Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are you nuts? Why yes, yes I am........

Hi Ya'll,

Not much going on around here. WE finally got a warm day ,even though it didn't get warm until 4 this afternoon. I just HAD to get out there and enjoy it for a while.

This morning ,as Cavuto walked around the house wailing ,I reached the point of desperation and emailed our local cat shelter this note:

I would like to foster a cat ,but I have a kind of unusual situation. My husband works in England. We live here in Hot Springs. In Dec. , I flew over there to join him for a year or two. I took our 3 cats with me. Believe me, this was no easy task. The requirements are VERY strict for a cat to be allowed into England.It included 6 months worth of vet visits ,and paperwork. This was to avoid my cats having to be quarantined for 6 moths,there.
All was supposed to be well. But, when the cats and I arrived in England one of the cats microchips had disappeared.They would not release him to us. He was immediately taken away to a quarantine facility.Meaning ,he would now have to stay there for 6 months in a tiny ,freezing cold "cell".
I went to visit him everyday but the situation was just too unbearable. He was freezing and desperately lonely. He lost weight and his voice was gone from crying. I spent a month in England ,crying my head off every day.
Well, in Jan. I took him out of there and him and I flew back home. He will now have to wait out his 6 months ,before he is allowed back in England.My other 2 cats stayed in England with my husband.This ordeal cost us thousands of dollars.
My cat that is home now, Cavuto , was raised with 2 other cats. He is used to having a very active Abyssinian as his playmate and friend.
So, I would love to foster a very active male cat or kitten . I would be able to do so until August.That is when we are supposed to go back to England.
After all we have been through , I am worried about a foster cat not being healthy and Cavuto catching something. (I'm sorry this is so long) My question to you is this,
if I were able to get a foster cat ,do the cats see a vet before they go to a foster home and would they know that they are healthy?"
Thank you

I am still waiting to hear back from someone.They do have one cat there who was adopted and the people brought him back because he was too hyper.That's the cat I'm looking for. LOL

They may call me and say "your motives are too selfish Missy! No way can you foster one of OUR cats!"

Wish me (Cavuto) luck .

"Master cat theater"
It's even lonely at the movies all by one's self:(

"how do you know if you are truly a "crazy cat lady" ?'s a clue.

(Don't hate on the baggy pants)

Cavuto was LOVING his walk.
He had his arm hanging out the side like he was James Dean.

Even nice walks are lonely by one's self :(


They jacked up the price of cigarettes to $5.00 a pack OR $45.00 a carton.

I think it's time to be quitting. Son uh ma bitchka.

Yes, it's going to suck but I WILL be quitting. Nothing motivates me more than my cheapskate gene.

Don't they realize that this is ARKANSAS?

Grown men are working for 7 dollars an hour in these parts.

I can't believe it. This is bullshit!


Also along that note...... frekin Effexor, which I am about to run out of, $156.00 for ONE months worth.

I'm really tempted to try and wean myself off that sh*t too.

Anyone ever done it by taking some of the little balls out of the capsules?I'd like to hear your story of how you did it.

Although, if I tried to get off Effexor and quit smoking at the same time ,I would probably wind up like ...........


Probably not such a good idea.

Happy humpday Peeps,

Luv me


desert dirt diva said...

Loved taking to you...and having you abswer the how you got the back of yourself picture!

Dear Liza said...

I knew you would end up having to get another kitty...and I think the idea of "fostering" sounds perfect. I hope that something comes out of the letter you wrote. Just be careful that you don't let your heart get involved with the new one, or you could be waiting another six months for this new kitty to be quarantined.

You make me laugh. I LOVE the pics of James Dean on his walk.

Cigs are too exp here too...but that doesn't stop me, stupidity actually, on my part. Be careful about stopping medications, okay?


Brad said...

Poor Cavuto - At least he know's Mom's trying to get him some friends.

Make extra money, SELL THOSE JEANS!