Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey ,are those my TED hose?

Hi all,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

I think I dirtied up every dish in the house and nearly died of exhaustion before dinner was done.

Everything turned out fabulous ! Well, except for those brown and serve rolls ,those things were so hard they would have torn our teeth out by the roots if we had eaten them.

I think we finally ate around 9 or 10 P.M. ,we were too pooped to even bother with the pie.

Hubby helped me clean the kitchen . Thank God!

Now who wants to come over for a shitload of leftovers?

I have never gotten the hang of cooking for 2.

(BTW, those are the only 2 pictures I took all day. I was too damn busy!)

Hubby is working from home today, you know what that means? Either I have to be silent while he's on conferance calls (like right now) and when he gets off the phone he'll have the Fox news blaring or some stale old western. UGH! Save me!

I think I need to find somewhere to go :)

I really have nuthin else here's some comments to ya'lls comments.I'm too blind to type in that little box.


Soul said........

when you came to visit and i took leave for a week -- without the band of gypsys -- that was some good times tho-- YEE HAW! :)) ( i hope that memory doesn't get lost in the sea of senility.)

The trip she speaks of was a week long drunk fest. LOL we were young, single and cute. We danced half the night away, slept the day away and then started all over again. She was in the Navy and I actually got a vacation with NO kids. During that week we actually sang on stage , in a bar and won a tortilla toss. Good times. We put the fun in young lady hood.

Big hugs to you too sistah!

love you


Wesley said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mom. Love you!

Love you too !!!! Talk to ya sometime this afternoon. Love yo mama


Mary said...

A wonderful tribute of Thanksgiving. Your boys always seem so colse and that is a true blessing. I'm happy to know that hubby is home. I hated to think of you and the babies being alone today.

Thanks Mary! Hope you guys had a wonderful day .

How is Monkey doing?

She seems to be a little more relaxed. Cavuto is daring to sleep on the bed now, but not TOO close to her. lol

audrod777 said...

Wow. That WAS cool! Maybe you can find a lovely bird to roast. HA! Ok, how about a really fat juicy one?
Im glad you get to spend it w/the hubby.
Ok, im sooo sorry. I will be back later. Im running out of juice.
Love ya!

Happy thanksgiving retta! We did get a big fat chicken. I didn’t see your picture over at Souls blog. Where is it? Congrats on the new job!
Love me


Karen said...

Have a Wondeful Thanksgiving

Hope you did too Karen!


Golden To Silver Val said...

I think of you more than you know. You're quite an amazing woman....all the way over there where everything is so unfamiliar. I would feel sooooo lost. I never was much of an adventurer.

Awww, thanks Charolette. I never was either,lol but it’s “just do it” or die of boredom:)

Big hugs! Big hugs back at ya! Loved your post too :)


Tina... said...

u got grown babies? how old r u? i guessi was picturing u at maybe 29 years old.
if u r old, then that just makes ur blog all yhe more you.

Bwa ha ha! Wait a minute …..I’m not quite ready to break out the walker and the Depends. My oldest son is 29 . I am *choke,gag* 47. I don’t look a day over 60 though :)


G5 said...

What a great Thanksgiving post and a super job at whamming together a feast. Good that hub was there to celebrate a great American tradition together.

Thanks G5!

2 of our kids and their kids are here - 10 of us - so roasted a turkey and deepfried the other one. 30 lbs of turkey and we only ate half of the fried one for Thanksgiving. We have a lot of turkey left -- gahhh!

I have never tried a deep fried turkey. What’s it like? Is the skin like KFC? If so, then YUM !

PS Krogers had the turkeys for 37 cents a lb if you bought $10 add'l so each bird cost $5.50 - such a deal. The PNut oil cost 27 bucks tho.

Our entire feast cost 27 pounds. Not sure how many bucks that is. 5.50 was a steal for a turkey!


Oh yeah .....those of you doing the black Friday thing......I want to hear all about what ya got!

I wish I was going !

Luv me

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and a P.S.

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!

