Friday, November 13, 2009

Just buy it for Gods sake!

Ola ya'll,

Well I am just disgusted about Thanksgiving. I already knew that it is NOT a Holiday here, but I figured hubby and I would probably make ourselves a Thanksgiving dinner even if it was chicken.

Yesterday I get the fabulous news that not only does my husband get to go to Spain ...but yep...that's right ,he'll be in Spain for Thanksgiving.

Yours truly will be home doubt on a pity pot, and THIS is what I will be having for TG dinner.


Festive Bake

A freshly baked pastry lattice filled with 100% chicken breast pieces, bacon and sweet cranberry & red onion relish and stuffing."

I may even splurge and add some chips.

Woo hoo!


My grandcat , Insano. Isn't he cute?

I got nuthin' people. My spouse is on the plane home from Finland ,I am planning my walk to the grocery store and that's it for today.

Exciting ,I know.


As you know ,I've been going insane looking for a dining room table and chairs. Still don't have one. I find a decent used set online and email it to my spouse. He ignores it until it's already sold.

Because THIS is what he really wants . A solid oak "butterfly table".

I told him that "what you are talking about is an heirloom quality table, not something we can sell when we go home."

He says " so we'll take it home. "

I didn't even mention how the light oak table will not even match our decor at home.

(That is home)

Well, fine . ...I don't care if he spends a million dollars on a frekin' table ,I don't care if it doesn't match our dark shit at home.......just GET ONE already!

Because if I have to look at THIS much longer....God only knows what I may do to that man!

Remember the "dresser incident" ?

my husband is going to be the death of me. (Love you honey!)

But, I digress....I meant to say "this weekend we are going back to the oak furniture store for the 100th time and we better be buying a frekin' table and chairs."


Ok ...I guess I'll shut up now that I've gotten that off my chest.

I'm off to the grocery store in the rain.

Note to self: but a real umbrella.

Happy Friday peeps!


Nocturnal Queen said...

Could you have Thanksgiving before your husband leaves or after he returns? My cousin Shannon's husband came home from either Iraq or Afghanistan a week or two ago and they had Thanksgiving yesterday. He's going back in a couple days and won't be home for Thanksgiving.

I hope you can get a dining set soon. Your present arrangement would drive me crazy too. :-)

Wesley said...

I agree, have it early.
My friend Andrew's parents are having it this Sunday. You should get your dumb webcam before TG.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Do they sell swanson tv dinners there? If so, buy one for you tg. Have you meets any neighbors yet? af

SOUL: said...

who's af? and why would he or she suggest 'swanson' tv dinner swill? sorry-- but really... even on my worst pity party holiday-- which was christmas like 20 years ago-- at least i had canned chunky brand clam chowder. swanson? they sell that for 99 cents for a reason.

anyways. i am so very sorry to be so rude. but that is beyond poor day food to me. a crock pot of beans is more appetizing.

ugh. maybe i shouldn't comment today. i'm in a bear of a mood today-- for a week actually. maybe i should just jump offa cliff-- but there aren't any out here.

well anyhow-- i must agree with the other folks-- celebrate early before he goes. nuthin wrong with that-- you're just settin yourself up for a bad day.
if it's not a holiday-- the thrift stores will be open!!!!
woo hoo!

go check out my airport hell post.

luv me-

Golden To Silver Val said...

I swear I'd buy a turkey breast and make a dinner for me and the kittehs. You can have leftovers for 3 days. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy...dressing and fruit salad. Yummmm...pumpkin pie? Cooking it will make you feel better. You might even make up some dinners and freeze them so you can have those whenever he's out of town again or else give one to him when he comes home. Get yourself the new Stephen King book and settle in. Do'll do ya good! Show those people what they've been missin'. LOL

Anonymous said...

First, you gotta stay American and have Thanksgiving. If I were you I would go to Spain with hub and the 2 of you pick a nice restaurant and have a big Thanksgiving feast-which somebody else cooks. If that is not possible, get a whole chicken and roast it and serve yourself with dressing, mash taters, chicken gravy, cranberry sauce and punkin pie. I wonder if that beautiful butterfly table could be special ordered in dark cherry? G5

desert dirt diva said...

hey listen to val.. and swanson used to make a ham dinner,(26 years ago) that was to die really it was good...good luck and call me.. i'll keep ya laughing