Friday, March 27, 2009

Wallow with me baby.....

Ola ya'll,

Yesterday Floozie2 and I took a little field trip. We broke the monotony! woo hoo!!

The requirements for this trip were:

Don't bother to take a shower.
Wear the ugliest, grossest clothing you own.
Wear your most hideous shoes.
Bring a bucket ,a shovel ,a screwdriver and a big hefty bag.
Bring a lunch and some diet cokes.
Bring a cadaver dog. ( ha , just kidding)
Be prepared to wallow in mud.

Where did we go, you ask?

The crystal mine baby!

Nice country drive on the way there.

Floozie2 digging away.

"This claw hammer is too heavy"

"This is how it's done."

Cute cows, right by the mine.

Dirty crystals and fake cigarette pencils.

Floozie2's gaggle of gear and dirty crystals.

Rinsed off crystals.

More crystals. You have to buy some kind of acid to really clean them.

A day well spent :)


Mary said...

That's my kind of day. What will you do with your crystals? I think they would be really interesting.

I'd love to have a day to do something fun - maybe June 16, 2010 will be my fun day.

desert dirt diva said...

looks like you all had a great time.......I like the crystal mines ....was it really muddy?????

Anonymous said...

Great haul! Y'all are good crystal finders and I know the fresh air must have been good. Another fun trip is go find diamonds at the state park in Murphreesboro. More profitable. If y'all can find crystals you can find diamonds. Take the crystals and put them in a nice big goblet. Very pretty.G5
PS The diamond field in Arkansas is the only blue clay diamond pipe in North America. One hour from here.

Dear Liza said...

That looks like fun!


Anonymous said...

When I went to ark. I went to a cystal mine we loved it, Jimmy and I had the greatest fun, I ruined a brand new pair of boots, but didn't mind, should of seen my suitcase when I flew hm. LOL Karen

Brad said...

That does look like fun. Is this like the diamond mine? - are the close? why not diamonds silly?


Vanessa Rogers said...

Sounds like fun! What are you going to do with them?