Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worm food or fish food?

Hi Ya'll,

Well, let me see......what was I going to blab about? Oh yeah, yesterday as I was eating lunch at the Chinese restaurant I was reading some free magazine about "green" things. Like " save the earth" green.

I learned a couple things I had never heard about before. Did you know that you can be cremated and have your ashes put into a fake reef ball? The balls are then put into the ocean to become part of an "eternal reef". I'm not even sure if I'd want to be cremated .......but you can learn more about it here.

Then I read about "green burials" ,basically you are prepared not to be preserved for as long as possible but rather prepared to decompose as quickly as possible. No embalming and you're buried in a cardboard coffin. I am picturing that material that you grow plant seeds in :)
I'm not too sure that becoming worm food really quickly appeals to me either. Is it carrying the "green" movement too far? You tell me.
Ya' really do learn something new every day. You can learn more about it here:


I just got my plane ticket for my baby's wedding .
I can't believe my little boy is getting married.

(5 months old with one of our million cats)

Aren't they the cutest little couple ever?

If you are an out of town loved one and have not received an invitation......I shall resend them everyone's address.

The wedding in June 6th. Just so ya know. Out in Chicagoland.


My husband had the joyous experience of taking O'Reilly and Monkey to the Vet today.

They were supposed to go get their shots and their British Pet Passport. Naturally , that plan did not work out.

The Vet did not have a scanner that would read their microchips.

So in a few weeks hubby gets to do the whole trip all over again.

Monkey, the littlest crumb of a cat makes it hell.
As soon as you have the thought in your head that she's going in the cage to go somewhere, she KNOWS . She will then run from you and hide from you , when you finally catch her she will fight you like a wild bear.

It usually results in MY blood being drawn.

Hubby said she wasn't that bad for him because "he's a man"

Sadly, I believe that.


Time to start my busy, busy day :)

Have a great day peeps!

Luv me


Dear Liza said...

Your poor, poor kitties, they Do need their mommy. You are handling this so well, just thought I'd tell you that....

I don't think I like any of the "green" burial soulutions. In fact, I don't like any solution...maybe someone should just stand me in the corner?

Hope you are well and feeling better, in general.

Hugs, Smocha. :)

Anonymous said...

On my ship in the US Navy (heavy cruiser) a guy went down into a freshly painted locker and collapsed from the paint fumes. Nother guy climbed down there to rescue him and they both died. We were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean so they put the bodies in the walk-in meat freezer. We pulled into port in Japan and the Japanese would not let the bodies off the ship and we had to take on more meat supplies so they just stood those boys up in a corner of the meat freezer till we got back stateside. I didnt eat much meat for the rest of that cruise. Looks like Cavuto is livin' in that sroller 24/7. He sure looks like a healthy cat now - beautiful. G5

Anonymous said...

A pet passport? Good grief. What is the world coming to? G5

desert dirt diva said...

I went to a funeral a few years ago where the guys coffin looked like an old speaker box, there was no cement ling thing in his grave either, they just put him in the cold dark earth, it was the weirdest thing...., i then told dave he better put me in a a real coffin with the cement casing..or he will be hunted down and haunted!!!!!that was then, now i really don't care..just make sure i'm where my family is buried.....

Brad said...

I'm not really too picky what they do with my body when I'm gone. Just don't dress me up and parade me around (no open coffin) for gods-sake. I AIN'T THERE! - And I think you'll agree with me on this: After having have had to 'plant' a few friends in my time, I think the whole funeral thing is a racket. I don't much care what's done, but I DO care if a bunch of money is spent. Take the money and go have a party, or adopt an african kid, what ever just don't waste it by giving it to those ghouls! - Ok, I'll climb down off my soap box now.