My hubby's trip to Spain was postponed so he will be home this evening. He went to London today .I was supposed to go along but after walking for miles and dealing with the frekin' wind for the last 2 days in a row ,I was just too pooped to go.

I'm going to walk to the grocery store and see what kind of Thanksgiving dinner I can manage to throw together.Wish me luck. LOL

Even though we are far from home I feel very fortunate and blessed every day. Since it's Thanksgiving ...pretend we're all sitting around a big ole table are some of the things I am grateful for....

The first that comes to mind is that my husband and I are in the same country, living in the same house.

and I am not bawling my head off because someone is in quarantine.

I am grateful for my kids . Not only are they the funniest ,most awesome kids ever, they are also fine human beings.

I am grateful that they are so close and love each other so much. I know they will always "be there" for each other.

I am grateful for my new daughter in law, Beth.

I am so lucky that she is a girl to be very proud of .

(She has all the qualities that my son is lacking) lol

She ads a much needed touch to our all male family :)

I am grateful for my family , especially my sister.
Even though we fight sometimes and we don't get to see each other very often, I feel less alone in the world just knowing she is out there.

I am grateful for my homies! (this is only some of them) I am very lucky to have so many wonderful true friends.

We put the fun in oldladyhood!

I'm grateful to know all my young homies too.
(this is only one of them) You all know who you are.

They are the future and they are lovely ,smart ,funny and dedicated people.

Love you guys!

We all know this one, lol.

I am grateful for my spoiled ass fur babies.

Talking to myself is so much better with an audience.

I am grateful that my husband has a good job and LOVES to work so that I don't have to.

I really suck at jobs :)

I am grateful that we have everything we need.

We are very blessed and I give the thanks to God.

I hope that all of you are blessed today and every day and I hope that your hearts will always be able to see it.


That’s lovely……no that’s brilliant!

It's been a while since I posted any observations, so here's one that I've been pondering.

In the last 2 days I have probably spent 4 hours on city buses. As I sit there I hear people talking, either to each other or on cell phones. The ages of these people run the gamut from 8 year old school boys, teenage mothers, middle age workers, young housewives, to tottering geriatric ladies and gentlemen,

With that in mind, I have not heard ONE exclamatory word besides “lovely and /or brilliant" How can this be, given the diverse age range?

On any given day, just among the people I know I would be likely to hear “awesome! Score! Excellent! Crap the bed! Hot damn! yee haw! woo hoo! bad ass! Wonderful! Fantastic! Great! Sweet! Rad!....the list is endless.

So how can an entire population seem to have such a limited sense of individuality? ( for lack of a better word)

Expat readers? Am I wrong? Have you noticed the same thing?I find it very strange.


I better get to walking to the store , yeee haw! (NOT! )

Happy Thanksgiving Peeps!

Luv me


Now I know why WE start cooking at the crack of dawn on Thanksgiving :)

It started raining at 2:00 , that was when I was nearly done with my primative chores, like hanging my laundry . Also right when I left to walk to the store. Sweet.

I managed to find the following menu :

A chicken (with no cankles left on it)
It's legs were tied together , so I had no idea if the thing had giblets in it or not. You should have seen me poking and prodding both ends to find out. Gah! No ,I did not find any.

4 raw sweet potatoes , which I had to improvise with,to make sweet potato casserole. (I have always used canned ) No marshmallows ,but oh well.

Enough canned green beans to make "southern cooked green beans"

Some version of stuffing mix ,to which I added chopped onion and celery. It was not the "cubes" that we are used to, more like crumbs.

I actually found some bake and serve rolls AND some jellied cranberry sauce. The cranberry sauce was in a jar by the mustard's ,NOT in a can. Good thing I scoured the whole store.

We will also be having mashed potatoes, gravy and I scored a bramley applie pie. No idea what that is ,but It looks good.

I am exhausted! Hubby is on the train home and I am ready to chillax! My Jammie's are calling my name.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

peace out :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Is there a wind suit available? & a P.S.

Top o' the mornin' people,

Nothing screams "Happy Monday" like stepping in a nice pile of pine needle studded cat vomit.

