Monday, November 16, 2009

Pass the cat prozac....

Hi ya'll,

I spoke to the Vet and they said they can probably give Monkey some shock therapy. ( ha , just kidding) They said they can probably find something to help her anxiety.
The Burmese rescue lady also emailed me and said she has a single lady who would love to have Monkey if the vet can't help her.I can't just let the dumb girl starve herself to death. Gah!

That same morning, before I called the vet I see a smaller version of THIS!

(that is what Cavuto did to his stomach while he was in quarantine)

He's doing it again. apparently Monkey is not the only stressed out cat.

So Monkey AND Cavuto will be going to the vet Friday when hubby is here with the car.

Why can't any of our pets just be normal? LOL


Saturday we DID go to the oak furniture store (for the hundredth time) we looked , we debated , we BOUGHT!

Kind of looks like something someone threw together in the back yard ,doesn't it?
They all look like this.

It has 2 extensions that hide inside the table.

The chairs were hideous and uncomfortable . We looked at every chair in the place. I sat in chairs, we debated, we hemmed, we hawed and we finally realized that we love our chairs back at home.

In the end we bought just 2 chairs. (for now) it's not like we're going to be having any dinner parties. We don't know any body.

So we got these 2 el-cheapo yet sort of comfortable chairs.

After all that ... and all that money....then the
salesman says" it should be delivered in about 3 weeks"

3 weeks! damn ,you know I hate waiting.

Some how that big ole table must fit in THIS little space.

The stroller is about to be put away for the winter :(

This place is a crackerbox.


We also went to Sainsbury (the grocery store)
that place was so packed I have never seen anything like it.

the picture just doesn't do it justice.


Our weather has been absolute crap for days and days......the wind blowing like a frekin hurricane,pouring rain. And remember "I " get to walk everywhere. :(

It was only a matter of time before I had to get myself some British wellies.

Yesterday was my day to stay home and clean and do laundry all day .Yippeee!!!

So today, I'm outa heah. Off to the big town of Fareham.

Have a great day peeps!

luv me


Anonymous said...

Cibtrats ib tge tabke abd chairs. That is progress. Sorry you had to wait. Please do take those cats to the vet. G5

Anonymous said...

congrats on the table and chairs? mistake or piglatin or something. Yes, congrats, love the boots, and take cats to vet! aj

desert dirt diva said...

dang g5 and she says i need spell check, hope your all right..anyways do you really wear those wellies????zebra strip, tell me its not so....hopful the kitty prozac will work for your little stiffy......
love me

lisa said...

I left my wellies in Scotland on accident and didn't realize how much I loved them. Mine were polka dot. I think the zebra stripes are great choice.