Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a bunch of crap........

I have always been a crazy animal lover. One of my earliest childhood memories is my cat had gotten run over and I think my mom tried to lie to me about it ,but I was looking out the window at the snowy street when some men came and scooped him up with a shovel. I knew it was my cat.

Since the street was snowy, I had to be 3 or 4 years old. We were out of New York and in Puerto Rico by the time I was 5.

By the time I was 8 or 9, my mom had quit trying to protect me from tragedy. We had a Siamese cat named Charlie (he was the second Charlie) he wasn't ever neutered so he was crazy to get outside. We lived in Orange, California in an apartment. My mom would just throw him outside.
He would come home totally beat up by other tomcats. Abscessed, ear's ripped, you name it. Well one day he came home and his entire head was abscessed. Swollen like a beach ball. My mother had no money to take him to the vet.

So what did she do?

She drives down to the city pound and instead of doing this dirty work herself....she makes me (an 8 year old) take my beloved cat up to them and say that "I found him and he is sick."

I manage to do this, while bawling my head off. They take my cat and even at this age I know they are going to kill him.

Well, all throughout my child hood I had many beloved pets that became "disposable" to my mother.

I tried to NEVER be like that. I have always loved my animals just like they are my own children.

I have had to rehome a few ,in dire circumstances and it was hideous. It's also been a very long time since I had to do such a thing.

Well, the situation with Monkey has gotten so bad; today I actually emailed the Burmese rescue people. I sent them the following note. Even if they found the perfect situation, how could I trust it?

Yet, I hope they can /do.
My little girl is miserable.


This is Mocha aka: Monkey. She is a purebred Burmese. She is 7 or 8 years old. We have had her since she was a little kitten.

She is very tiny and very scared of everything. The Vet jokingly called her a midget.

We also have 2 much larger male cats. In the last year we moved from the US to Hampshire. Due to one of the males being put into quarantine ,Monkey and one male stayed here in England (with my husband) and I took the (quarantined) male back to the US for 7 months.

He and I returned to England 2 months ago. Since the cats were separated Monkey is now terrified of them. They bully her and she is miserable.

In the last week I noticed that she had lost weight, because she was too afraid to go down the stairs to eat. She is now being fed in the bedroom. Then she started urinating on my husbands’ clothes in the bedroom because she’s too afraid to go down to the litter box. She now has a litter box upstairs. She spends all her time growling and her quality of life is the pits now.

We love her very much but if we could find the right home for her, for her sake, we would be willing to let her go.

She is a difficult cat. As I said, she is very tiny. Maybe, 4.5 pounds. She is front de-clawed, has NEVER been outside and obviously could not be allowed out with no claws. She is very vocal when she wants something. And she is afraid of most people and ALL animals. She gets cold easy and she doesn’t like it. She loves to hang out in warm places.

She would be happy in a home with a single person or an older couple with no kids or pets. She is a very sweet girl when she’s not scared. She loves to sit right in your lap and sleep right on you.

Back at home, she had a few “girlfriends” that she would come out to visit. (2 of my friends) She hides from everyone else.

She is perfectly healthy cat, she is spayed, and up to date on vaccinations, mircochipped, even has a pet passport (although she HATES to travel)

She doesn’t have any bad habits except she does feel free to get on the kitchen counters.

I hate to consider giving her up, but I feel awful for her, being like this.

This is her Catster page. There are more pictures of her on there.

If you know someone who might be the perfect person for Monkey please let me know. "


I pray that somehow the cats all start loving each other. I pray for a solution that will let Monkey be happy and live a normal life.



That is so damn sad. I don't know what to do.


lisa said...

Have you talked to your vet for any suggestions or anti-anxiety meds (for cat not you ....he he) I wonder what has caused them to become so violent towards her.

Wish I could have her but I am in the states.

Anonymous said...

