rest of the day.

Today , I detailed the truck and shampooed the carpet that I took out of the boat on Monday. Then I hung them all over my neighbors stairs all day to dry. (he was out of town) :)

That's the major crap. I have nothing exciting to report.

I do have some stuff I forgot to "report'

Remember "my boyfriend"?
The homeless guy?


This was
Posted on my blog in Feb.08:

When I first moved here ,Floozie1 and I used to jokingly call him my boyfriend. Now EVERYONE I know calls him that.

They'll be "Oh , hey i saw your boyfriend today."

At first I thought he might be my first husband.

He's not. LOL

But I am dying to know his story.

(I see him every day)

So the next time my friend Poodles comes out here, in June ,I'm going to have her talk to him. I'll let ya know what we find out.


When Poodles was here, we were supposed to "interview " him.
Well , I'm sad to say that we (mostly ME) chickened out on that. ack!

But , we did try to plan on it:)
We just didn't know HOW to approach him. So ,one day we decide that we'll go to Goodwill and buy him some clothes.
He has been wearing some hot carhart (insulated) coveralls ...EVERY day since at least December.Even when it is 90 degrees.

Ok , so last week, we go to Goodwill ...there are hardly any clothes small enough to fit him.

I get to the cash register with the few that I found and naturally ...Poodles starts chatting up the cashier.

"we're getting clothes for that homeless guy " etc...

Cashier : "No way! This lady just bought a whole bag of clothes for him! "

Small world eh'? :)

So Poodles and I see him for the next few days. Still wearing the Carharts. Poodles goes home. we NEVER do get up the nerve to go talk to him.

This morning, there I am driving down the street and what do i see?

Ta da! He's finally wearing the new (and much cooler ) clothes.

See, Poodles! I told you he is very thin!

Whoever he is .....I'm glad he's not going to have a heatstroke now.

I have to wonder , where did he come from? Does he have a family that is looking for him?

If you click on the picture you can make it bigger . Maybe someone will recognize him.

God bless you , my boyfriend.

And all of you too , my peeps.

good night !

Monday, June 23, 2008

June fools...ha ha

Awright ya poopers,

My hair is not really purple. My son photo shopped it that way. :)

I thought it was pretty funny. lol
Especially since aunty j totally believed it and "refused to be seen in public "with me.

I wanted my husband to believe it. But he didn't fall for it one bit. ack!
He said "it wouldn't be practical"

You know you want that wild and crazy man. ha ha ha

Yesterday we were having some kind of "cool snap" so I decided to bite the bullet and take the cats out on the boat.

I took the stroller on the boat too,which was no easy task.
It required having to remove each cat , tie them on the boat and then drag and lift the stroller on there, then untie the cats and put them in the stroller.

Once I backed out of the dock the stupid lift popped right back up. ack!
Meaning , I would need a Gilligan to help me now.

Luckily ,floozie2 agreed to be my Gilligan . She had to rush over ,lower my lift and then help me remove all the cats and the stroller.

Thanks Floozie2!!
You're a great Gilligan and a great "cat aunt' :)

We went to old fogey cove. I found the missing anchor...right where my husband said it was. (go figure)
After moving the boat about 6 times ,the damn thing finally held.

The cats were just great on the boat.

(I made the pictures too small, click on them for the full sized version)

O'Reilly and Monkey hung out in this cubby hole most of the time ,napping.

Cavuto ......stretched out..chewing his damn fingernails:)

Hangin' out

Looking pretty (and normal ,I might add)

Cavuto preferred to hang out in the stroller

..most of the time.

the view from IN there.


Pretty Monkey!

Big dumb (pretty)baby.

Pretty boy, o'Reilly

While we were out on the boat ,my husband called me and when he found out I had the cats with me ,he started lecturing me on how "they could get overheated etc..etc..."

Here I am, hanging up umbrellas and clothes pinning beach towels up to make sure that my babies do NOT get too hot.

So , I say "You KNOW me dear , do you really think I am not worried about that and making sure that it doesn't happen?"

His reply "Oh , I KNOW you, but I also know how things go wrong for you."

Ha! how true that is. "that's not ME though , that's the curse."

See, it is REAL. :)

Well, luckily ,Nothing went wrong for me yesterday.

When the boat is Underway , the cats are not loose. So ,for the drive back home I put them all in the stroller. Cavuto and Monkey screamed their heads off the entire time!

If there's a way to make a cat shut up, I'd like to know what it is:)

For those who may not know ....the reason I am taking the cats out on the boat is because when we go to England they have to fly cargo. I am trying to get them used to traveling so they don't die of fright on their flight.

Really, I'm not THAT crazy.:)

Have a great Monday Peeps!

Luv me

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Part 2

Finally a hairdo that captures the "real me"

Don't be shy ...tell me what you think :)

Luv me

A beautiful day here in skinny dip cove

Hi y'all ,

Well another beautiful day here in paradise:)

Yesterday ,I went and met Floozie1 and her sister for lunch. On the way there, i saw this guy.

Anyone who would wear this HAS to have a great sense of humor. I bet the guy is a riot.LOL


Then it was off to the boat. First stop ...the gas station. These little girls in bikinis pump your gas for you. well, i went inside to pay while she was still pumping. I stood there waiting for her to get done. She just kept pumping and pumping. When the task was finally done...i nearly peed my pants! $276.00 worth of gas!!!!!!!!

Note to my kids: All boat rides will now cost you a dollar a minute.

The water was pretty rough .too rough for Old fogey cove. So it was back to "party cove"
Floozie2 ,Lake farmer, G5, Nosey and Dr. Man and his GF all tied up their boats with me.

Dr.Man, J, Nosey,Floozie2,Lake farmer and G5.

At one point ,we counted over 50 boats in the cove!

I have to wonder"do these people all know each other? or do you just pull up to strangers and tie up?"

Click on the pictures to see the full sized version. it's unbelievable.


This had to be 10 or more boats.

G5 going googly eyed over all the bikini clad girls. LOL

Floozie2, trying to hide. and Nosey.

This was too many boats to count, all tied together.

Snazzy red boat.

Fancy inflatables:)

Party like it's 1999

Who are all these people???

Nosey and Lake Farmer.

It was a great Saturday ! Hope you all had a great one too!

luv me