Sunday, March 29, 2009

Disgusting leavin's ? mmmmmmm

Doesn't that look appealing?

I'm disgusted to say that it does to me. If I could find that bowl of disgust right now I would smoke everything in there that had a spec of tobacco left in it.

This is day 5 on the stupid patch. I would love to say that I have not smoked at all.But we all know I'm weaker than that. I can force myself to NOT go buy cigarettes, but any FOUND cigarettes are like a gift .I can't look a gift horse in the mouth, can I? Um.. No. I can not.

A couple days ago I found a pack under my desk from England with about 5 cigarettes in it. They were oh so crunchy and stale and gross. In a normal mental state I would never smoke such a thing. Now is not a time of normal mental status. I am happy (?) maybe, to say they are all gone now. I have also smoked every viable butt in the house car and garage. There weren't many of those. Believe me ,I looked. I'm like a crack whore.

Now I am down to nothing at all. I'm pretty sure I won't be finding any more "gift" cigarettes around here .Excuse me if I am neglectful right now. I am psycho.

Maybe in about a week I'll be a little better.

Vee shall see.

My hubby has to travel a lot and he NEVER takes the camera. ack!
Well the past couple days he DID take it. (Must have gotten sick of my nagging)

Here is a little trip to London. Enjoy :)

Thanks Hubby!

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wallow with me baby.....

Ola ya'll,

Yesterday Floozie2 and I took a little field trip. We broke the monotony! woo hoo!!

The requirements for this trip were:

Don't bother to take a shower.
Wear the ugliest, grossest clothing you own.
Wear your most hideous shoes.
Bring a bucket ,a shovel ,a screwdriver and a big hefty bag.
Bring a lunch and some diet cokes.
Bring a cadaver dog. ( ha , just kidding)
Be prepared to wallow in mud.

Where did we go, you ask?

The crystal mine baby!

Nice country drive on the way there.

Floozie2 digging away.

"This claw hammer is too heavy"

"This is how it's done."

Cute cows, right by the mine.

Dirty crystals and fake cigarette pencils.

Floozie2's gaggle of gear and dirty crystals.

Rinsed off crystals.

More crystals. You have to buy some kind of acid to really clean them.

A day well spent :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One more time .......please be the last.

Ola Peeps,

Well, today is the lucky day that I attempt to quit smoking for the millionth time.

Wish me luck please.

Not much going on around here. Our weather is in crazy mode. 78 one day , 50 the next. I am for the 78!

I have a field trip planned for tomorrow though ,so I'll finally have something to post about.Woo hoo!!!

Hubby sent me this picture of my beautiful boy, O'Reilly.

I miss him sooo much! Makes me want to cry and have a cigarette. ha.

Hope you all have a nice exciting day in your worlds.

Laters, luv me

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bubba shot the juke box .....

Ola ya'll ,

I'm happy to say that today DID turn out more fun and exciting than I was expecting.

I spent my afternoon standing on this stepladder on my dock and then out in public, on a railroad track with the masses slowing their cars down to stare at me. (us)

I bet you're thinking "what in the hell is she talking about?"

I also bet that you think that I take pictures of nothing BUT cats, don't you? Well, you would be wrong about that. I usually don't have any subjects besides cats, that's all.

Today ,I got to do a REAL photo shoot. Presenting Jacob's senior pictures. My friend Eva's son.
This is one beautiful kid. (inside and out) He is a great 17 year old son.
He is also 6 foot 7 . Thus my step ladder. It was pretty embarrassing for all of us, out on the side of the road at some old railroad track ......him trying to act normal , me on my ladder so I could see more than the inside of his slowing down to look . They thought they were seeing someone famous. :)

Let me know if you know what CCL Photography means. OK?

luv me

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make mine puwple too..........


Let's start with some comments, shall we. Yesterday I received this email from one of my sons about the "green burial" article.

Yo, mom

First, why are you looking up burial tech. second, the green burial used to be a "natural burial"... write this shit down cause this is my last will and testament. Last time I looked into it the only place in America that was doing it was in San Francisco, that is how I would like to go. They don't do head stones either, and they don't require you to use a coffin, you can just be wrapped in a sheet and thrown in the ground... so if you are still around when I go ,don't forget

(one of my sons)

My how they change.

