Saturday, June 7, 2008

Adult swim!

Happy Saturday y'all.

I've been nagged to update. But honestly...I got nuthin'

Yesterday , i try to go in my pool. I rarely do because I hate the fact that it's like a damn public pool due to all the renters we have here.

Well ,about 3 ,I was layin in my bed ...reading "into the green" (a book about the Vietnam war)
Then I realize there is no one in the pool.I grab my stuff, and my book and head on out there.
With in 20 minutes ...about 6 adults show up with 3 splashing, squealing kids.

I guess I am an old bitter hag. LOL
I want privacy and peace out there.

I waited them out and actually stayed out there until around 7. Floozie2 and lakefarmer came out eventually and we happy houred in the pool.

As you know , my friend Poodles (desert dirt diva) will be here Tuesday. So , I've been cleaning all day today (so far) trying to get ready to ignore the house for a week. :)

I'll even try to scrounge up a non-stinky towel. lol

I think i've had enough cleaning for today. I'm out of here to run my errands. I may go out on the boat later. Not sure yet ...looks kind of cloudy right now.

I'll be back if anything exciting happens.:)

have a great day!
luv me


Brad said...

Soul breathing down your neck ? (smirk)

Have a good day love - Pic's from the boat if you go ? pls ?

SOUL: said...

my day was full of slothin in the soul chair--
soulman smoked a pork butt
i took a nap
i have a head-y-ache
and this just may go down in soul-history as one of THE top ten most boring days --- ERG

hi brad--