Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well, isn't that special?

Ola Peeps,

I just went to the "bacon buffet" all by myself for breakfast .Something awful happened. I could barely eat my food because I couldn't stop thinking about the awful thing.

What was it, you ask? Ugh, it's so hideous I can barely say it.

The cashier.....she ...she..
..gave ......ME....
the ......SENIOR discount!

Isn't that special?

Now that my self esteem is shot to hell. I think I better get myself a nice room at Shady Pines.

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

lemme guess.... she was 16?

desert dirt diva said...

omg no way,lol

Anonymous said...

When my friend and I went to the garden show the other day, it cost $7.50 to get in. We thought about saying we were 6o, instead of 58, to get in for $5 ! Judy said next year, since the show is in the late of February and we will both turn 60 (is that possible??) in April, we will say we're 60 ! Good weather back even though it snowed and sleeted yesterday. By weeks end, back in the 70's!! aj

Mary said...

It could be worse. You could actually be a senior - like me.

Dear Liza said...

Holy crap ---- if YOU look like a senior, then I must look dead. Ugh..

Hope this week is a better one for you. I am right there with you on the winter thing. It's old and ugly and I am completely over it, not that I was ever with it, to be honest. But it's March now, and time for SPRING!

Hang in, it has to get better.


Smocha said...

Hi ya'll,

Yeah, that was sucky . lol

When I AM a senior then I will be proud to look the part. It is
a huge gift to even BE a senior in my family. When I am old ,I plan to be one of those cute quirky old ladies who dresses and wears my hair however I damn please.I think if ya live to be old, you've earned the right to be as cute and quirky as you please.

But to be mistaken for a "senior" at 46 is a little disconcerting.

Happy Monday Peeps!