Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scenes from yesterday.....

Ola Peeps,

Hubby dropped me off in Fareham yesterday. At first it was warm enough to go gloveless, that lasted about an hour .Next thing ya know it was freezing and raining.I went to all the thrift shops, the library and of course my big lunch out....McDonalds.

Scenes from yesterday :
(be sure to click the pics to see them full sized)

Looking up East Street

A very narrow street.

Very blue door.

It is very rare to get a shot with no people or traffic. Note to self :next time look inside the Red Lion Hotel.

Very green door. Love the knocker.

A Pub, I think.

Unsure what this one is.

Zebras? Where?

Window box.

A large Pub.

I actually found a few things at the thrift shops . Woo hoo!

Very blue shirt. 3 pounds.

Cool pair of jeans. 3 pounds.

Pair of hand embroidered pillow cases.

ONE pound!

"I'm too sexy for this cheap carpet."

"Go away, I'm tired."

Cat ON the British closet.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hag month is nearly over

Hi ya'll,

Guess what? I heard some good news about Monkey.

I spoke to the Burmese rescue lady yesterday and Monkey has finally gotten used to her new home and her new people.

They are now able to pick her up and she is out,among them,being her crazy self ,no longer hiding .

Wow, was it a relief to hear this. She's been in her new home since December.We figured it would take her a while to adjust, I just didn't know it would take this long.

I was also told that "they love her and are comitted to keeping her."

(If they felt she wasn't a good match for them, they have the option of returning her to the rescue society)

So this was really excellent news!

(incase you're new here, after our cats were seperated for 7 months ....Monkey was terrified of them ,started starving, hiding, growling etc...we had to rehome her)


Dear England,

It's not you , it's me. It seems that no matter where I am , February turns me into a bitter hag.

February will hence forth be known as "HAG MONTH" .Perhaps this way I will be able to remember........

See example : Feb.09/Feb. 08

Winter brings out my inner hag.....

Please ignore me during all future Februarys. (or find me a nice padded cell some where)

Sincerely, Smocha


My spouse arrived home from Spain last night so I'm off to get ready to be dropped off somewhere. Woot!

Have a great Saturday Peeps!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pardon me while I crack up

Dear world,

Know what I did today?

Absolutely NOTHING. I did take a bath and wash my hair, but then I didn't even bother to comb my wet hair, nor did I apply makeup. My spouse was home until 10; 30 this morning, by the time he left ,my productive time was already gone. I'm a morning person and after that I'm a hyperactive vegetable.

Some people (whom I won't name) don't believe in clinical depression, but as someone who has had it since 1994, I know when MY clinical depression gets worse.

Is it environmental? Could it be worsening because I have to go out there and walk in the freezing ass, cold WIND, which I DESPISE with every fibre of my being? Hell yes.

Could it be because I have not had a "live" conversation with a human being, besides my husband, since SEPTEMBER? Hell yes.

Could it be that I have realized that he is only here about 2 or 3 days a week, and said conversations last maybe 5 minutes TOTAL, per day? Hell yes.

Do I want to have to walk to the damn doctor to increase my dosage of antidepressants? Uh…, not really. Do I feel like I am accomplishing NOTHING? Hell yes. Do I feel fat, brown haired and hideous? Hell yes.

Do I hate the military time? The no dryer? no garbage disposal? No normal water faucets? No double sinks? No car? The dinky effin house? The no closets? the cluttered messy space? The Christmas tree box ...STILL in my living room? My faded, worn out, baggy clothes? My uncut hair? Toilets that keep the smudge of crap, CONSTANTLY? People who won't even smile back? The expensive cigarettes? The no BIG bottles of booze? Our crappy ,dirty carpet? Our crappy suburban, unreliable bus service? Closeted neighbors? Our shitty non-organizational or meet up worthy area? No friends? No restaurants? No sun? No warmth? No fun?

Um...yeah, I am loathe to say it, but I hate ALL that shit.

I have tried to like you England. But frankly you have NOT been one bit welcoming, warm, friendly, or kind in any way. Your only redeeming quality is your old people.

Sorry, but so far....

I can't wait to get out of this primative hell hole.

Next day : Just to clarify ,I wasn't implying that my spouse is ignoring me or anything. But It's no secret that my husband is a workaholic. When he's home is is exhausted from traveling all week. He wants to lay around and watch his boring "man shows" and recover.And it's not like I'm sitting around whining about how miserable I am.Nor are the two of us sitting around cackling like a couple of girlfriends.

Sometimes ya just need to get yer rant on. LOL
Purge the shit. So, I feel better now that I spewed all that out.