Decades ago this sweet little boy was with us at a cemetery as we searched for a loved ones grave.

He said in his adorable little boy voice , with just a touch of a speech impediment "Mom, I want my headstone to be puwple so you can find me."

Awww....I miss my babies :)

That memory made me think( somehow) of the crazy baby talk way that I talk to the cats. And it hit me WHY I do that. When my kids were babies I would hold them up in front of the mirror and say "Oh ,look at mama's baby. Look at that sweet baby " Etc.....
That is where I get that . And also why this baby's first word was "babwy"

G5 said...

On my ship in the US Navy (heavy cruiser) a guy went down into a freshly painted locker and collapsed from the paint fumes. Nother guy climbed down there to rescue him and they both died. We were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean so they put the bodies in the walk-in meat freezer. We pulled into port in Japan and the Japanese would not let the bodies off the ship and we had to take on more meat supplies so they just stood those boys up in a corner of the meat freezer till we got back stateside. I didnt eat much meat for the rest of that cruise. Looks like Cavuto is livin' in that sroller 24/7. He sure looks like a healthy cat now - beautiful. G5

Man, I sure hope they had those poor guys wrapped up good. I don't recall knowing that you were in the Navy. I hope you are writing your memoir about all that. Yes, Cavuto has become even more spoiled rotten . Who knew THAT was possible? LOL

Blogger Dear Liza said...

Your poor, poor kitties, they Do need their mommy. You are handling this so well, just thought I'd tell you that....

I don't think I like any of the "green" burial solutions. In fact, I don't like any solution...maybe someone should just stand me in the corner?

Hope you are well and feeling better, in general.

Hugs, Smocha. :)

Yep, I am used to being away from my husband but NOT my cats. They have been my constant companions ever since they were tiny kittens and man do I miss them!Not sure how well I'm handling it. :)

I'm with you on the burial thing. I don't like ANY of the options. Maybe the reef thing wouldn't be too bad if you could be in a coffin first.

Hope you are feeling better too! Luv me


Yesterday was a true dose of spring. 78 degrees baby!At nap time ,instead of burrowing into my bed I loaded up the cat stroller with a blanket , a pillow , my book and my rotten cat and we headed down to the dock . We spent 2 glorious hours basking in the sun.

Oh ,of course I brought my camera too.

From a photographic perspective I LOVE the "cat and water" concept.

Cavuto loved his field trip.

I am nearly out of cigarettes (damnit!) which means I must get this day started. Not sure what my plan is yet for today. Hopefully something fun or exciting will happen.

Have a wonderful day ya'll !

Luv me

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worm food or fish food?

Hi Ya'll,

Well, let me see......what was I going to blab about? Oh yeah, yesterday as I was eating lunch at the Chinese restaurant I was reading some free magazine about "green" things. Like " save the earth" green.

I learned a couple things I had never heard about before. Did you know that you can be cremated and have your ashes put into a fake reef ball? The balls are then put into the ocean to become part of an "eternal reef". I'm not even sure if I'd want to be cremated .......but you can learn more about it here.

Then I read about "green burials" ,basically you are prepared not to be preserved for as long as possible but rather prepared to decompose as quickly as possible. No embalming and you're buried in a cardboard coffin. I am picturing that material that you grow plant seeds in :)
I'm not too sure that becoming worm food really quickly appeals to me either. Is it carrying the "green" movement too far? You tell me.
Ya' really do learn something new every day. You can learn more about it here:


I just got my plane ticket for my baby's wedding .
I can't believe my little boy is getting married.

(5 months old with one of our million cats)

Aren't they the cutest little couple ever?

If you are an out of town loved one and have not received an invitation......I shall resend them everyone's address.

The wedding in June 6th. Just so ya know. Out in Chicagoland.


My husband had the joyous experience of taking O'Reilly and Monkey to the Vet today.

They were supposed to go get their shots and their British Pet Passport. Naturally , that plan did not work out.

