Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey ,are those my TED hose?

Hi all,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

I think I dirtied up every dish in the house and nearly died of exhaustion before dinner was done.

Everything turned out fabulous ! Well, except for those brown and serve rolls ,those things were so hard they would have torn our teeth out by the roots if we had eaten them.

I think we finally ate around 9 or 10 P.M. ,we were too pooped to even bother with the pie.

Hubby helped me clean the kitchen . Thank God!

Now who wants to come over for a shitload of leftovers?

I have never gotten the hang of cooking for 2.

(BTW, those are the only 2 pictures I took all day. I was too damn busy!)

Hubby is working from home today, you know what that means? Either I have to be silent while he's on conferance calls (like right now) and when he gets off the phone he'll have the Fox news blaring or some stale old western. UGH! Save me!

I think I need to find somewhere to go :)

I really have nuthin else here's some comments to ya'lls comments.I'm too blind to type in that little box.


Soul said........

when you came to visit and i took leave for a week -- without the band of gypsys -- that was some good times tho-- YEE HAW! :)) ( i hope that memory doesn't get lost in the sea of senility.)

The trip she speaks of was a week long drunk fest. LOL we were young, single and cute. We danced half the night away, slept the day away and then started all over again. She was in the Navy and I actually got a vacation with NO kids. During that week we actually sang on stage , in a bar and won a tortilla toss. Good times. We put the fun in young lady hood.

Big hugs to you too sistah!

love you


Wesley said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mom. Love you!

Love you too !!!! Talk to ya sometime this afternoon. Love yo mama


Mary said...

A wonderful tribute of Thanksgiving. Your boys always seem so colse and that is a true blessing. I'm happy to know that hubby is home. I hated to think of you and the babies being alone today.

Thanks Mary! Hope you guys had a wonderful day .

How is Monkey doing?

She seems to be a little more relaxed. Cavuto is daring to sleep on the bed now, but not TOO close to her. lol

audrod777 said...

Wow. That WAS cool! Maybe you can find a lovely bird to roast. HA! Ok, how about a really fat juicy one?
Im glad you get to spend it w/the hubby.
Ok, im sooo sorry. I will be back later. Im running out of juice.
Love ya!

Happy thanksgiving retta! We did get a big fat chicken. I didn’t see your picture over at Souls blog. Where is it? Congrats on the new job!
Love me


Karen said...

Have a Wondeful Thanksgiving

Hope you did too Karen!


Golden To Silver Val said...

I think of you more than you know. You're quite an amazing woman....all the way over there where everything is so unfamiliar. I would feel sooooo lost. I never was much of an adventurer.

Awww, thanks Charolette. I never was either,lol but it’s “just do it” or die of boredom:)

Big hugs! Big hugs back at ya! Loved your post too :)


Tina... said...

u got grown babies? how old r u? i guessi was picturing u at maybe 29 years old.
if u r old, then that just makes ur blog all yhe more you.

Bwa ha ha! Wait a minute …..I’m not quite ready to break out the walker and the Depends. My oldest son is 29 . I am *choke,gag* 47. I don’t look a day over 60 though :)


G5 said...

What a great Thanksgiving post and a super job at whamming together a feast. Good that hub was there to celebrate a great American tradition together.

Thanks G5!

2 of our kids and their kids are here - 10 of us - so roasted a turkey and deepfried the other one. 30 lbs of turkey and we only ate half of the fried one for Thanksgiving. We have a lot of turkey left -- gahhh!

I have never tried a deep fried turkey. What’s it like? Is the skin like KFC? If so, then YUM !

PS Krogers had the turkeys for 37 cents a lb if you bought $10 add'l so each bird cost $5.50 - such a deal. The PNut oil cost 27 bucks tho.

Our entire feast cost 27 pounds. Not sure how many bucks that is. 5.50 was a steal for a turkey!


Oh yeah .....those of you doing the black Friday thing......I want to hear all about what ya got!

I wish I was going !

Luv me


Anonymous said...

You're much more ambitious than I am. I just sat around feeling homesick (mostly). Looks like you had a good spread. Belated Happy Thanksgiving. :)

audrod777 said...

Hey! Your brave to wanna do the Black friday thing. Yuk Twice.Im glad your feast was great! And the fridge here looks like yours but w/alot more!I was going to make my mooms cucumber salad but am glad I didnt. maybe tonight to go w/the leftovers.
Hope today is restful and that Scott gets super sick of that computer,telephone and work. I hope he has a "light bulb" moment and just takes a good look at you and is just Thankful for you and lets you know. I'll pray that way.hehe. guy does not even know what's in store for him. me n God got it in good. And I'll bug God till He moves that man. Haha! So don't tell Scott I said that cauze I wanna hear about it when it happens. K?
Love ya!

myomyohi said...

We had a good turkey day, despite it being our first holiday without Mom (and Dad) not being there. We have a lot to be thankful for. I know my hubby and yours talked for quite a while, but I wanted to say happy turkey day. I know I did on FB, but I wasn't sure you saw it. Love ya.

SOUL: said...

yep-- that was a good week in the life of queen earlenes finest, no?
in fact, that is when phrase was born :))
hahahahaha. ya know-- we're lucky we remember one second of that week. i really do hope i don't forget it.
we bonded :))

anyhow-- anything else i was gonna say? i forgot--
oh but wait-- fried turkey is NOT what you think. that's exactly what i expected -- from our pre - cooked feast of gag... it has like NO skin.
i thought it would be a delicious skin FEST. nope.

never even THINK you want a pre-cooked meal. even if you're alone -- do a cornish hen and stove top if ya have to--- there's just nothin like a home cooked meal!

love you!

SOUL: said...

ps-- if yer gonna call her charlotte?
ya have ta spell it right :))
bwa hahahahaha

audrod777 said...

I sooooo stole that pic of you.haha. Will use for evil purposes. And you aint fooling anyone w/that glasses thing. I do the same thing! LOL. I HATE pics!

Anonymous said...

There's no way you can prepare a Thanksgiving meal for 2 - so you did the right thing. Deep fried turkey is delicious - skin similar to roast turkey and the 15 lb turkey is done in 55 minutes. Next time you and hub are stateside for Thanksgiving I will save you a chunk. G5

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