I shall be back to answer ya'lls comments. It's chore time. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comments to comments ,because I have CRS

.....and I'm half blind. I can not remember anything long enough to comment to each of you in that little damn box. I hope that's not a bad sign about my sanity.

Wesley said..

Are you going to paint that cat to look like cavuto?

No. It’s symbolic :) and I'm not that talented.

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! I'd turn him over to the Humane Society. Starving, he may have developed bad trasits. Sad! They should find and lock up the owner with no food! Aj

No pit bulls allowed!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Ahem....if you read my can see that I DID give it to ARE on my blog roll. So don't go thinking that you're stealing it. LOL. No one was taking it so I had to come up with the first 7 that commented because people are funny about taking stuff not specifically given to them by name. So...I am officially giving it to you and expect to see it in your sidebar. You ARE very much a beautiful blogger. I do so enjoy your posts and I just LOVE your sense of humor.
Now about the dog...I advised Soul that perhaps the Pit Bull rescue in that area would take him...they are all about repairing the bad rep that these dogs have because of PEOPLE...not the dogs. They would not put him down. It really makes me sick .... physically see a pet in that kind of shape. God Bless your kids for helping him out.
TAKE your award. (shaking finger at you) LOL
Hope you're feeling your normal self. Doncha envy us over here with 1,900 inches of snow???

Thanks Val! I shall take the award. I know what you mean about people not taking stuff. That poor Skeletor is the worst case of a starving animal I have ever seen. Wes is planning to foster him, himself until he gets healthy. I just hope that he doesn’t have heartworms or anything like that, which will make it even more difficult to find him a home. Everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed! Oh and NO! ya'll can keep your lovely snow. Chicago was enaough to last me a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

Wes/Lena-I have forwarded link onto family/friends that may be able to help. Wes, please stand by the dog till help can come.

Thanks honey! Wes will do whatever needs to be done until the dog has a good safe home.

midwesttomidlands said...

I'm speechless on all accounts at the moment. First the dog, I hate to see animals like that. It really bothered me on our last trip, the state of the animals. I hope there is a solution to the dog you posted about. Let's hope for a happy ending.
Just getting to know you and your sense of humor. Looking forward to getting to know you more through blogland. I see we have one thing in common - Diet Coke! Thanks for the award wow. I will be back to pick it up.:) In the meantime stay warm!!

Your welcome . I love your gorgeous pictures! I mentioned Puerto Rico on your comments; they had tons of stray dogs there too, on the beach and everything. It broke my 6 year old heart.Diet coke...just for the taste of it! lol

Wesley said...

The dog is doing great so far. I've been feeding him every 2 hours, 6 times a day. His appetite is getting stronger every time.

At first, he just picked away at the food, but now he barely takes a breath until each bowl is gone.

He seems stronger already. His legs were trembling when he first showed up.

It rained today, so I made him a makeshift dog house. He's no dummy and has been hiding out, staying dry and looking forward to his next feeding.

Thanks for the kind words and donations! I'm planning on having him checked out at the vet tomorrow. I'm trying to find a crate to transport him in.

I’m going to be a nervous wreck until I hear what the vet has to say.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet of Wes ! He takes after his auntie j !

Lol ,OR his Mama :)

Anonymous said...

ps.... pleaseeeeeee don't paint cat. How tall is it? Today at sos I saw the neatest plaque about 'soul', Thought of Soul but the postage would be out of my range it was so heavy, Oh, well, it's the 'thought that counts' . aj

Not gonna paint it. It’s about 9 or 10 inches tall. Wish I could go to SOS!(those not in the's the thrift store)

Anonymous said...

That is the most pitifully thin dog I think I have ever seen. Good for Wes to rescue it. He should contact the Humane Society. They do not put down animals and will help to find him a good home. I am in agreement - do not paint the cat. G5

He is the worst I have ever seen either! I am thinking he must not be very old.Or he has one hell of a spirit and a will to live. In Chicago, one of our neighbors fostered a pitbull and that dog was really skinny, but no where near as bad as Skeletor. The lady told me when she first got the dog she was so weak she could not even stand up. Wes said Skeletors legs were trembling(when he first showed up) but he seems incredibly energetic for the state he’s in. I am amazed that he weighs 47 pounds too! He's got some heavy bones!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a sad state that dog is in, someone needs a good lashing, I will volunteer to do the job !
I have seen animals this poor after they have been "living on the lamb", especially with the Pit Bulls. People just turn them loose on the streets, especially if they have been evicted and can't rent another place, because of the dog.
He deserves a chance, and a loving home.
The Award, well I thank you for thinking about me. I am working rather heavy at the moment, but I will do the "meme" as soon as I can put it together.
I've also had the same fear of bathroom toilets overflowing ....hmmm.

