Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beware ,my huge arm of doom....

Hi Y'all ,

I sooooo have nothing to blog about:)

I have spent the past week working on my 6 page list of house work.Somehow between cleaning out my husbands closet, detailing the boat and the truck,and trying to lift the washer (a little bit) so I could put carpet arm went out.

You know how you just move a certain way and BLAM! your back goes out?

Well, my upper arm "went out". It hurt like hell at first and I couldn't lift it up. Now, a couple days later, it is warm and stuck in the "pumped up" state.
I'm going around with one arm that looks like the frekin Terminator. Isn't that special?

Clean closet ...complete with requisite cat.

Have I mentioned that I'm pretty certain that my husband has more clothes than any man in the world?

I think it's true.

Cavuto immediately made himself a nest in the goodwill pile.

Clean guest room!

Clean house!!!

Clean living room!

WHY am I busting my ass like this?

My hubby and children are coming! Tuesday all my lil darlings will be here.

Note to children: Keep in mind how hard I have worked before you trash my house;)


I actually have 2 whole squash growing.

(squash 1)

Squash 2

Tomatoes (and stinkin underlining)

It would have been wayyyy easier to buy 50 dollars worth of squash and tomatoes.


Son 2 and friend at an 80's dance the other day.

You guys are adorable!!!!

Who knew you could rock an afro and still look cute.

Well, my plan dujour is MORE work around here. my list is slowly being crossed off.

Have a great Sunday peeps!

love me


Anonymous said...

Son 2 won't bring his girlfriend, huh? I really like her; really, all 3 girls i met. Shame others didn't work out. Did you ever send you stepmom a card? Hope arm improves. I'm dead from garden.... help! auntie j ps you and your sis are the only ones I know who write they have nothing to say!

simonsays said...

Love the post - and I have to say, I cleaned out my hubby's closet yesterday, too, and he has waaay to much stuff. I had to laugh at the kitty on top of the box, way up there. Aren't they the funniest things, ever?

I like squash #2 best.

Your kids are adorable, but you already knew that.

Everyone is coming home? You are going to have so much fun!


Anonymous said...

omg...I have that arm affliction,its a torn ligament and its called "popeye syndrom" (wonder why) lol there is surgery to fix it but it will subside in about a freaking year.there are other places that it can occur, the knee,shoulder,etc. and those are the areas that surgery is needed the most. In my blog I sent a pic of my nonflexed muscle,it does scare
but it hurts like a bitch for some time tho,sorry it happened to you. Love ya...mentl

Mary said...

Darn! Things seem to 'blow-out' at the most inconvenient time. Your house is lovely - it doesn't need another thing - relax and let the popeye arm rest. Those things hurt like hell! Enjoy your gathering day.

I enjoy growing veggies but don't do it anymore. Just not worth the effort.

desert dirt diva said...

hey witchbag i updated

myomyohi said...

Come clean my house. PLEASE! It's a freakin nightmare.

You better go see the doctor so you can enjoy hubby and kiddies while they're home. You don't want to be "stuck" and unable to participate in the fun.

I have quite the pretty little fish pond though. That's what we spent the day on, that and about a thousand weeds hogging the sunlight from the real flowers. I wish I could say that all the weeds had been terminated today, but can't. My hubby and wannabe son-in-law brought home 7 bigass catfish and put in my little 100 gallon fish pond yesterday. It's a tad bit crowded in there, and the goldfish who were already living in there are way nervous now!

Kaylee got a swimming pool shaped like a crocodile. Its her first pool. I'll send you pics

Enjoy the family.

Design PR said...

I wouldn't get your hopes up about keeping that house clean with all of us sardined in there!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

OMG, what a LOVELY home you have!!! Sit back and relax now and BITCH slap the first person who messes up those gorgeous rooms!!! Sorry about your arm. This may take a while to baby it. Aspercream is pretty good for non-prescription. Have a wonderful time with your family.