Thursday, June 26, 2008

Forgot to tell ya' about my boyfriend

Hi y'all ,

Yep , I'm behind again. Been busy working like a dog.
Monday ,I detailed the boat . It took from the crack of dawn until about noon. It was also 94 degrees. My face stayed beet red for hours afterwards and I was like a wet noodle the rest of the day.

Today , I detailed the truck and shampooed the carpet that I took out of the boat on Monday. Then I hung them all over my neighbors stairs all day to dry. (he was out of town) :)

That's the major crap. I have nothing exciting to report.

I do have some stuff I forgot to "report'

Remember "my boyfriend"?
The homeless guy?


This was
Posted on my blog in Feb.08:

When I first moved here ,Floozie1 and I used to jokingly call him my boyfriend. Now EVERYONE I know calls him that.

They'll be "Oh , hey i saw your boyfriend today."

At first I thought he might be my first husband.

He's not. LOL

But I am dying to know his story.

(I see him every day)

So the next time my friend Poodles comes out here, in June ,I'm going to have her talk to him. I'll let ya know what we find out.


When Poodles was here, we were supposed to "interview " him.
Well , I'm sad to say that we (mostly ME) chickened out on that. ack!

But , we did try to plan on it:)
We just didn't know HOW to approach him. So ,one day we decide that we'll go to Goodwill and buy him some clothes.
He has been wearing some hot carhart (insulated) coveralls ...EVERY day since at least December.Even when it is 90 degrees.

Ok , so last week, we go to Goodwill ...there are hardly any clothes small enough to fit him.

I get to the cash register with the few that I found and naturally ...Poodles starts chatting up the cashier.

"we're getting clothes for that homeless guy " etc...

Cashier : "No way! This lady just bought a whole bag of clothes for him! "

Small world eh'? :)

So Poodles and I see him for the next few days. Still wearing the Carharts. Poodles goes home. we NEVER do get up the nerve to go talk to him.

This morning, there I am driving down the street and what do i see?

Ta da! He's finally wearing the new (and much cooler ) clothes.

See, Poodles! I told you he is very thin!

Whoever he is .....I'm glad he's not going to have a heatstroke now.

I have to wonder , where did he come from? Does he have a family that is looking for him?

If you click on the picture you can make it bigger . Maybe someone will recognize him.

God bless you , my boyfriend.

And all of you too , my peeps.

good night !


Anonymous said...

hey im in barstow on my phone and yes he is very skinny but i would've talked to him maybe next year ill update when i get home vicki

Mary said...

He IS very thin. Perhaps since another lady bought clothes for him (you have competition, perhaps?) maybe you could bake (or buy) a nice 4th of July cake for him. How does that sound?

Anonymous said...

Aww, dang. We had all submitted our list of questions to ask your boyfriend. All you and Poodles needed to do was go and sit down beside him on the park bench. He would not go anywhere and he would talk with you. Now we will never know. Looked in your boat today and saw no carpet and thought uh oh, theives have come in the night. Glad to hear it is hanging on your neighbors railing. G5

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to reading the interview! you and neighbor do it! auntie j

simonsays said...

What a sweet post, Smocha. You are so big hearted, I think it's wonderful...

Yes, your boyfriend is skinny.


myomyohi said...

If you get up the nerve to actually give him clothes, slip some McDonalds gift certificates in the pocket so he can eat.

Anonymous said...

suffice it to say,we are put on this earth for some purpose, some of us are still looking,looks like he is content in his, helping us to feel good with the life we have ,even if we think it sucks sometimes, then we remember smocha's boyfriend,and we get sooo