Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm not lazy,I'm sick....yeah..that

Gah, so yeah ,I've been sick since Saturday, I've stayed in bed(mostly) for the last 3 days.

Today ,it was down to ...which is more hideous? walking around sick or staying in this house for one more boring second?

Walking around sick WINS! Of course I had to go out and walk just to get more cold medicine anyway.

I am bored out of my mind. Hubby is gone to Denmark and Finland for the week. This place is a crackerbox. I have plenty of housework I could be doing but.....I'm sick.

When he left ,I was on my 3rd day of looking (much) worse than this.

It'll be a wonder if he comes back home.

I got nuthin' HOW bored am I?

Here ya it and weep . bwa ha ha !

Cat shelf

Skinny coke

The only choice for creamer

half a dozen eggs

VIP drawer....we like ice.

Yes,I know my lettuce is rotten ....I'm not lazy, I'm sick.

Coins I'm too blind to identify.

On the cat walk....on the cat walk....

Nosy much?

Generic? Who the hell knows, it's all there is.

Triple play

Got gas?

Can he be inquisitive enough to actually DO the dishes?

The garbage know you're jealous :)

Too bad Daddy lost my harness.....I can't go anywhere.


whipping that tail around, tormenting the crazy Monkey.

Damsel in distress.

(ok, crazy beeotch in distress)

She's still horrified.

Happy humpday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

At least it's not the swine flu.......

6 A.M. ,still dark out and what do we have here?

A dingleberry in a stroller,begging to go for a walk :)

Why is it whenever one travels ,one gets sick?
Yep, I am sick. I spent most of the day in bed yesterday. I gave my husband a list of TWO items to get from the store. Naturally he forgot ONE of them. WHY?Why does it always happen ?
Now, I have to get off my deathbed and walk to the damn store. Woe is me .

My little boy has gotten fat. Surely a combination of not having his playmate and being in such a small house.

It cracks me up to see laundry hanging everywhere. For the life of me I can not understand why dryers are not the norm.

The Realtor in me can not help wondering ......
when there are hundreds of houses attached to each other, do they have a homeowners association?

It doesn't seem so ,since everyone seems to be responsible for their own exterior. I have seen ONE doorway for two houses and only half of it painted.

I'm very intrigued by this.

Also ,they must have some enormous brick factories because everything is made of brick around here. Houses, streets ,sidewalks ,courtyards.

I love the gingerbread details on some of the places. I went to this area on Saturday. I think it was the cutest one I've been to so far.Not sure what it was called except it was London Rd.

Yesterday when my spouse got me some cold medicine I noticed that the box had braille on it.

I noticed that when I walked cavuto in his stroller, people avoided eye contact when they saw me. (they were probably embarrassed for me) lol

I've noticed that a lot of shops have a security guard standing in the entrance.

The water here is awful. Not only does it taste awful but it leaves your hair looking like dead straw. yippee.

I love my little stainless steel stove top. It's so easy to keep clean. Even though I'm still having a hard time adjusting gas burners. Gas scares me.

I'm living on delicious cod. I swear I could eat it every single day.

Well, my house is a sty after the weekend of hubs being home. A fun filled day of cleaning and laundry awaits me.

Happy Monday peeps!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I had a bad feeling as soon as I saw those pigeons

Ola ya'll ,

Well you will never guess what happened yesterday. Go ahead ,try to guess.

Picture it, Portsmouth ,England. Yesterday my husband dropped me off at a shopping district .
I walked around for a while, went into a few shops, took some pictures.Pretty soon I decide it's lunch time. Lunch was to be an order of chips (french fries) and a diet coke, bought at one of the outdoor food stalls. I get my lunch and find a nice bench in the shade .As I sit down ,on one side of me is a young guy with an ipod, on the other side is a couple of young girls. On the ground are numerous pigeons. I had a bad feeling as soon as I saw those pigeons. I looked up into the nice shade tree above my head and thought " I hope some damn bird doesn't crap on me."

I am sitting there ,eating my chips and a few minutes later I feel something hit me in the head.
Sure enough a bird has shit right on my head.The guy next to me says " It's on your hair and your nose."

Young girl says " It's said to be good luck."

I'm not feeling too lucky as I automatically hand strange guy a napkin (like he's one of my sons )and say " Can you please get it out of my hair."

