Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One more time .......please be the last.

Ola Peeps,

Well, today is the lucky day that I attempt to quit smoking for the millionth time.

Wish me luck please.

Not much going on around here. Our weather is in crazy mode. 78 one day , 50 the next. I am for the 78!

I have a field trip planned for tomorrow though ,so I'll finally have something to post about.Woo hoo!!!

Hubby sent me this picture of my beautiful boy, O'Reilly.

I miss him sooo much! Makes me want to cry and have a cigarette. ha.

Hope you all have a nice exciting day in your worlds.

Laters, luv me


Anonymous said...

You have so many good pictures of your cats, you should try to sell some to catfood companies. aj

Golden To Silver Val said...

I wish you sooooo much luck. I know its hard at first, but you CAN do this. I am coming up on my 19th anniversary date of when I said.."NO MORE". (they were $1.41 a pack when I quit)
I would play with Gameboy (Tetris) every time the craving got bad and it really did help. I think it was more of an obsession of having something to do with my hands. Don't give up on giving up. You will feel soooo much better, not to mention have more money in your pocket.

Creative Problem Solver said...

Good luck with the quitting, Ma!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Congrads on the smoking thing. Hang in there. The cravings really do go away! Its been over 10 years for me.If I can do it anyone can!!!
Love Aud

Dear Liza said...

The most and best of luck to you! I will bow down to you if you can do it...and I know you can.

Hugs, friend. :)