Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and a P.S.

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!

My hubby's trip to Spain was postponed so he will be home this evening. He went to London today .I was supposed to go along but after walking for miles and dealing with the frekin' wind for the last 2 days in a row ,I was just too pooped to go.

I'm going to walk to the grocery store and see what kind of Thanksgiving dinner I can manage to throw together.Wish me luck. LOL

Even though we are far from home I feel very fortunate and blessed every day. Since it's Thanksgiving ...pretend we're all sitting around a big ole table are some of the things I am grateful for....

The first that comes to mind is that my husband and I are in the same country, living in the same house.

and I am not bawling my head off because someone is in quarantine.

I am grateful for my kids . Not only are they the funniest ,most awesome kids ever, they are also fine human beings.

I am grateful that they are so close and love each other so much. I know they will always "be there" for each other.

I am grateful for my new daughter in law, Beth.

I am so lucky that she is a girl to be very proud of .

(She has all the qualities that my son is lacking) lol

She ads a much needed touch to our all male family :)

I am grateful for my family , especially my sister.
Even though we fight sometimes and we don't get to see each other very often, I feel less alone in the world just knowing she is out there.

I am grateful for my homies! (this is only some of them) I am very lucky to have so many wonderful true friends.

We put the fun in oldladyhood!

I'm grateful to know all my young homies too.
(this is only one of them) You all know who you are.

They are the future and they are lovely ,smart ,funny and dedicated people.

Love you guys!

We all know this one, lol.

I am grateful for my spoiled ass fur babies.

Talking to myself is so much better with an audience.

I am grateful that my husband has a good job and LOVES to work so that I don't have to.

I really suck at jobs :)

I am grateful that we have everything we need.

We are very blessed and I give the thanks to God.

I hope that all of you are blessed today and every day and I hope that your hearts will always be able to see it.


That’s lovely……no that’s brilliant!

It's been a while since I posted any observations, so here's one that I've been pondering.

In the last 2 days I have probably spent 4 hours on city buses. As I sit there I hear people talking, either to each other or on cell phones. The ages of these people run the gamut from 8 year old school boys, teenage mothers, middle age workers, young housewives, to tottering geriatric ladies and gentlemen,

With that in mind, I have not heard ONE exclamatory word besides “lovely and /or brilliant" How can this be, given the diverse age range?

On any given day, just among the people I know I would be likely to hear “awesome! Score! Excellent! Crap the bed! Hot damn! yee haw! woo hoo! bad ass! Wonderful! Fantastic! Great! Sweet! Rad!....the list is endless.

So how can an entire population seem to have such a limited sense of individuality? ( for lack of a better word)

Expat readers? Am I wrong? Have you noticed the same thing?I find it very strange.


I better get to walking to the store , yeee haw! (NOT! )

Happy Thanksgiving Peeps!

Luv me


Now I know why WE start cooking at the crack of dawn on Thanksgiving :)

It started raining at 2:00 , that was when I was nearly done with my primative chores, like hanging my laundry . Also right when I left to walk to the store. Sweet.

I managed to find the following menu :

A chicken (with no cankles left on it)
It's legs were tied together , so I had no idea if the thing had giblets in it or not. You should have seen me poking and prodding both ends to find out. Gah! No ,I did not find any.

4 raw sweet potatoes , which I had to improvise with,to make sweet potato casserole. (I have always used canned ) No marshmallows ,but oh well.

Enough canned green beans to make "southern cooked green beans"

Some version of stuffing mix ,to which I added chopped onion and celery. It was not the "cubes" that we are used to, more like crumbs.

I actually found some bake and serve rolls AND some jellied cranberry sauce. The cranberry sauce was in a jar by the mustard's ,NOT in a can. Good thing I scoured the whole store.

We will also be having mashed potatoes, gravy and I scored a bramley applie pie. No idea what that is ,but It looks good.

I am exhausted! Hubby is on the train home and I am ready to chillax! My Jammie's are calling my name.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

peace out :)


SOUL: said...

this post almost made me cry !!!!
you dear sister have come a loooong way baby. just sayin. (yes in a good way)

that pic of the boys when they were little-- that's my apartment in san diego-- that y'al-- plus your mother-- and about a 100 gypsys got me evicted from :)) again, just sayin.

when you came to visit and i took leave for a week -- without the band of gypsys -- that was some good times tho-- YEE HAW! :)) ( i hope that memory doesn't get lost in the sea of senility.)

anyhow-- yeh, you do have much to be grateful for-- and so do i.
too bad i wasn't feelin that at 6 a.m.
my post was more of a whine-fest.
maybe i'll do a PS post tonight. i think i should. why am i such a cry baby?

anyhow-- i do love you, and miss you, and i am thinkin bout ya today-- very happy hubby is home for dinner :))

big hugs -- not mushy ones tho -- yuk. :))

love you
happy turkey day
love me

ps-- i hijacked a bunch of your pix

ps2-- you better go talk on my page you rude thing-- this is my second trip ovah heah-


Wesley said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mom. Love you!

Mary said...

A wonderful tribute of Thanksgiving. Your boys always seem so colse and that is a true blessing. I'm happy to know that hubby is home. I hated to think of you and the babies being alone today.

How is Monkey doing?

audrod777 said...

Wow. That WAS cool! Maybe you can find a lovely bird to roast. HA! Ok, how about a really fat juicy one?
Im glad you get to spend it w/the hubby.
Ok, im sooo sorry. I will be back later. Im running out of juice.
Love ya!

Karen said...

Have a Wondeful Thanksgiving

Golden To Silver Val said...

I think of you more than you know. You're quite an amazing woman....all the way over there where everything is so unfamiliar. I would feel sooooo lost. I never was much of an adventurer. I hope your dinner turns out wonderful....but ya know what? Even if you have to settle for Banquet TV long as you have someone there with you who loves you...its OK. Make more memories, take more pics so you can share and enjoy your evening. Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

u got grown babies? how old r u? i guessi was picturing u at maybe 29 years old.
if u r old, then that just makes ur blog all yhe more you.

Anonymous said...

What a great Thanksgiving post and a super job at whamming together a feast. Good that hub was there to celebrate a great American tradition together. 2 of our kids and their kids are here - 10 of us - so roasted a turkey and deepfried the other one. 30 lbs of turkey and we only ate half of the fried one for Thanksgiving. We have a lot of turkey left -- gahhh! You do have 3 handsome, brilliant sons and a beautiful dau in law - so you are truly blessed - and you will have them forever. G5
PS Krogers had the turkeys for 37 cents a lb if you bought $10 add'l so each bird cost $5.50 - such a deal. The PNut oil cost 27 bucks tho.

SOUL: said...

CRAP-- i forgot all about my cranberry sauce :O
i remembered pix for you tho-- go see
love me-

desert dirt diva said...

yes your boys have grown into fine young men and your daughter in law is a good addition to a wonderful family!

Loved the tribute to your sistah, and wonderful, picture of your homies!~

glad you had a great day.
love me

Foster said...

Do the chickens over there still taste and smell like fish? Hope all is well, and even in England I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Just think if the indians had given the pilgrims a donkey instead of a turkey, everyone would be having a piece of ass on Thanksgiving.