Once I am poop free ,I finish my fries .(a sure sign that I am a mother of children and cats. lol still able to eat after that)

Thank you nice British guy for de-shitting a stranger in need :)

I continued walking around and shopping for the next few hours. I was looking for some kind of a bedspread. In cotton ,preferably. No luck. All I found were duvet covers and flimsy silkish bedspreads. (which do not stand up to cat claws)

I did find a few things but for the most part ,everything was too expensive . They had some kind of street market set up and there were tons of people . I had plenty of time to sit around and take pictures . Keep in mind(when you see the slide show) that this was in the middle of the day on a weekday. Most of the people out shopping were young, old ,or housewives.

My observations :(which you will see for yourself)

The BIG fashion must haves are :

Tights/leggings/jeggings (the jeggings are skin tight denim leggings)
Tights with shorts
Tights with boots
Tights with gladiator sandals
Tights with ballet flats

Most of the females dress pretty um....what's the PC word? There really isn't one.....slutty is the word that comes to mind. (sorry young slutty dressed girls)

Young guys dress more similar to Americans, shorts, flipflops, t-shirts. They also wear these ugly sneakers that resemble the old lady KEDS sneakers.

Male capris are also in abundance. (not sure if that's what they are called) I hope to never see my husband wearing them , that's all I know :)

All the school kids wear uniforms , which I find adorably cute.

Last night we went to a pub. The last time I was here we only went to one pub and it was a very,very old one. This one was only built about 10 years ago and while it was nice , they did a good job trying to make it look old,it just wasn't the same. It was more like going to a chain restaurant. There was also disco music blaring. We had to yell to hear each other even though we were sitting mere inches apart.

The dining room.

The quaint bathroom er... toilet .

Look at that fresh cod!

When I went outside I thought this was some joking way of saying "this way to the smoking area"

I followed the sign and saw nothing. So , I am clueless. In case of a fire drill??

And lastly.....the pictures and fashion show du jour....

Have a great day peeps!

Friday, September 25, 2009

International drudgery .......

Hi ya'll ,

Well day before yesterday my plan did not pan out at all. I was planning to be dropped off to shop for hours and then meet the lady to buy the stroller . As it turned out I got to sit at home all day ,watching my spouse work until it was time to go meet the lady. (can we say BORING?)

Then he dropped me off while he went to the printers.
I had no trouble finding her, red hair and glasses . The stroller was this huge complicated thing with all kinds of winter gear attached. She showed me how to operate it and of course by the time we got home I could remember NONE of her instructions. I spent hours trying to open it. Hubby tried it as well. Nothing.

I finally had the brilliant idea to email the company and ask for a manual. Which they sent me lickety split! Hubby was able to decipher the stupid drawings ,which may have been Chinese as far as I could tell.

I vote for NEVER closing the damn thing again.

yesterday I got to do laundry then walk to the pharmacy to get my pills. From there I took the bus to Fareham ,didn't find a thing. (I only had 2 hours before my bus came back)
Then the grocery store and my walk home. Very exciting ,no?

I will say that it is quite different ,being here right now. It's warm and every time I look at Cavuto I am overwhelmed with relief that he is NOT in quarantine like last time I was here.
As it is , I can roll with the flow and try to make a life for myself. Whatever that turns out to be. lol
It may be just walking, shopping and cooking and cleaning. Same as at home, isn't it?

Speaking of which , I need to go figure out where I want to be dropped off today. Hubby is working from home. Meaning ...get me the hell out of here! :)

have a great Friday peeps!

P.s. I got a new cell phone . I forgot mine at home. Ooops.

I'll send ya'll the number soon as I know what it is.

Luv me

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Because you know you miss them .....

Pictures for now .....

words later :)

It's later than i thought.

Back in love again......

Monkey needs Prozac.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nothing ,really

Ola peeps,

Well ,let me see what have I done since I've been here?

Sunday we took a drive to Southsea ,just to see what the area was like ,for when we move to a bigger house. Way too congested. Those pics of the cars lined up with room for one car to fit down the middle, that was the area. Nope. It would take forever for hubs to get too and from work.

Monday ,I took the bus to Fareham to go to the library. They only have 3 buses coming and going from this town,so once I got there I had about half an hour to run to the library pick books as fast as I could and run back to the bus stop.

Actual conversation had with old man at bus stop:

Me: "Does this bus go to Whiteley?"

Him:" You don't know wheh ya going ,do ya? You need a rich husband."

me: "I already have one of those." (husband ,not the rich part)

him" then what ya doin' on the bus, you should be driving a Rolls Royce."

me: " I don't even know how to drive!"

