Monday, June 23, 2008

June fools...ha ha

Awright ya poopers,

My hair is not really purple. My son photo shopped it that way. :)

I thought it was pretty funny. lol
Especially since aunty j totally believed it and "refused to be seen in public "with me.

I wanted my husband to believe it. But he didn't fall for it one bit. ack!
He said "it wouldn't be practical"

You know you want that wild and crazy man. ha ha ha

Yesterday we were having some kind of "cool snap" so I decided to bite the bullet and take the cats out on the boat.

I took the stroller on the boat too,which was no easy task.
It required having to remove each cat , tie them on the boat and then drag and lift the stroller on there, then untie the cats and put them in the stroller.

Once I backed out of the dock the stupid lift popped right back up. ack!
Meaning , I would need a Gilligan to help me now.

Luckily ,floozie2 agreed to be my Gilligan . She had to rush over ,lower my lift and then help me remove all the cats and the stroller.

Thanks Floozie2!!
You're a great Gilligan and a great "cat aunt' :)

We went to old fogey cove. I found the missing anchor...right where my husband said it was. (go figure)
After moving the boat about 6 times ,the damn thing finally held.

The cats were just great on the boat.

(I made the pictures too small, click on them for the full sized version)

O'Reilly and Monkey hung out in this cubby hole most of the time ,napping.

Cavuto ......stretched out..chewing his damn fingernails:)

Hangin' out

Looking pretty (and normal ,I might add)

Cavuto preferred to hang out in the stroller

..most of the time.

the view from IN there.


Pretty Monkey!

Big dumb (pretty)baby.

Pretty boy, o'Reilly

While we were out on the boat ,my husband called me and when he found out I had the cats with me ,he started lecturing me on how "they could get overheated etc..etc..."

Here I am, hanging up umbrellas and clothes pinning beach towels up to make sure that my babies do NOT get too hot.

So , I say "You KNOW me dear , do you really think I am not worried about that and making sure that it doesn't happen?"

His reply "Oh , I KNOW you, but I also know how things go wrong for you."

Ha! how true that is. "that's not ME though , that's the curse."

See, it is REAL. :)

Well, luckily ,Nothing went wrong for me yesterday.

When the boat is Underway , the cats are not loose. So ,for the drive back home I put them all in the stroller. Cavuto and Monkey screamed their heads off the entire time!

If there's a way to make a cat shut up, I'd like to know what it is:)

For those who may not know ....the reason I am taking the cats out on the boat is because when we go to England they have to fly cargo. I am trying to get them used to traveling so they don't die of fright on their flight.

Really, I'm not THAT crazy.:)

Have a great Monday Peeps!

Luv me


Design PR said...

*grumble grumble*
it's monday!

SOUL: said...

oh, but you are that crazy -- you just don't know it.. and rumor has it, that when ya don't know you're crazy, is when you should worry.

points to ponder.

anyhow -- that was my first thought too -- that the cats were too hot.

cavuto looks like a nervous wreck wth?? chewin his nails, wide eyed, hidin in cubby holes. what do you do to that poor kitty? :))

what's yer plan today? think ya may find time to answer MY email??

i'm playin catchup with life today-- and hopefully gettin a nap -- a very long nap.

happy monday-

Anonymous said...

What can I say? I know you! Even my hubby said 'does that look like a fourty something yr old?!" ohhhhhhhhhh cargo..... how long a trip? auntie j

mentlgas said...

Cavuto was biting his nails in that other vid you did of them in the house.Does he have issues??
Oh. yeah, ever try raw tuna, to hush them up?

desert dirt diva said...

hmmmmmmmmmm... stiffy does not look so stiff....give her a scrach for me-k-......poor cavto...i think i'm gonna try photo shop, you can do all kinds of neat stuff with that program....

Anonymous said...

If the cats are tied to the boat, I see no need to put them in their stroller when underway. If I had a good time on the boat and then had to ride in the stroller on the way home I would cry too.
How to make a cat not cry: You will need a child's dose of dental novacain in a hypodermic. Insert the needle in the side of the cat's voice box and inject the full load. In just a few minutes the cat will not be able to cry - or eat - or drink for 2 hours. Nice and quiet, but the cat will be PO'd. G5

simonsays said...

I loved reading this and looking at your pics...and I think this is a good way to get them used to are a good kitty mom. LOL

I hope you're having a good day, and when are you going to England? Are you moving or visiting?