Sunday, June 22, 2008

A beautiful day here in skinny dip cove

Hi y'all ,

Well another beautiful day here in paradise:)

Yesterday ,I went and met Floozie1 and her sister for lunch. On the way there, i saw this guy.

Anyone who would wear this HAS to have a great sense of humor. I bet the guy is a riot.LOL


Then it was off to the boat. First stop ...the gas station. These little girls in bikinis pump your gas for you. well, i went inside to pay while she was still pumping. I stood there waiting for her to get done. She just kept pumping and pumping. When the task was finally done...i nearly peed my pants! $276.00 worth of gas!!!!!!!!

Note to my kids: All boat rides will now cost you a dollar a minute.

The water was pretty rough .too rough for Old fogey cove. So it was back to "party cove"
Floozie2 ,Lake farmer, G5, Nosey and Dr. Man and his GF all tied up their boats with me.

Dr.Man, J, Nosey,Floozie2,Lake farmer and G5.

At one point ,we counted over 50 boats in the cove!

I have to wonder"do these people all know each other? or do you just pull up to strangers and tie up?"

Click on the pictures to see the full sized version. it's unbelievable.


This had to be 10 or more boats.

G5 going googly eyed over all the bikini clad girls. LOL

Floozie2, trying to hide. and Nosey.

This was too many boats to count, all tied together.

Snazzy red boat.

Fancy inflatables:)

Party like it's 1999

Who are all these people???

Nosey and Lake Farmer.

It was a great Saturday ! Hope you all had a great one too!

luv me


Anonymous said...

omg! you freakin live the life!!!
Does "Nosey" knowingly go by that handle, or is it lovingly givin by yours truly??

Yes, I will be blogging today, when I get back from bowling xxxxoooo Mentlgas

Anonymous said...

Sounds like yall had a nice day! I worked all day.... outside all morning, inside all afternoon. Then Tonya's great aunt had died and I went to visitation. Bo worked cutting up and burning trees all day. His hip hurts too bad, we're not going to church. He has gotten no sleep all night! today I've got to work inside. auntie j

Smocha said...


Lol yeah, i do live the life.:)
I'm very blessed!

Nosey ....was given that blog name by yours truly. :)

She is one of my neighbors and she has a built in radar to always know EVERYTHING that is going on around here.

A crack house blew up down the street once at about 3A.M.
There she was ...out there watching the whole thing.

my spouse fell into the water ,at midnight once ,while trying to dock our boat.A rope was caught in the propeller ...we hit the dock. there was Nosey. Helping him dock the boat at midnight. :)

So that's why we call her "nosey"

When she goes out of town we have no clue what's going on around here!

Aunty J, '

You work too damn much! :)

Mary said...

I really enjoy the lake through your blog. Thanks for posting pictures. The only thing missing in my life is living on - and being on - the water. With the price of gas I'd have to get a log raft and a paddle, though.

Have another happy day on the water watching 'things' happen.

SOUL: said...

my saturday me miss blackouts ! :))
glad you had a good one.
that cove makes me wonder if fisherman get mad that y'all old farts hog it all the time and they can't fish in it??

how's your day goin?

SOUL: said...

makes. -- that would be-- makes me miss blackouts.

i'm thinkin i need to take a bloggin break. :))

myomyohi said...

I agree. You definitely have a pretty good life. Looks very relaxing and fun. I hope you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Dam right, I was looking at all the eye candy. The one in the red bikini was extra nice. Yes, Nosey is my spouse (and my spice) and she wears Smocha's label with pride. She is what she is and she is proud of it - if you wanna know what's goin on around here, just ask her, she'll tell ya. Most times you don't even need to ask. She'll tell ya anyway. G5

Smocha said...

Thanks Mary! Yeah , I can picture your "Tom sawyer" raft.

Soul, This is a pretty big lake and boats like ours can not anchor too close to the shore .So the fisherman can (and do) still get right up in there and fish. I would imagine they don't do it in the party cove. lol

Myoh, Did and do enjoy it. :) Wish you guys had been able to come out this year!
We miss y'all!!

G5 , that girl in the red was fat buddy boy!
And yes, we love Nosey just the way she is! :)

Happy Monday Y'all!