Don’t sweat the award and the meme :) I just couldn’t help thinking of your blog as one of the “new to me and fantastic “ (actually it’s the most beautiful one ever!) Too bad we have no way of knowing how the poor dog got to such a state. Jacksonville was trying to have a city wide ban on pitbulls back in 2007, they increased fines, licensing fees, etc… I imagine a lot of unsavoury people just threw their dogs out or dumped them instead of paying more money. I am not sure how far they got with that legislation. But apparently it DID affect all the area shelters, as they do seem to have the “NO pitbull policy” But we don’t want to see him in a shelter anyway. Wes WILL find him a good home even if it has to be in a different state. And he will be his foster home until he is healthy.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

We read about this at Love and Hisses and had to come by and say that we really admire Wes for helping this poor guy out - and we also vote against going with the Humane Society because well, it could end badly for the poor dog. I would say to contact a pitbull specific rescue group first. I posted a link to this at my blog too - I know I have a few pit bull blogger follwers and hopefully they will see it and maybe have some ideas of who to contact to help. Thank you so much Wes - you are a good guy for helping out - we hope the vet news is good.

Thank You so much for spreading the word. Like I said, he is not going to any shelter. Thank God. I just hope the vet news is good. I’m thousands of miles away and I’m a nervous wreck. lol

umi_e said...

It's really sad to see that poor dog... wish him well...

Thank you! Animals are such trusting; pure souls it is just heart wrenching to see one like this
. Thank you all for your kind words ,donations and caring thoughts.

Mary said :

I've been reading about the pitiful found dog. I started to post a comment to the kids to send me their address and I'll send a check - guaranteed good - to help with the expense. I'm asking you to tell him because he has no idea who I am. I could be a mass murder of lost dogs so far as he knows. :-)

Thanks again Mary! I emailed you ‘bout this.

Heather said...

sounds like she was a beautiful dog. you brought a tear to my eye. i hope skeletor finds a good home

Grull WAS the best. She didn’t even smell like a dog. LoL And I swear, you could leave her in the house for 2 days and she would NEVER use the bathroom !

Skeletor is in good hands! I just hope his health (behind the starvation) is ok.
I saw your Vlog this morning, but I was busy doing my “chores” so didn’t get a chance to comment. Nice to meet you and I was going to say” Wow how sparkly and beautiful where you live!” I’m dying to know now, how you and your hubby met.
And …must be nice to look good enough to go in the sauna “a natural” LOL ….I don’t think I could do it. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

How we became pit bull lovers

(If you have read my blog for a long time ,then you may have read this before and know that my soulmate was a pit bull)

If you are new on and meet the sweetest dog ever.

I will have to start at the beginning here. Ok.

When I first moved in with my last husband, he had a pit-bull. Her parents had been fancy, pedigreed dogs. The breeders were friends of his. This puppy got parvo when she was very young.They were going to put her to sleep but Tommy offered to take her. He managed to nurse her back to health and gave her the hideous name, Shithead.

When I first met her she was about a year old. I pulled up into the yard in my old Ford station wagon, complete with faded wood panelling and one blue door. (The rest of the car was white)
Imagine my shock when this 60 pound pitbull jumps right through my window and into my lap.
It was love at first sight, for HER. I was a little bit afraid of her.
I had never been around a pitbull before. I had just heard the horror stories.

She had previously been chained up, outside like a dog! Well, not on MY watch. Once we were all living in our new house it quickly became apparent that she had the soul of a poodle. She was a total foo foo in a mean body. She slept with the kids, she sat in my lap and she went through a phase where she chewed up everything in her path, including my sons’ eyeglasses.
We tried to change her name, since my kids were not allowed to say "Shithead" They called her "spithead" for a while but it did not fit her at all. "Girl" became her name ....and evolved into "Grull"

One day my husband had left for work and the kids had just left on the school bus .It was just her and I in the living room. She stood up and a puppy fell out of her. She grabbed it and jumped up on the couch. What the hell to do? Was I going to stick my arm in the path of a pitbull (that I barely knew) and her newborn, to remove them from my couch? Um, hell no....I didn't have the nerve to try it. She stayed on my couch and continued to have puppies all day. 12 of them.
I had never seen a dog give birth before.(Hello mama!) And let me just was a whole lot messier and grosser than a cat.

Eventually I got to know her so well; I could practically read her mind. She became MY dog. There was nothing to fear from her. She even loved our cats.

She was the perfect dog. Except for that Houdini thing. She was the best escape artist EVER.

She refused to stay in the yard.

