Monday, June 16, 2008

Get up!

We're off to Old Washington , a restored village. I shall return with oodles of pictures.

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Mary said...

I love that cat!! Let's all do the chicken dance. The boys and I all laugh until we fall down when we chicken dance.

I don't know about Old Washington but I'm looking forward to pics.

Design PR said...

aah... what are the health benefits to having cat litter paws shoved in your face every morning?

Anonymous said...

So why does the cat wake you up? Does it want to be fed? Want some cream? Want its cat litter changed? Or does it just feel that you have slept long enough and since he is up he thinks you should be up also? G5

Smocha said...

I had never heard of the chicken dance until we went to Mexico.

Now, I feel all educated. LOL
Just need some grandkids to dance with.:)


If there are any benefits...I haven't discovered them yet. But if there are any "downfalls" I think it must be the constant acne on my OLD lady chin. YEE haw!
AND he IS the best (sweetest)alarm clock I have ever had.

G5 -
Cavuto wakes up EVERY effin morning at 5:30 or 6. And i do believe he is just so happy and THRILLED to be alive and awake ...he just wants me to share the joy.
Which he does....every effin morning.

But he's too sweet to be mad at him. So , I have just resigned myself to getting up at the crack of dawn, padding my happy feet and counting my blessings:)

Sometimes, all that takes is one happy ass cat.

Have a great night peeps!

Anonymous said...

I witnessed this act bye said cat.. its really funny...unless of course you start laughing...which is hard not to do....

and yes i do agree you could not have a better alarm!


simonsays said...

The kitty video is the sweetest thing ever...I loved watching it. Is that how he wakes you every morning? I loved the kisses and the paws in your face...

It's very similar to the way mine gets with me, he too wants his tiny bit of milk that I give him each morning...

Have a wonderful weekend.