We actually had quite a productive weekend.

My prince of a husband installed my Tapadapta. Woo hoo!! Now I can control my hideous lime scale coverage.

Saturday he dropped me off in Southampton.

It was pouring rain, the wind was awful yet I have never seen anything so packed in my life.

It was wall to wall people even in the main aisle of that mall. No way would I go in there.

I did go to all the thrift stores though, picked up a couple shirts and 3 books.

Yesterday we had an early dinner at this pub. Thtchfield Mill. We went there once last year when I was here. I love the atmosphere.

On Sundays they have what they call a "Sunday roast" in this case they had 4 roasts, turkey,pork, fish or a vegetarian one. It's a pretty big place .I don't think the smaller pubs have that many choices.

Hubby got the turkey and I got the pork . They also came with a Yorkshire pudding ,which was kind of like a pastry with no sugar . It would have been good if it had some gravy on it or something. It was just sitting there like a piece of dry bread.

We also had some roasted parsnips, which I have never tasted in my life. They were ok. Sort of like a water chestnut texture ,but looked like a small white carrot.

Sadly, both of us had dry meat. All in all , we had to agree that the food we cook at home is much yummier. The bad side of being an awesome cook. Dang it :)

We also braved the wind and rain yesterday to go find the boys this huge box to play in.

It contained this half price Christmas tree.

Hubby worked (on work) while I managed to put the thing together myself.

It took hours and hours....and of course all we have is cheap ugly plastic ornaments.....

and we didn't get enough garland so I had to skip that.

Not too shabby, considering.

Our first British Christmas tree.

I'm just happy to have one and that I got to put it up this early. Woot!

Now if only I'd get a phone call today saying" hey we're delivering your table and chairs!"

Today is cleaning and laundry day. Hubby is off to Warwick and the weather is still absolute crap. I'll have to walk to the store later and YES ,I am dreading it.

Have a great Monday!

Luv me


I'm back from my lovely walk to the store. How effin windy was it?

Here, lets ask my BRAND NEW umbrella......

Damn it.

Oh..P.S. 2 .....I've been getting the pills down the cats baut the stuff is supposed to take a few days to build up in their bodies. So no change at all so far.

Keep yer fingers crossed:)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Does that cat Valium work on husbands?

Ola ya'll ,

I'm sure you can imagine how thrilled I was to be woken up at 4 A.M. this morning ,to the sound of Fox news blaring in my bedroom.

Factoid:workaholic may have insomnia while thinking too much about work.

My plan for the day was, hubby was working from home so he was supposed to drive me to town ,drop me off ,then pick me up later in time for us to take Monkey and Cavuto to the Vet.

I waited ,and waited and waited.

I had bought myself a puzzle recently ,after recalling the time killer they were back when the kids were infants and I was stuck at home.

I forgot one very important thing.... HELLO....blind people can not do puzzles.

I wonder if they make them in Braille.

I scrap the puzzle idea and pace around ,and wait and wait . Finally it is too late for me to go any where.

Factoid : workaholics may forget about people,places ,things while too engrossed in work.

The highlight of the day finally arrives. I load both cats into their carriers and get my coat on . I pace around the living room, check my watch repeatedly. I can hear my husband on the phone, working.

I finally holler up the stairs "It's time to go."

Factoid :workaholics may have to be reminded of commitments and obligations other than work.

We get to the Vets only 5 minutes late. Cavuto screamed his head off the entire way there.

The vet put both of them on some kind of natural form of Valium for 2 weeks to see how it goes.

Cavuto has to take it twice a day and Monkey ,once.
I gave them their first pill last evening. For once, it was pretty easy to get a pill down Monkey . It was a little more difficult with Cavuto but I got the job done .

Score! I think "that was pretty easy."

My glee was short lived . About 20 minutes later ,I hear the sound of a very large cat gagging.Cavuto ralphed his pill all over the bedroom carpet.


As soon as we got home from the vet my husband dashed right up the stairs to get back to work.

Factoid:workaholics may have difficulty tearing themselves away from work.