The Vet did not have a scanner that would read their microchips.

So in a few weeks hubby gets to do the whole trip all over again.

Monkey, the littlest crumb of a cat makes it hell.
As soon as you have the thought in your head that she's going in the cage to go somewhere, she KNOWS . She will then run from you and hide from you , when you finally catch her she will fight you like a wild bear.

It usually results in MY blood being drawn.

Hubby said she wasn't that bad for him because "he's a man"

Sadly, I believe that.


Time to start my busy, busy day :)

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Paddy's day jig

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Happy St. Patricks day!

Hi Ya'll,

I shall put up a real post latah'.

luv me

Cavuto was not at all into wearing the little green hat.

"NO hats!"

We should all be this cute :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

They don't make 'em like they used to...or do they?

My thrilling weekend consisted of watching these movies. Woo hoo!

When fluffy, bubble gum movie star Megan Valentine (Jessica Simpson) suddenly finds herself broke and humiliated in the public eye, she wanders from the wreckage of a car accident and witlessly enlists in the U.S. Army hoping in vain that it will change her life. The spoiled actress immediately finds herself at odds with her tough drill sergeants and the harsh discipline of Army life. It leads to many humerous situations. In the end, however, Valentine wins the respect of her fellow trainees and they all graduate together. This movie is set at Fort Jackson, which is a real Army training base.

** I have never seen Jessica Simpson in any movie before. This movie is basically a remake of Private Benjamin (which I loved) ,this one was watchable though. It's a chick flick for sure.Her male Sargent is cute and her friends are familiar. The "candy bar" scene is ludicrous.
I give it 2 STARS.

Author: Wolf30x from Cincinnati, OH

The Strangers is a movie that delivers everything it promises it would. It scares you. Simple as that. Instead of relying on buckets of gore and an over-contrived premise, it keeps things simple and thats what makes it work. For an hour and a half, the viewer is subjected to a slowly mounting sense of dread that just keeps building without ever pulling back. The story never falls victim to the usual horror movie clichés, but at the same time , it doesn't make any ridiculous attempts to go against them. Perhaps the best thing that the movie has going for it is it's believability. There isn't really any thing to distract the viewer from buying into the premise wholeheartedly. Considering that this is the director's first ever movie, it's a feat that's even more impressive. This is the kind of movie you shouldn't watch at home alone in the dark.

*** I had wanted to see this one when it came out at the theater but never made it.I DID watch it all alone in the house and it WAS scary. Based on a true story. Which is why it was so believable and had me screaming out loud a few times.
I give it 3 STARS.

is the story of Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), an English, aristocratic woman who leaves England to follow her husband to Australia. He is in Australia with the intention of selling his cattle station the size of Belgium. However, Lady Ashley believes he is having an affair and travels out there to confront him. The property is in the north of Australia, and she embarks on an African Queen type journey, accompanied by a rough, hewn cattle drover (Hugh Jackman). Ultimately, Lady Ashley finds herself inheriting the cattle station and, in order to save it, she and the drover must undertake an epic cattle drive to Darwin. In the course of that journey, she falls in love with the drover, and the Australian landscape, and realizes that her life is not over, and there’s always a new life to be had. The title Australia is intended to sum up the story of her life - her journey, the landscape, and the people she meets - all of which transform her life forever.

*****I LOVED this movie!This movie was like an old movie. The way they USED to make them. The scenery was beautiful. The little boy is adorable. Hugh Jackman is smokin' hot and Nicole Kidman is realistic in her role.I may have even shed a few tears. It is LONG though so get your snacks ready and dig in ,you won't want to miss a second of it.
I give it 5 STARS.

And some new Inclined 2 decline, it's ok this one is safe. Brown eyed girl!

Happy Monday Peeps!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Make mine double boring.....with a failure twist

Ola ya'll,

These huge ladies are demonstrating how I
feel lately. Yesterday I was at the library and I literally felt like I could just sink down on the floor and lay there.For days maybe!

What is with me? Depression crash? Bone sucking boredom? Soul killing unhappiness?Stagnating lethargy?Mind numbing misery? A nice cocktail of all of the above, shaken not stirred?

