Saturday, September 26, 2009

I had a bad feeling as soon as I saw those pigeons

Ola ya'll ,

Well you will never guess what happened yesterday. Go ahead ,try to guess.

Picture it, Portsmouth ,England. Yesterday my husband dropped me off at a shopping district .
I walked around for a while, went into a few shops, took some pictures.Pretty soon I decide it's lunch time. Lunch was to be an order of chips (french fries) and a diet coke, bought at one of the outdoor food stalls. I get my lunch and find a nice bench in the shade .As I sit down ,on one side of me is a young guy with an ipod, on the other side is a couple of young girls. On the ground are numerous pigeons. I had a bad feeling as soon as I saw those pigeons. I looked up into the nice shade tree above my head and thought " I hope some damn bird doesn't crap on me."

I am sitting there ,eating my chips and a few minutes later I feel something hit me in the head.
Sure enough a bird has shit right on my head.The guy next to me says " It's on your hair and your nose."

Young girl says " It's said to be good luck."

I'm not feeling too lucky as I automatically hand strange guy a napkin (like he's one of my sons )and say " Can you please get it out of my hair."

Once I am poop free ,I finish my fries .(a sure sign that I am a mother of children and cats. lol still able to eat after that)

Thank you nice British guy for de-shitting a stranger in need :)

I continued walking around and shopping for the next few hours. I was looking for some kind of a bedspread. In cotton ,preferably. No luck. All I found were duvet covers and flimsy silkish bedspreads. (which do not stand up to cat claws)

I did find a few things but for the most part ,everything was too expensive . They had some kind of street market set up and there were tons of people . I had plenty of time to sit around and take pictures . Keep in mind(when you see the slide show) that this was in the middle of the day on a weekday. Most of the people out shopping were young, old ,or housewives.

My observations :(which you will see for yourself)

The BIG fashion must haves are :

Tights/leggings/jeggings (the jeggings are skin tight denim leggings)
Tights with shorts
Tights with boots
Tights with gladiator sandals
Tights with ballet flats

Most of the females dress pretty um....what's the PC word? There really isn't one.....slutty is the word that comes to mind. (sorry young slutty dressed girls)

Young guys dress more similar to Americans, shorts, flipflops, t-shirts. They also wear these ugly sneakers that resemble the old lady KEDS sneakers.

Male capris are also in abundance. (not sure if that's what they are called) I hope to never see my husband wearing them , that's all I know :)

All the school kids wear uniforms , which I find adorably cute.

Last night we went to a pub. The last time I was here we only went to one pub and it was a very,very old one. This one was only built about 10 years ago and while it was nice , they did a good job trying to make it look old,it just wasn't the same. It was more like going to a chain restaurant. There was also disco music blaring. We had to yell to hear each other even though we were sitting mere inches apart.

The dining room.

The quaint bathroom er... toilet .

Look at that fresh cod!

When I went outside I thought this was some joking way of saying "this way to the smoking area"

I followed the sign and saw nothing. So , I am clueless. In case of a fire drill??

And lastly.....the pictures and fashion show du jour....

Have a great day peeps!


Anonymous said...

Ack !!! I have a pair of old lady keds! Is hubby eating french fries? Fried cod makes me hungry it looks so good. Cute story..good pictures........ aj

Jamie said...

I had to laugh out loud at the pigeon poop story...and I have heard that it is good luck too!

Happy Weekend!

nickmc said...

when are you getting your leggings? ha ha
Looks like a sunny day there..more than we have had here. Loved the flower market and fruit/vegetable stands.
I think those are not male capris..those are just long shorts. the kids wear them here, too.
I will email you later.

Nocturnal Queen said...

"Thank you nice British guy for de-shitting a stranger in need :)"

That cracked me up.

British people often say that they dress better than Americans. I have to say that they appear to be just as bad. lol

Anonymous said...

I want some leggings to wear with long, LONG top. Scared I'm too old. aj ps Will write 2morrow when I pick up articles I entered in fair.

Anonymous said...

Females are born with a high level of intuition. If your intuition says to not sit under the tree, better to listen to it. It is all a plot by the pigeons. They hope you will abandon your chips in disgust, then they can eat them. Great pics! The Brit guys dress reasonably, but the women sure go bonkers over those tights. Most of them are ugly, specially the black ones (tights). Maybe while there you can go over to Belgium and France and see if they dress that way also. G5

SOUL: said...

yep-- sounds exactly like something that would happen to one of US. :))

so. i was enjoying your slideshow, when it came to the "tongue bar". WTF???? do tell.

and .. i just know that table full of fried food was NOT yours. right?
skatzi would die first.
but it does look yummay !!!!

happy sunday! (?)

luv me

Sandy said...

Yeah, being pooped on by a bird is good luck.....when it happens to someone else!

BPOTW said...

I can't see bird poo being 'lucky' no matter where it lands!