Friday, November 20, 2009

Does that cat Valium work on husbands?

Ola ya'll ,

I'm sure you can imagine how thrilled I was to be woken up at 4 A.M. this morning ,to the sound of Fox news blaring in my bedroom.

Factoid:workaholic may have insomnia while thinking too much about work.

My plan for the day was, hubby was working from home so he was supposed to drive me to town ,drop me off ,then pick me up later in time for us to take Monkey and Cavuto to the Vet.

I waited ,and waited and waited.

I had bought myself a puzzle recently ,after recalling the time killer they were back when the kids were infants and I was stuck at home.

I forgot one very important thing.... HELLO....blind people can not do puzzles.

I wonder if they make them in Braille.

I scrap the puzzle idea and pace around ,and wait and wait . Finally it is too late for me to go any where.

Factoid : workaholics may forget about people,places ,things while too engrossed in work.

The highlight of the day finally arrives. I load both cats into their carriers and get my coat on . I pace around the living room, check my watch repeatedly. I can hear my husband on the phone, working.

I finally holler up the stairs "It's time to go."

Factoid :workaholics may have to be reminded of commitments and obligations other than work.

We get to the Vets only 5 minutes late. Cavuto screamed his head off the entire way there.

The vet put both of them on some kind of natural form of Valium for 2 weeks to see how it goes.

Cavuto has to take it twice a day and Monkey ,once.
I gave them their first pill last evening. For once, it was pretty easy to get a pill down Monkey . It was a little more difficult with Cavuto but I got the job done .

Score! I think "that was pretty easy."

My glee was short lived . About 20 minutes later ,I hear the sound of a very large cat gagging.Cavuto ralphed his pill all over the bedroom carpet.


As soon as we got home from the vet my husband dashed right up the stairs to get back to work.

Factoid:workaholics may have difficulty tearing themselves away from work.

I start preparing dinner.

These half made chicken dishes are great!

I don't think i could make 'em from scratch any cheaper and 25 minutes in the oven and wa la!

BTW ,I have actually figured out how to work the oven. Go me!

Also tried these recently.

At first bite....a little strange then they seem to taste pretty good.

I have to say the smokey bacon ones are my favorite so far.

A knock at the door brings this little wonder of technology.

(ignore the stupid underlining, I didn't do that)

Yes, our faucet is a nightmare of primitive plumbing ,the likes of which I have not seen since I was a child at my grandmas house.

I excitedly show this modern ingenuity to my spouse and instead of jumping for joy ,he says "oh great one more thing I have to do."

Factoid: the workaholic may become angry or resentful at any duties which pry them away from work.

Today ,I have made an appointment for my husband to drive me to town at 11.

So I'm outta get ready. I've been trapped in this house since TUESDAY!

And ....I have pills to get down cats throats.

Have a great Saturday peeps!

And if YOU have a workaholic, you have my sympathies :)


Wesley said...

Hiya Ma,
I just woke up around 6am on a saturday and could not get back to sleep. Decided to go ahead and get up at 7.... ON A FRICKIN SATURDAY!

Anyways, Here's a factoid for you. The word you're looking for is voila! It's french for something like "there it is." It sounds like wa-la when pronounced :)

Have fun shoving pills into cats. That is one skill I COMPLETELY LACK. I totally cop out and make Kim give Insano any pills he's subscribed, lest I have the flesh ripped from my very arms.

Love ya!

SOUL: said...

tip: to give a cat a pill, either shove it as far back into the back of their tongue as possible and hold mouth closed until you 'think' they've swallowed it.

or 2- get some liverwurst-- hide the pill in a tiny bit-- and let the cat eat it-- hoping that it won't notice the pill.

other than that? can't help ya. i'm a dog people-- when i get cat meds it's usually liquid-- why didn't they give you liquid? dogs are much easier to sneak pills to. (in food)

so, your hubby's a workaholic eh? hmm. who knew?
bwa hahahahaha.

no. i feel for ya.
but tell me.. which is worse?
a workaholic, or a xbox -aholic?

both equal "i can't hear you"

love ya-

logancornyjoe said...

well lucky for our family workaholics do not run in our veins. Pills are awful i remember a certain young lad who may or may not have been worse than your cats at swallowing pills. Now all you need is a heavy night of drinking and the pills will easily follow. ha ha

Anonymous said...

Americans say score! The French say voila. I think it is good to get both cats on a tranquilizer. Good luck. Tell hub he will live longer if he slacks off the intense focus. If he works like that at home, imagine how he works at work. Ha! If all else fails tape a note to his left wrist with your appointment times on it. G5

SOUL: said...

where are you poops?
stop hating me

Mary said...

There's a workaholic in this house, too. He did take care of me when I really, really needed him but then it was back to work.
I have the advantage in that I can just get in my car and drive away. I hate to think that I had to wait for him.

Giving a cat a pill is next to impossible. We stick the pill in back of kitty's throat, hold her mouth closed and rub her throat until she swollows. Not always a success - sometimes she out-foxes us and manages to get rid of the pill. At this house, it's a two man operation to get the job done.