Naturally , it got me thinking ...."what the hell is wrong with you? and what can be done to fix it?"

yeah, that would probably help.

Am I such a creature of habit, that I am manufacturing my own misery? I mean besides the fact that I am separated from my family and my cats, WHY am I so damn miserable?

As I pondered this, I realized that if you looked up "creature of habit" there would be MY picture.

I clean the damn house in the same order. (if I can make myself clean , lately) If I switch the order, it feels all wrong.
It has to be EXACTLY the same order.

I have to listen to the same CD when I go for a walk. I tried to change the CD once on my walk to quarantine.
Everything was out of whack. It ruined the whole experience. My steps were off , I couldn't tell when the walk was nearly over.

I go to the same places day after day. They sucked the FIRST time. They suck every other time too. I eat the same food day after day. Sometimes I will eat canned refried beans and lettuce for 4 or 5 nights in a row.( Bean salad)

The truth seems to be that I am slowly boring myself to death.

How do single people manage to live all alone and NOT do this?I get no joy out of cooking for myself or cleaning the house for myself.I am like June Cleaver without Ward and Wally and the Beave. If you can picture that. What would SHE have done with herself?

I have the tiniest shred of hope that our "boat detailing business" will take off . But really ,I am afraid that it will be a big huge flop and we will not get ONE call EVER. It's that whole curse, Shleprock thing.
When one has had it for decades ,through failure, after failure ,after failure I guess one loses hope in things not turning to shit.

What I really see ,is ME getting some crappy waitress job.

And soon!

The other day I spent the entire day in bed ,thinking I could quit smoking . Ha! Who am I kidding. There is no way that's going to happen right now.Forget that ludicrous idea. Let the self loathing begin:)

We (the neighbors and I) were supposed to have our annual St. Patricks day potluck today. Floozie 2 came over earlier to tell me it was canceled. "Everyone pooped out and didn't want to have it because it's so cold and crappy out."

"Well, I guess that's good because I thought it was NEXT Saturday." Gah!

It IS cold ,windy and crappy out. Which leaves me trapped in here with crazy Cavuto begging to go for his walk in the stroller.

Well, ONE of of is crazy. lol I'll let YOU decide which one.

(I tried covering my insane baby/cat talk with music, but it ruins the whole brutal truth of the video)

So, please.....tell me that you talk to animals like this too. MMMM .....k.

Have a great day peeps! Luv me and Cavuto :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Inclined 2 decline..............

Hi Ya'll,

If I were out in Chicagoland I'd be out at night time like a grown up, watching my kids band .Since I am not out in Chicagoland I went to bed at 7:30 last night.

Eva and I had a busy day flooding the town with our boat detailing flyers.Only one business told us "No, you can't leave those here." They did detailing themselves.

The whole thing is making me nervous. I'm afraid we will get calls and also afraid that we won't. Why am I such a mental cracker?

Speaking of mental crackers, it's not even light out yet and Cavuto is sitting in the stroller ,begging to go for his walk. It's also raining and 40 degrees. Sorry buddy. It's going to be a long wait.

You haven't missed a darn thing around here. The lake should be raised in one more week and hopefully life will get a lot more exciting .

I realized yesterday just how far off July is. gah. That is when I will see my husband (and kids) next. And that makes me very sad.


Without further ado......presenting "Inclined 2 decline", live from the Lamplighter in Palatine, Il.

The singer is my son ,Ian. The drummer is my son , Logan. The tall kid is Andy and the other guitery kid is Matt. Kids I've known since they were little shits.

