Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where's the beef?

I wonder if the Adams family is home.

Candy flavored houses.

Carries old house? I always wonder when I see this. ...."what kind of house used to be there?"
"what kind of lives were lived in it?"
Kind a cool though.

Gingerbread house.

Look Ma , only $4.80 a gallon for boat gas.

The cashier told me a yacht filled up the other day and it cost $995.00
Holy crap!

Eat my wake.

Peaceful sunset..coming right up.

Boating does wonders for ones hair. NOT!

Yesterday , we didn't do a whole lot. Let me see ...what did we do????

Went to the half of a half store, went to a couple thrift stores .One of which, was the cat shelter one , so we looked at all the cats while some lady talked our ears off.

Ate lunch, drove around and looked at cool old houses.

Took naps and then went out on the boat.Then ate out leftovers from cracker barrel and watched a movie called "August Rush" It was pretty good but had one of those "incomplete endings" ack!

Damn , we're exciting . LOL

Today is our big adventure. So I need to get busy on my chores and getting packed and ready.

Oh yeah ,that reminds me....yesterday Poodles asked me "what are we eating out at the yurt?"

"hamburgers and hot dogs , I wanted to eat something we never eat at home"

scoffs "come on over to MY house! Where's the steak?"

Guess I forgot she has 4 kids at home and maybe hot dogs wouldn't be a rare treat. LOL
I suppose I'll be nice and pack her a steak.

Have a great day peeps and hope we aren't too scared out in our yurt.

Luv me


Anonymous said...

omg those picture are awsome ...such a good photographer......loved those houses.......and ur hair....looks

Brad said...

Great old houses. I can spend the whole day looking at old houses.

Have fun camping.

And what? no yogurt in the yurt ? - (sorry, that was bad)

Mary said...

Wonderful old homes. Do you ever wonder if the people who lived there were happy and if they had loved ones who cares when the homes became empty? I always do.

I hope you are having a blast in your yurt. I guess a canvas round house doesn't have air conditioning. Try to stay cool, gossip, tell tales, and laugh until you pee your pants.

Anonymous said...

I Love those Gingerbread Houses, How's the market in Eureka Spings??


Anonymous said...

P.S. Are You still in Real Estate, if so please send me some listing's .



Anonymous said...

Really cool pics of those houses. Wow! I dreamed last night that you were very happy in your yurt but you lit up and burned it down. Y'all were OK but had to sleep under the stars. Maybe better smoke outside. Can't wait to hear bout the yurt experience and you must tell us where it is and how you found it - and, will you go back in the future? G5

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, our Federal gubmint, in its infinite generosity, lodged a 50 cent per gallon marine fuel excise tax on boat gas and diesel. I think I will write my congressperson. G5

SOUL: said...

sounds like y'all are havin a good time..
what are you gonna cook the steak on? do they have a grill there? or do you have a small one to take?


SOUL: said...

well -- i didn't see a steak!!! did you actually force her to eat hot dogs!!!!

fishermans wharf -- here you come!!!!
and guess whos buyin LOLOL

simonsays said...

I love this post! I'll bet you two are having a wondeful time, take me, I want to get out on that boat! Be good, or at least careful, and have a most awesome time!!