I start preparing dinner.

These half made chicken dishes are great!

I don't think i could make 'em from scratch any cheaper and 25 minutes in the oven and wa la!

BTW ,I have actually figured out how to work the oven. Go me!

Also tried these recently.

At first bite....a little strange then they seem to taste pretty good.

I have to say the smokey bacon ones are my favorite so far.

A knock at the door brings this little wonder of technology.

(ignore the stupid underlining, I didn't do that)

Yes, our faucet is a nightmare of primitive plumbing ,the likes of which I have not seen since I was a child at my grandmas house.

I excitedly show this modern ingenuity to my spouse and instead of jumping for joy ,he says "oh great one more thing I have to do."

Factoid: the workaholic may become angry or resentful at any duties which pry them away from work.

Today ,I have made an appointment for my husband to drive me to town at 11.

So I'm outta get ready. I've been trapped in this house since TUESDAY!

And ....I have pills to get down cats throats.

Have a great Saturday peeps!

And if YOU have a workaholic, you have my sympathies :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

All I want for Christmas.......

Ola ya'll,

I got nuthin' . Absolutely nuthin'!

The wind has been so awful I've been trapped in the house for days. Woo ! good times...

So ..from the core of my is my Christmas list :)

A girl can dream.

Hitchup skirt from Joe Brown

Swedish jewelry tree

Victorias secret sweats (in black or pink)

Victorias secret
black henley

Nikon D3000 SLR camera

Estee Lauder gift set

(will die without this) or be really ugly,I'm nearly OUT of makeup.

Must buy perfume to qualify for gift set,
Beyond Paradise will do nicely

Black leather boots with belts and buckles

wristlet purse big enough for cell phone, cigarettes and my big wad of money (oh wait, I don't have that) lol

a snood , preferably black.

earmuff headphones

And a cord for my MP3 player

weird sweater, in black and brown

some yummy bath stuff from Molton Brown.

stag head salt and pepper shakers

Oh, and I need these to keep my arms from flapping in the breeze.

What's on YOUR list?

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Luv me

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pass the cat prozac....

Hi ya'll,

I spoke to the Vet and they said they can probably give Monkey some shock therapy. ( ha , just kidding) They said they can probably find something to help her anxiety.
The Burmese rescue lady also emailed me and said she has a single lady who would love to have Monkey if the vet can't help her.I can't just let the dumb girl starve herself to death. Gah!

That same morning, before I called the vet I see a smaller version of THIS!

(that is what Cavuto did to his stomach while he was in quarantine)

He's doing it again. apparently Monkey is not the only stressed out cat.

So Monkey AND Cavuto will be going to the vet Friday when hubby is here with the car.

Why can't any of our pets just be normal? LOL


Saturday we DID go to the oak furniture store (for the hundredth time) we looked , we debated , we BOUGHT!

Kind of looks like something someone threw together in the back yard ,doesn't it?
They all look like this.

It has 2 extensions that hide inside the table.

The chairs were hideous and uncomfortable . We looked at every chair in the place. I sat in chairs, we debated, we hemmed, we hawed and we finally realized that we love our chairs back at home.

In the end we bought just 2 chairs. (for now) it's not like we're going to be having any dinner parties. We don't know any body.

So we got these 2 el-cheapo yet sort of comfortable chairs.

After all that ... and all that money....then the
salesman says" it should be delivered in about 3 weeks"

3 weeks! damn ,you know I hate waiting.

Some how that big ole table must fit in THIS little space.

The stroller is about to be put away for the winter :(

This place is a crackerbox.


We also went to Sainsbury (the grocery store)
that place was so packed I have never seen anything like it.

the picture just doesn't do it justice.


Our weather has been absolute crap for days and days......the wind blowing like a frekin hurricane,pouring rain. And remember "I " get to walk everywhere. :(

It was only a matter of time before I had to get myself some British wellies.

Yesterday was my day to stay home and clean and do laundry all day .Yippeee!!!

So today, I'm outa heah. Off to the big town of Fareham.

Have a great day peeps!

luv me