Everything To Everyone lyrics (By Everclear)
You put yourself in stupid places
Yes I think you know it's true
Situations where it's easy to look down on you
I think you like to be the victim
I think you like o be in pain
I think you make yourself a victim almost every single day
You do what you do
You say what you say
You try to be everything to everyone
You know all the right people
You play all the right games
You always try to be everything to everyone
Yeah you do it again
You always do it again
You say they taught you to read and write
Yeah they taught you how to count
I say they tought you how to buy and sell your own body by the pound
I think you like to be their simple toy
I think you love to play the clown
I think you are blind to the fact that the hand you hold is the hand that holds you down
Spin around and fall down
Do it again
You stumble and fall
Yeah why don't you ever learn
Spin around and fall down
Do it again
Come on now
Do that stupid dance for me
You do what you do
You say what you say
You try to be everything to everyone
You jump through the big hoop
You play all the right games
You try to be everything to everyone
Spin around and fall down
Do it again
You stumble and you fall
Yeah you do it again
Spin around and fall down
Do it again
You stumble and you fall

This one is just one more reminder of "the joy of sons"
A lovely little ballad. LOL

"Fuck Her Gently" (By Tenacious D)

This is a song for the ladies
But fellas listen closely
You don't always have to fuck her hard
In fact sometimes that's not right to do
Sometimes you've got to make some love
And fuckin give her some smoochies too
Sometimes ya got to squeeze
Sometimes you've got to say please
Sometime you've got to say hey
I'm gonna Fuck you softly
I'm gonna screw you gently
I'm gonna hump you sweetly
I'm gonna ball you discreetly
And then you say hey I bought you flowers
And then you say wait a minute sally
I think I got somethin in my teeth
Could you get it out for me
That's fuckin teamwork
Whats your favorite posish?
That's cool with me
Its not my favorite
But I'll do it for you
Whats your favorite dish?
Im not gonna cook it
But ill order it from Zanzibar
And then I'm gonna love you completely
And then I'll fuckin fuck you discreetly
And then I'll fucking bone you completely
But then I'm gonna fuck you hard

Told ya it was lovely. :)

Have a great day peeps! Luv me

Friday, March 6, 2009

Beauty is in the pants of the beholder.....

......and that just ain't right.

Years ago, I would be putting my makeup on and notice a few hairs hanging out of my nose. "Oh my Lord, you hideous beast!”

I would break out the tweezers and yank out the offending hairs. Yesterday, I realized that it has been years since I have pulled any hairs out of my nose. Upon closer inspection it dawned on me that the hairs haven't gone anywhere. My eyesight is just too bad to see them now.

Could the fact that I’ve been going around with a hairy nose for 5 years be the reason why the men that hit on me now ,are old enough to have cataracts?

Hairy nose or not, I find it shocking that some 70 year old man would have the nerve to think a woman of my age would be one bit interested in HIM.I have 2 friends in their 70's . I set both of them up on a senior dating site to look for a "male friend" .Repeatedly ,we see that these old geezers are looking for women who are 30 years younger than they are. This leaves WHAT for my geriatric friends? One hundred year old men? Do any of you even know a hundred year old man? If so, let me know. I can hook him up :)

It's not just the old guys; it’s the hideous dogs too. Why do these hideous men seem to think they deserve a woman who looks like a model?

At my old Real Estate office we have what I call the "office pig" ,the gross guy who blatantly hits on everyone. Every office has one and he is usually married .And doesn't care if YOU are married.

This one, we call Shrek because yes, he is THAT handsome. Every week, he strolls into Eva’s office and flat out asks her if she will have sex with him. Where do they get the gall?

At my last office in Chicago land, same thing. This one's name was Chuck. Our office pig. He was married and flirted constantly with me and I have no idea who else. Someone reported him for sexual harassment. He actually called me into his office one day and asked me if I did it. I didn't.

I told him "I have been ignoring men like you since I was 11 years old. I didn't do it. But I'd hate to be your wife." I actually think it was a man that reported him. A former preacher, who got sick of his sickening behavior. He was fired and good riddance, you pig.

The one before that was at a restaurant where I worked in Florida. He was a cook. He offered to pay me $300.00 to have sex with him. "Um, NO!"

Then he became my stalker. Calling my house at midnight, following me etc. I wound up calling the cops on him several times. That didn't even slow him down. He didn't care. I wound up quitting the job.

If you are one of these men. Do us all a favor and stop embarrassing yourself.

Somebody please, hold me back.I think I just spotted my dream man!Does he look a little like Brad Pitt to you?

Wait, maybe I better put my glasses on.

Woops. Never mind , false alarm:)

Have a great day ya'll.