Friday, September 18, 2009

The trip to England .....part 1

Ola ya'll,

Well ....where to start .....with my flight I suppose.

Soul and I took Cavuto to the cargo office before noon .The vets had all his paperwork done correctley and they took him without a hitch. Naturally they had to add on an extra hundred on his ticket price because we hadn't been quoted for the cargo fee and the airway bill. Sweet.

Then Soul and I went and ate lunch at some tex-mex place with awful food. She had a doctors appointment and barely enough time to get to it so she dropped me and my bags off at DWF. I found a seat right where I could sit and watch them get the plane ready. I saw them search all the plane cleaners and wand them with the metal detector. (didn't know they did that)I thought I might see them load Cavuto but I didn't . The waiting area wasn't at all packed with people ,so I was hoping I'd have a half full flight. Well , no such luck. By the time they boarded EVERY seat was filled. Luckily for me though ,this time both of my seat mates were non- smelly females. One was a 26 year old girl and the other was an older lady on her way to Poland to see her family. She was the one right next to me. She was sweet as pie and hadn't flown in 16 years.

The first thing she said to me (in her Polish accent) was "you are soo pretty" then she told me "you have to be my guide" :) which I was happy to do because she was so sweet. She didn't know how to use the tv,the headphones, the seat recliner ect...

I had been looking forward to watching "The hangover" well, after they said "we're having problems with our in flight entertainment system, I'm going to try and reboot it." for the fourth time, I had seen enough of the movie in bits and pieces and couldn't get into the rest of it.

They fed us dinner ,mine was pasta which wasn't too shabby. The plane was too crowded and cramped to even get to my backpack for any of my reading material.Everytime one of us had to go to the bathroom we had to ALL get out and go to the bathroom . It became and assembly line production.

Trying to sleep was sheer misery. I think every time I get on a plane ,they have moved the seats even closer together. Apparently at some time during one of my fitful sleeps ,some jerk in firstclass got drunk as a skunk and they restrained him and locked him...guess where? in OUR bathroom.(heaven forbid if they inconvieninced those people up there in their nice little beds) lol

The police were waiting to arrest Mr. Drunky before the rest of us could get off the plane.Then , we were out at some remote terminal so we all had to carry our stuff down some stairs onto the tarmac ,cram into a bus (with standing room only) and be drive to the real terminal.

The whole thing really made me have fond memories of good old greyhound.

Then you go through customs and immigration. The line was hundreds of people long . I aksed "which line do iuse if I have a US passport?"
Ha! The line for me had ONE person ahead of me.

By the tiem I got to baggage claim ,my bags were allready twirling by on the carosel. I saw no sight of my husband so I went outside and tried to call him ,only to realize that my phone had no service.I went back in to see if I could figure out how to use a payphone and there he was ,by the coffee kiosk.

I was greeted by those sweet words every wife longs to hear " I have to go crap."

" Ugh, yes ,it's lovely to see you too my darling." (translation: well, go ahead ,let me get some coffee.I'll wait right here. )

To be contunued .............

luv me


SOUL: said...

very good. that was quite the entertaining post, i must say. made me feel like i was right there. oh wait, i was. well, kinda.

email me a copy of the boo/jitty pic.. that's really good.

i'm so relieved that you made it home ok.. no major hitches or cat probs.

we want to see the cats greeting each other!!!!

btw-- tell me-- why IT that every male i know or know OF has to poop every time they get near a bathroom?!!! it's ridiculous!!!

anyhow-- waitin for part deux --
luv me

Anonymous said...

How long a flight was it? You never had to change flights from Dallas to there? Anxious for you to do your roaming of the town. Some of us (me) know I'll never go to England. I'll snail mail you a letter soon just to see how long it takes to get there. Still raining here. aj ps Holly is pregnant, due April 26th.

desert dirt diva said...

glad to hear you made it safe.. call me when u can and tell me all about england.. hanging yup your laundry ect.......I miss you already!

Brad said...

ok - Soul's cat REALLY need to go on a diet! - wow - and they flew you right over Windsor! you lucky duck! Did ya flip off the queen?