Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make mine puwple too..........


Let's start with some comments, shall we. Yesterday I received this email from one of my sons about the "green burial" article.

Yo, mom

First, why are you looking up burial tech. second, the green burial used to be a "natural burial"... write this shit down cause this is my last will and testament. Last time I looked into it the only place in America that was doing it was in San Francisco, that is how I would like to go. They don't do head stones either, and they don't require you to use a coffin, you can just be wrapped in a sheet and thrown in the ground... so if you are still around when I go ,don't forget

(one of my sons)

My how they change.

Decades ago this sweet little boy was with us at a cemetery as we searched for a loved ones grave.

He said in his adorable little boy voice , with just a touch of a speech impediment "Mom, I want my headstone to be puwple so you can find me."

Awww....I miss my babies :)

That memory made me think( somehow) of the crazy baby talk way that I talk to the cats. And it hit me WHY I do that. When my kids were babies I would hold them up in front of the mirror and say "Oh ,look at mama's baby. Look at that sweet baby " Etc.....
That is where I get that . And also why this baby's first word was "babwy"

G5 said...

On my ship in the US Navy (heavy cruiser) a guy went down into a freshly painted locker and collapsed from the paint fumes. Nother guy climbed down there to rescue him and they both died. We were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean so they put the bodies in the walk-in meat freezer. We pulled into port in Japan and the Japanese would not let the bodies off the ship and we had to take on more meat supplies so they just stood those boys up in a corner of the meat freezer till we got back stateside. I didnt eat much meat for the rest of that cruise. Looks like Cavuto is livin' in that sroller 24/7. He sure looks like a healthy cat now - beautiful. G5

Man, I sure hope they had those poor guys wrapped up good. I don't recall knowing that you were in the Navy. I hope you are writing your memoir about all that. Yes, Cavuto has become even more spoiled rotten . Who knew THAT was possible? LOL

Blogger Dear Liza said...

Your poor, poor kitties, they Do need their mommy. You are handling this so well, just thought I'd tell you that....

I don't think I like any of the "green" burial solutions. In fact, I don't like any solution...maybe someone should just stand me in the corner?

Hope you are well and feeling better, in general.

Hugs, Smocha. :)

Yep, I am used to being away from my husband but NOT my cats. They have been my constant companions ever since they were tiny kittens and man do I miss them!Not sure how well I'm handling it. :)

I'm with you on the burial thing. I don't like ANY of the options. Maybe the reef thing wouldn't be too bad if you could be in a coffin first.

Hope you are feeling better too! Luv me


Yesterday was a true dose of spring. 78 degrees baby!At nap time ,instead of burrowing into my bed I loaded up the cat stroller with a blanket , a pillow , my book and my rotten cat and we headed down to the dock . We spent 2 glorious hours basking in the sun.

Oh ,of course I brought my camera too.

From a photographic perspective I LOVE the "cat and water" concept.

Cavuto loved his field trip.

I am nearly out of cigarettes (damnit!) which means I must get this day started. Not sure what my plan is yet for today. Hopefully something fun or exciting will happen.

Have a wonderful day ya'll !

Luv me


Anonymous said...

I'm with middle son...paint mine purple so people can find it. I've worked outside until I'm dead! Chance of rain today. We don't need it but it would 'force' me to stay inside. aj

Creative Problem Solver said...


Mary said...

Cavuto and his mom had a "play date with Mr. Sunshine." That's what one of my little ones told me when I asked what he and his brother did yesterday. (It's spring break here.)

It's really good to see Cavuto looking like himself again. When all the kitties are together again it will be a happy family reunion.

desert dirt diva said...

man i miss a day and your talikin funerals!!!!wth i must go catch up

Brad said...

Tell son he can get green buried here in WA too - even over on the pennisula.

Cav-boy looks like he had a blast.