There's some real characters on them there buses. lol

On the way home I rode on the top floor of the bus for the first time. It was roasting hot up there too. But I was the only one up there so I could take pictures without everyone looking at me like a lunatic.

Yesterday ,I could have gone to London and been dropped off all day cuz hubby was going to work there. But noooooo , I couldn't go because they were delivering my groceries.

So, I did my chores and then got to walk to the pharmacy and reorder my pills. That was where the pics of the trails and the berries were taken. Those berries are growing everywhere.

then walked home to wait for the groceries. It's cool to have grocery delivery. Then I realize that I forgot diet coke and sweet and low. So I got to walk to the store after they left.I also bough a tall mirror and got to carry it home. I don't know how my husband has lived here all this time only being able to see his head. The only mirrors are way up high , above the bathroom sinks.
I'm sorry, but I have to be able to see how fat I'm looking.

I've been emailing this girl for a few days now ,trying to buy her baby stroller for Cavuto. Today is the day! Hubby is going to drop me off in Portsmouth and I will shop for a while and then figure out how to take the bus to meet her, then he'll pick me up after work.
Cavuto should have his new stroller by this evening. I hope he doesn't notice the difference. :)

The cats are being awful to Monkey because she is a sreaming ,hissing scaredy cat. O'reilly just attacked her in her own bed. Good Lord.

well, it's time to get going. I'll be taking the camera with me ,of course .

Have a great day ya'll !

luv me

p.s. if you no longer recieve an email when I update it means I do not have your email address ,so send it to me. Audrey, Vicki , ???

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

White trash alert.....

I swear to God THIS is really my broom.

Note that it is built for Herve Villacheze (sp???) you know, "da plane " guy.

Yeah, it's great on the old back.

Annnd, we've reached a new low on the white trash scale.

Yes, I did get desperate enough to scotch tape my prints to the wall.

Don't hate. I ordered some cheap ass frames.

The tour of our hideous (and I DO mean hideous) house......part one

hideous, part two.....

Annnnd...the latest pictures,
taken mostly from the car and the top deck of the bus.

Believe it or not, I'm still busy and I will add the commentary tomorrow.

I miss you all !!! luv me

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arriving in England part2

England part 2:

Oh nice,the mystery underlining. Just ignore it.

Ok, where was I ? We got home and let me tell you ,my husbands driving at 90 miles an hour was just the thing to keep my eye twitching for a few more days.

When the cats saw each other , it was hissing and growling.They hated each other! Cavuto spent the first 2 nights in the bathroom ,so we would be able to sleep without hearing cats kill each other.They weren't too thrilled to see me either.Naturally ,this made me very sad. I had a hideous case of jetlag, my eye has been twitching for 6 days now and I was on the verge of tears constantly.

I'm happy to say, things are getting better now. Last night I actually slept all night. Cavuto and O'Reilly are getting back to normal and my eye has sort of stopped twitching. It's going to take Monkey longer to quit being a witch to Cavuto.

He is oblivious to all the hatred. Our baby Huey is just going around ,his usual happy self ,unaware that they are being mean to him.

I need to hurry up and find him a new stroller. I don't want him to forget how much he loves his walks.

Yesterday my spouse dropped me off in Fareham so I could go to the thrift stores. I didn't find anything. (no stroller either) I was also going to go to the library but they were closed. gah!
So I spent some time taking pictures while waiting for him to pick me up. Mostly of the fashions I observed. There will be a slideshow at the end of this post.

But first......

This is where Monkey spends most of her time.
Who was in there last night? Yes, Cavuto. lol

Not with HER in there though. He was in HER bed just making himslef right at home.

This is my awesome closet.

Don't be jealous ,ok

Our hideous living room.

How about this? Have you ever seen such splendor?

(this is supposed to be the dining area)

Here is our huge dishwasher. It's like a baby dishwasher.

The boys, near each other without hissing :)

Cavuto (just as spoiled as ever) on his British counter.

I ran into these guys at the thrift store, They were all laughing their asses off trying on these lady clothes. They were going to buy them and go out like that last night.

I asked if I could take their picture and said I would show it to America. :)

Hope ya had fun guys!

I vow to NEVER eat beans with breakfast :)

Well, my hubby will be traveling this week, so who knows what I'll do with myself. Stay tuned to find out.

Here's the fashion show and some scenery downtown Fareham.