Sunday, March 29, 2009

Disgusting leavin's ? mmmmmmm

Doesn't that look appealing?

I'm disgusted to say that it does to me. If I could find that bowl of disgust right now I would smoke everything in there that had a spec of tobacco left in it.

This is day 5 on the stupid patch. I would love to say that I have not smoked at all.But we all know I'm weaker than that. I can force myself to NOT go buy cigarettes, but any FOUND cigarettes are like a gift .I can't look a gift horse in the mouth, can I? Um.. No. I can not.

A couple days ago I found a pack under my desk from England with about 5 cigarettes in it. They were oh so crunchy and stale and gross. In a normal mental state I would never smoke such a thing. Now is not a time of normal mental status. I am happy (?) maybe, to say they are all gone now. I have also smoked every viable butt in the house car and garage. There weren't many of those. Believe me ,I looked. I'm like a crack whore.

Now I am down to nothing at all. I'm pretty sure I won't be finding any more "gift" cigarettes around here .Excuse me if I am neglectful right now. I am psycho.

Maybe in about a week I'll be a little better.

Vee shall see.

My hubby has to travel a lot and he NEVER takes the camera. ack!
Well the past couple days he DID take it. (Must have gotten sick of my nagging)

Here is a little trip to London. Enjoy :)

Thanks Hubby!

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


starsimplified said...

Hey, maybe Hubby could have a second career as a photographer! Loved the pictures!

As for quitting, you're a better woman than I am! But, I'm pulling for you! (:

Mary said...

Thanks to hubby for taking the camera on his trip. Thanks to you for sharing the pictures. I enjoyed the trip - wish I could do it in person.

I'm so glad that I never started smoking. In the old days I couldn't afford the cigs and later on I just wasn't interested. Now coffee is another matter. . .
Hang in there it will be worth the effort. Just think of the extra $$ you'll have for shopping.

desert dirt diva said...

Way to the looks like an awsome place!

Anonymous said...

Some great pics! Specially of the Tower of London behind the giant Ferris wheel. Tell him to keep it up. The Thames River being down looked like our lake being down.

Hang in there on the quit campaign. Tell yourself you are stronger than the ciggies. I quit by using the gum and on the 3rd day I was dying, so I took my lighter and took the dog for a walk around the block. I told myself that if God wanted me to smoke I would find a butt in the gutter. No butts, so I kept quitting. About a month later I took the dog for the same walk and saw about 15 butts. Too late, I was already quit. Keep it up! G5

Brad said...

I'm proud of you for quitting. You have bigger cahones then me! I'll get there someday. I stil have a bottle of Chantrix in the cupboard waiting for me to get my head in the right place to quit.

Breath deep and taste that fresh air!

SOUL: said...

want some chantix to make you mental--er?
how many days are you on?