Once, I had left her in the truck while I went in the library. I look down and see this dog in the library.
"aww, how funny , there's a dog in here"

Then I realize it is HER!

Another time the dog pound knocks at my door with a red pit on a leash and says "Is this your dog?"
I actually said "No, she's in the house. I just saw her 2 seconds ago."
It WAS her. She had snuck out the window.

We moved from Calif. to Washington State. Our yard had an entire acre of grass and woods. My husband fenced the whole thing so the dogs could be loose.(we kept one of her puppies at this point ,Star)
Well, Grull did not appreciate her fenced acre. She constantly got loose. Once, I went upstairs and watched her from the window, while Tommy called her. She was climbing over the fence just like a kid.
So, bad girl had to be on a chain while she was outside. One time her chain was tied to a railroad tie. My neighbor knocked on my door one day and said "I think I have something that belongs to
HER! She had drug that railroad tie about a block down the street, to his house.

Ok, fast forward a few years. My husband has died. After 6 months, I move to Florida where my sister Soul lives. I drive out there, pulling a trailer with 2 pitbulls, 4 cats and 3 kids.
(That’s a whole 'nother story)

I rent a house a few blocks from Soul and try to put my life back together. I had a fenced yard. And a dog kennel. But naturally MY dogs will NOT stay in the yard OR the kennel.
All they did was escape and go sit in their own front yard. But my neighbors did not take it lightly. They were literally calling the police on me EVERY day . "Oooh! there are vicious pit bulls loose in our neighborhood."

Well, in case you didn't know......they will put you in jail for that. As refreshing as a vacation in jail would have been, I had 3 kids to take care of.

So desperate measures had to be taken. We found a new home for Star. But Grull was way too spoiled, loved and was also 9 years old.

There was no WAY I could ever get rid of her. So I put her on a plane and sent her to California ,to my friend Desert Dirt Diva, who lived out in the desert. I sent her dog support. And Grull continued to be loved and spoiled in the way she had become accustomed :)

By the time I was in a place where I could have gotten her back ,I couldn't bring myself to take her away from Vicki and her kids. They LOVED her too much now.

So she stayed with Vicki, she continued her Houdini ways and she was finally hit by a car and killed when she was about 14. She died doing what she loved best, defying boundaries and running free like the bad girl we all loved.

Pass me a tissue please.

I hope each of you will know a dog as special in your lifetime.


The kids have nicknamed the poor starving dog "Skeletor".
I guess it does fit him. lol
He'll be going to the vet today.

As you just read above, Jacksonville is not a very "Pit friendly" city.
The no kill shelters there have a "no pit bull" policy.

Skeletor is in such bad shape I would hate to see him in a shelter anyway.Right now he is being kept separated from the resident animals ,2 cats and a dachshund.

After the vet visit ,if he doesn't have anything contagious (please God) I'm guessing he'll be lounging on the couch. :)

Hopefully he will get to stay right where he is while he regains his health. Then they'll work on finding him a good home. I know at that point the pit bull rescue could be of help.

I'll be putting a link up on the side bar for those who wish to follow his progress. Wes will be updating it regularly.


Hubby is off to Warwick today. It's freezing cold out and lucky me, it's laundry day. bwa ha ha !

Happy Tuesday Peeps!

Heartbreaking dog and stolen meme's

This is the most pitiful thing I have seen in quite some time.


My son Wes found this dog yesterday, he is obviously in very bad shape.He needs to be seen by a vet ASAP.

He is an unneutered male and was found in Jacksonville Florida.

Wes said "
It’s tempting to break the rules and keep this dog. He’s really well mannered and friendly. "

Chances are that Wes' homeowners policy will not allow him to have a pit bull.

I searched the lost dog ads as far back as 2008 and did not find any about this dog.

If you live near Jacksonville and would like to foster him, or adopt him click the link below.

No matter where you live, if you could find in in your heart to donate a small amount towards the vet bill, PLEASE do so here:

Click the link to see more.

Thank you in advance for helping this beautiful soul recover.


I stole this meme/award thing from Val over at Golden to Silver Val,
Beautiful Blogger Award.....

"One of the conditions of this award is that I have to name 7 things about myself. Then I have to pass it on to 7 bloggers that I have newly met and think are fantastic."

MY 7 things :

1. If I am reading an author that I am not familiar with, I like to finish the book before I look at their picture. I think seeing it ahead of time gives one preconceived notions.

2. As far back as I can remember ,I have never gone more than a few weeks without at least ONE cat.

3. I look just like my dad.

4. It's nearly impossible for me to sit still and relax.

5. I was a widow with 15,13 and 11 year old sons, when I was 32. Now that my kids are pushing 30,I'm amazed at how young that really was.

