Friday, February 27, 2009

Winter brings out my inner hag.....

Well, what happens when someone who already lives cheap, is expected to live even cheaper?

Things get ugly(and so do I). I have not had a haircut in over 6 months. My pants look like I am a rapper wearing a dirty diaper.I feel desperate to get a job, so every penny I spend is not scrutinized and frowned upon.Only , there are no jobs in this town. I tried to make "my own " job, but the lake will not be raised until March 15th. So that is hanging in limbo until then.

Being alone all the time does not motivate me in the least, to do things that need to be done around here.Cold ,crappy weather makes me wish I could sleep until spring arrives .

I realize my "winter loathing " of everything, happens every year but there seems to be no way to stop it.

I know how lucky I am and of course I count my blessings. However ,that does not make my feelings go away.I am well aware of what a horrid bitch I am right now. That is why I have not posted lately. I hate to blog when I'm like this.

I can not believe what a difference O'Reillys not being here has made in my everyday life.Who knew that ONE super active cat was taking up so much of my dreary time?
And of course ,being away from my husband (AGAIN) and my cats over stupid quarantine continues to piss me off.

Here's a part of a post from last February. Same shit , different year :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

I am sick of it I say!!!

Hi y'all ,

Yes, i know I am very behind on updating.
When I started this blog,it was meant to be written in the way that I "normally" think.

Which IS trying to see the humor in the everyday ,mundane things of life.

So ,I really have a hard time posting when I am a negative,angry,annoyed,bored ,depressed,disgusted,evil ,grouchy ,lazy,itchy,hateful,bitter,fat ,intolerant,witch.

It's the damn winter I say!!!

I am going to go ahead and roll with all my rants ...lets just roll with it , shall we:)


Here's the song of the day.....this is a little ditty my sister and I made up a few decades ago.

" I'm in the mood to kill you.....
simply because're near me....

Funny but when you're near meeeee...
I'm in the mood to kill you."

Hit it!y'all.......


I am SICK of looking at THIS view.

Sick of dark gray skies, and dead ugly trees.
And extremely sick of 50 mile an hour wind !!!

I am SICK of looking more and more like THIS everyday!!


Nuff' said.

I'll shut up now. MMM K.

Have a great day , whatever day it is.

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Is that your real hair? Have you checked on getting a job at the library? or the desk at same day surgery and emergeny at the hospital? You've lived here over 4 years so you HAVE established residency. Raining here..dreary. A friend and I are going to the Little Rock Garden show. Rebecca Kolls from HGTV Rebecca's Garden will speak at 1pm. Anxious to see and hear her speak! plus hubby gave me extra money to spend! aj

desert dirt diva said...

don't be in a rut.. get over it damn it....I have a sick kid at home, our credit score just went down the phone bill i tried to make go down from 70 to 40 went up to 300....i have to work in this god forsaken wind and my nose will not stop running.. so you see you got it good!
love you me
p.s. now that

Brad said...

What the hell is up with that last pic? LOL - where did you get that?

Springs almost here love, hold on!

BC - Yo Brudda fwom a diff'ent Muddah

Mary said...

Winter ain't no fun but we can look forward to spring. Just hang in there - things will get better. I bet it's colder in England than where you are -think of that.