Being home for just 2 months is not really long for her to get used to cavuto. Brent gave away one of Valerie's peks,. YEARS later I found out the people he knew 'of' that took her, it didn't work out. They gave him to a stranger. No telling what has happened. Spend as much time as you can with her. Please don't even consider it an option to give her away. Oh, Jennifer got a dog from the rescue people. It didn't work out. She gave him away, telling them to call her if it didn't work out. She was a big, goofy, sweet dog. After the fact, she found out they said he bite one of them. They called the rescue people and they got him back to 'put him under' ! aJ

Jamie said...

Oh Smocha, this breaks my heart, too. I would take her, but she would have the same problem here that she has there. I will pray that they can all learn to get along. I don't always understand cats, they can be so difficult. Heaven knows, you are the kind to have tried everything before you would take this drastic a step. If I can help at all, just let me know. Hugs, friend.

myomyohi said...

I grew up on a farm and had to eat many of my pets...

Golden To Silver Val said...

This is so bizarre. These cats all knew each other and lived wouldn't think a 6 month separation would do this. Can you tell if "she" is the one initiating the bad behavior or is Cavuto picking on her. The cats seemed to get along before he returned, is that right? I'm wondering if maybe she needs to take a little something to ease her stress (vet prescribed). I take it the two males get along ok. I really hate to see you have to give her one else will understand her like you do. But I can understand why you're thinking along those hate to see her so unhappy. Its a dilemma I wouldn't want.... but do some research online and see if you can come up with a better solution ....she may be going through some sort of hormone imbalance that's making her more fearful. Good Luck and keep us posted on how things are going.

lisa said...

I agree with Val. Maybe something else is going on.

Anonymous said...

I would say that Monkey is ill. Cats can act this way when they are very sick. She needs to be thoroughly checked out by a vet. The other cats can pick up the vibes from her and sometimes the other cats just want to come over and help. I think Monkey is suffering from some disease. It is so sad but she needs medical help. G5

desert dirt diva said...

Man i can't believe it,I am so sorry.. oh random thought cubby got prison...well i love you call me....

Cairo Typ0 said...

:( I really hope you're able to find a good home for her. Make sure whomever she goes to in the UK keeps her inside. Almost all the Brits i know only have outdoor cats. It's weird.

Good luck finding her a home. **hugs**

Mary said...

Poor Monkey. It's strange that she is now the outsider among your babies. I know heartbroken you are. It might be a good idea to have a check up to be sure she's OK. There might be something that a vet could suggest to make the situation bearable.

Brad said...

Ah Honey, I'm so sorry - poor little cat. Your doing the right thing by trying to place her with someone. I hope it works. You couldn't be in a better cat loving country so things may work out. Very sad. - I've never heard of catster - must go check it out.

Meg said...

Smocha, I'll keep an eye/ear out for you. We already have our Myst (plus my 2 in the States waiting to come over) and my SIL who LOVES cats has a temperamental "tuxedo" called both those situations are out as they would only cause her the same stress.

Still, I completely empathise with the difficult decision of having to let her go elsewhere (and hope you can find a way to keep her still). Like some others have said...maybe it might take a bit more time. Does the vet not have any suggestions?

Anyway...I'll ask around here. Poor little thing. xx

Mollymoggs said...

Smoocha-I occassionally read your blog (I am from UK-Y), and I knew you were having problems with the cat reunion thing, but I didn't realise it was so bad.

I wish I could offer some magic solution. The only things I could suggest is to try to find a cat behaviour site which might have a method of cat introduction/re-introduction (or even a person to answer your questions) or that cat relaxation defuser. It is sort of like one of those air freshener things, but instead of fruity or flowery scents, it has some cat pheromone. We bought a small bottle of it for our cat who was having problems after a bad UTI. It smells mildly of bananas to humans.

I hope you can work something out so you can avoid re-homing, but sometimes the less cruel thing is to do the thing we don't want to do. Lots of positive thoughts for you.