6. I have had a lifelong, morbid fear of overflowing toilets.

7. I do not know how to type. I've been henpecking ever since we got our first computer in 1994.

I won't steal the award for myself (lol) but I will pass it on to 7 bloggers.

The award goes to ....

A Brit in Tennessee

Don't be shy ya'll , please accept the award and do the little meme :)


the latest thrift store find : Cavuto shaking hands

Have a great Monday Peeps!

Friday, February 19, 2010

That bacon is rotten and so am I ...........

Can you feel the love?


I tried to "hem" these curtains with self stick velcro. Then realized I would have to iron the hem. The iron ruined the stickiness of the velcro. Disgusted ,I them whipped out the duct tape.
I see that next will be the stapler.

Aghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!The hell with it!!


Well I've been trapped in this house for over a week and a half now. Yesterday was to be the day that I got the hell out of here. I had big plans buddy! I was going to Fareham.I was going to live it up by having a Mcdonalds happy meal.

I loaded up my back pack with library books and the package I should have mailed weeks ago.The bus doesn't come until 10:45 ish. At 9 ,I was out of cigarettes.

I got on all my cold weather gear and hauled my bag off to Tesco.I killed some time in there having an egg and some hash browns then I looked in a few stores until it was nearly time for the bus.

I sit in the bus stop.....freezing....looking at my watch. 5 minutes late, 12 minutes late, 18 minutes late, 35 minutes late.

I finally have to accept the fact that the bus is NOT going to come. UGH! I was sooo disappointed I nearly busted out bawling my head off.

I had to drag my devastated ,frozen ass back home.

I couldn't even make myself function after I got home. I just sat around and fought back tears .

Comments to comments :
I don't know why there are various "anonymous and deletes in there. Just ignore them.)

Brad said...

wow - it's just a constant party over there isn't it? I'm hoping come spring you'll feel more like getting out - AND SOAKING UP SOME OF THE 1000 YEARS OF HISTORY! I'd give my eye teeth to come explore!

Bradly , It’s too damn cold right now.

Remember THIS?



Speaking of Robert, I take it he's doing ok?

As far as I know.


You have to feel 'blessed' not to be with him still. I'm glad you had the 'whatever' to leave. I'd be bad to be 'poor' as an adult.

Tell me about it! I’d probably be toothless and everything by now.


How's middle son doing in Florida? Hope the siblings are getting along ok.

He’s doing good. Has a job and prospects for a much better one. They get along great.


Tonya recently gave me a box of things from Larry. a monopoly game - thought of you and your bunch. I don't 'do' game --- Sue Jackson! Aj

LOL , that WAS a classic. I can’t wait for summer and game time!


Bloggermidwesttomidlands said...

Great pics. I'm sorry but the laundry pics make me laugh, having gone through the same thing. (but I sooo know it's not funny.) We finally got a dryer, it's outside in a little room off the house, but a dryer just the same.
Thanks for the link and I shall return the favor later today. Get well!

Thanks! Glad to hear that you have a dryer. I wouldn’t care if it was on the kitchen counter, I’d just be thrilled to have one. :)


BloggerGolden To Silver Val said...

OMG....please don't tell me they don't have Nyquil over there either!!! Nyquil is my knight in shining armour when I'm sick....I love it, I tell you.

So do I Val! I like to sleep right through my illness. NO they do not have Nyquil here.




BloggerBREZZ said...

anyhow-- i got a good chuckle out of how you didn't do anything fun to catch hubbys cold. i know the feelin dove.

LOL ,funny you caught that .




I despise cold weather. Coldest winter since we moved here. Global warming anyone? Thing to do in the winter: watch the Olympics on TV.

We don’t get them here. We don’t have the sports package.



AnonymousAnonymous said...

I love watching skiing and ice skating!

See above.



BloggerGeriatric Mummy said...

I'm glad it arrived safely :) I hope you enjoy it. There should be some non spicy recipes in there too!

Thanks again! I meant to email you, but I got sick and I’m behind on everything now.


BloggerGolden To Silver Val said...

. No clothes dryer? I would die. Walking to get groceries is bad enough....ugh.

It’s ridiculous. I don’t see the purpose.


Say....whatever happened about that lost roast? Did you ever find it?

No we never found it. Hopefully won’t in the spring thaw either.


As for me...I will no longer envy your "pampered" life. LOLOLOLOLOL I don't hang dry laundry....nope, nada.

Yeah, try not to be jealous. lol


Well, hubby got home from Finland last evening and as soon as he gets off this conferance call, I am OUT of here! Maybe I'll see something fun or exciting in town.

Happy Friday Peeps!