Friday, June 13, 2008

Yurty baby


Design PR said...

How could you subject me to that awful country music!! *puke*

Anonymous said...

Put you two together, and I KNOW yall had fun! pleassseeeeeeeeee no music, plus I'm old fashioned --- I'd rather look at pictures. otherwise, I did enjoy seeing it all since I've never seen one. Kids went home after one LONG week! auntie j

Mary said...

Well, I for one, enjoyed both the music and the pictures. The live video wasn't bad either. The yurt is interesting but I think either an early fall or late spring yurt trip would be better - cooler. Also not having a close bathroom is awful.

Thanks for sharing your "Girl's Night Out" with us.

myomyohi said...

darn, I'm missing all the fun and adventure

Anonymous said...

Great job on the video and on the slide show. I did enjoy the music. Looks like a fun place and not too snaky. Has all the comforts of home and looks cute and clean. I know you guys had fun. Great bird pics but I didn't see any cat pics. You did take the cats did you not? They would have a blast looking at those birds. G5

SOUL: said...

too cool... it did look like y'all were sweltering tho-- was vick too scawed to get in the water? i see so many snakes when i'm fishin that i think i'm too leary to get in lakes now too-- but on the other hand-- i have noticed they are very much more afraid of me than i am of them.. barely move your hand towards them and they swim away--- it's just a matter of seein them first??? maybe.
dunno. but i think they do are not as agressive as paople think. well, unless you stand there and throw rocks and them, until you fall at their face when they are mad as hell at you.. LOL

anyhow-- wish i coulda gone. gotta say-- woulda been a perfect week for me to -- drive south!!!

party on--- what's next on your list? i KNOW you have a list-- down to the last minute!! LOL

happy saturday!

SOUL: said...

ps WES DAMMIT-- write to you favorite aunt-- i have a blog too ya know-
have you noticed-- we've gone from catching four inch long catfish -- to 4 pound bass???

or perhaps that -- well i don't know-- just that maybe you just might say hello sometime??
ya little brat.

btw-- if we end up on p-cola for a few days or a week could you meet us there? hmmmm????? a working vacay????

hmmm.... talking to dpr-- in smochas box-- i think i got up too early.

later--- smocha--sorrry=ya

Smocha said...

Weis and Aunty J,

There is a volume control...turn it all the way down!

Springs and fall would be cooler ...but so would the lake. I don't know what we would have done with ourselves if we couldn't have gotten in the water. The bathroom thing was awful.....we'll be blogging about the trip soon:)

G5, Pets are not allowed inside the yurt. And that would have been too much work.We did have a blast though:)

Soul, there's still 4 days left to "drive south" :)
We did not see any snakes. And in the video she IS in the water.
we'll be updating soon. we gots chores to do.

today we though of doing the poker run thing, but the entrance fee is 100 bucks. so nope!

And YES ...I do do have a list. LOL

Love me

Design PR said...

Hey auntie b,
Mom sends links whenever she updates. I never get them from you. Who's the neglecter now? haha

I could definitely entertain the thought of visiting you guys in Pensacola. We had better catch some fish! I'm suffering withdrawals. The only fish I've caught in the past 5 years was some microscopic 6" bs a few summers ago in arkansas.

SOUL: said...

weis-- i don't know nuthin bout sendin links and updates -- follow yo mommas link from here-- or from my comment -- i post almost every day. usually in the morning-- unless i have an appointment--or go fishin early -- then i post --sometime.

anyhwo-- i'll let ya know when and if we go there-- it's lookin more like we will-- specially if we will see YOU :))

luv you

sorry smocha :))

luv you too

btw-- now isn't a good time for me to go away-- jamie wants me to go see her too.. i caaaan't. boo hoo.

anyhow ... wth, is a poker run???
and what's next on yo list??

i fished literally all damn day-- and now i'm fallin asleep trying to pay bills-- i think sleep is gonnna take priority-- for a while. ugh. i don't think i have a choice. slepp bill payin is surely NOT a good idea.

happy satahday you 2 crazy gals.

ps-- the only sleep bloggin i am sure about is on an invite only blog-- so you can't get to it-- but i have just little flashbacks of a couple that i think i said some pretty stupid stuff on-- or maybe repeated myself at least. ugh.
it must stop.

like now-- i think i need to go to sleep now- and i didn't even take anything-- i'm just friggin tiahd.

k-- i'm leavin for real this time.

nap time-

SOUL: said...

well how ruuude-- where is my link smocha?

simonsays said...

Looks like such a great time, and I have to tell you, I admire your strength----two girls out in the wild, on/in (?) a yurt! Awesome, really, really awesome!!

PS...I LOVE your choice of music, but what the hell do I know, I'm just a hick from the sticks anyway...

Have fun fun fun!!!