Friday, February 26, 2010

Hag month is nearly over

Hi ya'll,

Guess what? I heard some good news about Monkey.

I spoke to the Burmese rescue lady yesterday and Monkey has finally gotten used to her new home and her new people.

They are now able to pick her up and she is out,among them,being her crazy self ,no longer hiding .

Wow, was it a relief to hear this. She's been in her new home since December.We figured it would take her a while to adjust, I just didn't know it would take this long.

I was also told that "they love her and are comitted to keeping her."

(If they felt she wasn't a good match for them, they have the option of returning her to the rescue society)

So this was really excellent news!

(incase you're new here, after our cats were seperated for 7 months ....Monkey was terrified of them ,started starving, hiding, growling etc...we had to rehome her)


Dear England,

It's not you , it's me. It seems that no matter where I am , February turns me into a bitter hag.

February will hence forth be known as "HAG MONTH" .Perhaps this way I will be able to remember........

See example : Feb.09/Feb. 08

Winter brings out my inner hag.....

Please ignore me during all future Februarys. (or find me a nice padded cell some where)

Sincerely, Smocha


My spouse arrived home from Spain last night so I'm off to get ready to be dropped off somewhere. Woot!

Have a great Saturday Peeps!


Anonymous said...

Unreal how all your February posts are the same no matter where your at! Hang in there -March is in a couple of days. Going to the Little Rock Garden Show. As you say, woo-woo ! aj

Nocturnal Queen said...

I'm so glad Monkey is doing well. :-)

SOUL said...

yes it is good to hear the monkey news.
and the news that you have figured out a pattern of your moods.

sometimes the solution follows the discovery-- but then again, sometimes - it doesn't. BUT - acceptance does. so -- you're half way there -- either way.

hang in there, and enjoy your day out !
love you

midwesttomidlands said...

Have a good day out.

Anonymous said...

Certainly good news about Monkey. He just needed a place all his own - no other cats. I think he will continue to blossom and thrive. We are babysitting Maya the calico again. She makes herself right at home as she remembers this place and the ways we spoil her. We need to hear bout Skeletor. You are right about your Februarys. I remember your last year's posts during February. It is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) and you have it bigtime. Look it up on the web. It is real. The only antidote is warm, sunny days and being outside. Our son has it and it really gets him down in Jan and Feb. G5

Sandy said...

A Burmese!!! I had two in the 70's and both were the coolest cats around. One died of feline leukemia and the other lives until 15 with my parents.

When they tried to buy another they were told that the breed had been changed and they got something called a Tonkinese. He was NOTHING like the first two. He was a mean, nasty bag of cat poop. But they loved him so that was all that mattered.

BTW the only thing good about February is that it's only 28 days long.....mostly.