Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lil' a this lil' a that ...whole lotta nuthin'.....

My bathroom is too small OR this is what happens when you try to keep hair color off the wall to wall carpet in your frekin' bathroom.

Freezing,rainy ,dreary.

Woo hoo! The better to make you miserable

"Microwave,microwave, near the wall, who's the cutest cat of all?"

" Wha'? I think he meant ME!"

snowy helsinki finland from Smocha on Vimeo.

I just made this apple cake . I had to use a square glass baking pan so I cooked it on 325 for an hour. Also didn't have any of the spices except the cinnamon so I just used 3 teaspoons of that.
No nuts either.

But YUM! I wish I could eat the whole pan myself! (right now)
It would totally rock with a crumb topping. But it's moist,dense and yummo just the way it is. Like apple brownies :)

Easy Apple Coffee-Cake Recipe

This is a delicious pie/cake that is very simple to make. This recipe comes from an elderly Dutch woman known for her baking.
by Widget3

55 min | 10 min prep

SERVES 6 , 1 small cake

  1. Cream butter and sugar; add egg.
  2. Sift together flour, baking soda, and spices. Add to the first mixture.
  3. Add water, vanilla, and walnuts.
  4. Mix in apples.
  5. Place mixture in a greased 9-inch pie plate. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.
  6. Good served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

OH , P.S. If anyone has lost a scrotum, I've found it. It's living on my upper arms and I think it's spreading.


Wesley said...

cavuto is getting fat methinks

Anonymous said...

Is that you with real dark hair? rain, rain but 37 degrees so not freezing! aj

Golden To Silver Val said...

ugh...I didn't think I could feel much colder but the Finland pictures did it for me. If we were meant to live in these kind of conditions we would have been born with fur all over our bodies, even inside our ears. brrrrrrrrr

Jamie said...

Ugh, everyone I know is complaining about the weather this year, even those that live in those places that are supposed to be wonderful, all year round. WTH?

Nope, still have my scrotum...teeheeheeheehee.

Happy...whatever. :) Hugs.

Mary said...

I checked and no one here has lost a scrotum. Someone did say that every time he goes outside something else almost disappears.

Everyone here is getting silly. Too much cold rain and too little sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Well, of all the places that I would never have looked. Give me back my scrotum! Now! G5

BREZZ said...

eevee has a scrotum-- on her boob. poor thing. it's growing too.
she is gettin hers taken off in a couple weeks--- do you have that option?
wth are you talkin bout anyways-- a scrotum on your arm.. should i worry?

anyhow-- go read my post-- be glad your kids aren't in school anymore!

luv me

Brad said...

Would some one please check my scrotum?

Smocha said...

Ok, Poodles,would you please check Bradand G5 for a missing scrotum while I explain this to my sister.

Soul : Yes, you DO need to be worried dahlink' because in 4 years ,the skin on your arms is going to resemble the skin of a scrotum and then in a matter of weeks ,this scrotum skin will begin to spread over your entire body.

And YES, AJ, that hideous dark hair would be mine.THat will be covered in my next post.

The rest of you... lets ban winter, shall we?!

Read it and weep honey :)

myomyohi said...

Snow, snow go away
please don't come another day

We have about 6-7 inches here so far today, and still coming strong.... they're actually saying we could get as much as 12-14 inches.... lovely