Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arriving in England part2

England part 2:

Oh nice,the mystery underlining. Just ignore it.

Ok, where was I ? We got home and let me tell you ,my husbands driving at 90 miles an hour was just the thing to keep my eye twitching for a few more days.

When the cats saw each other , it was hissing and growling.They hated each other! Cavuto spent the first 2 nights in the bathroom ,so we would be able to sleep without hearing cats kill each other.They weren't too thrilled to see me either.Naturally ,this made me very sad. I had a hideous case of jetlag, my eye has been twitching for 6 days now and I was on the verge of tears constantly.

I'm happy to say, things are getting better now. Last night I actually slept all night. Cavuto and O'Reilly are getting back to normal and my eye has sort of stopped twitching. It's going to take Monkey longer to quit being a witch to Cavuto.

He is oblivious to all the hatred. Our baby Huey is just going around ,his usual happy self ,unaware that they are being mean to him.

I need to hurry up and find him a new stroller. I don't want him to forget how much he loves his walks.

Yesterday my spouse dropped me off in Fareham so I could go to the thrift stores. I didn't find anything. (no stroller either) I was also going to go to the library but they were closed. gah!
So I spent some time taking pictures while waiting for him to pick me up. Mostly of the fashions I observed. There will be a slideshow at the end of this post.

But first......

This is where Monkey spends most of her time.
Who was in there last night? Yes, Cavuto. lol

Not with HER in there though. He was in HER bed just making himslef right at home.

This is my awesome closet.

Don't be jealous ,ok

Our hideous living room.

How about this? Have you ever seen such splendor?

(this is supposed to be the dining area)

Here is our huge dishwasher. It's like a baby dishwasher.

The boys, near each other without hissing :)

Cavuto (just as spoiled as ever) on his British counter.

I ran into these guys at the thrift store, They were all laughing their asses off trying on these lady clothes. They were going to buy them and go out like that last night.

I asked if I could take their picture and said I would show it to America. :)

Hope ya had fun guys!

I vow to NEVER eat beans with breakfast :)

Well, my hubby will be traveling this week, so who knows what I'll do with myself. Stay tuned to find out.

Here's the fashion show and some scenery downtown Fareham.


Jamie said...

I am so happy that you are now home with ALL the kitties. Seriously, I have never known anyone to love their animals as much as you do, and I love it! I have the eye twitch thing frequently, when I am under a lot of stress, I'd say your life qualifies lately. Hopefully this week, you'll have the opportunity to relax a little. Hugs, friend. :)

SOUL: said...

well, that was quite the cultural experience. looks like i'd fit right in. seems to not matter what you wear or how ya look out there, does it.? lol.

anyhow-- enjoyed the pix...
oooh and i just LUV the black socks on the radiator !!!! HAH

i always make fun of stez in his black socks and 'shorts' after work-- never fails to make me think of dad.
also-- reminds me... i'm/we're 'old'.
oh well. it's fun to get old sometimes. and isn't that the plan when ya get married anyhow? ' i wanna grow old with you'

anyhow---your house is cute--- i wanna see it in a week!

glad to hear your gettin out, and chillaxin.
that's my favorite new word.
my kid told me it's been around forever-- i never heard it til audrey said it the other day.

can we say--
"out of the loop"?

luv me

Anonymous said...

enjoyed the pics..... have fun but be careful when you're out and about w/hubby gone. aj

Meg said...

Glad you're over safe and sound. Loving the "baby" dishwasher! We don't have one at the moment because ours was too big to fit under the we will have to get a slimline to fit there when we can. Until's the 'house' for the cat litter tray.'s this for inconvenient...our freezer (separate from the mini-fridge) is in our front room and our tumble dryer has been relocated to the baby's nursery.

All because England is tiny. :-P

Meg said...

P.S. I'm slightly jealous you are now reunited with all your kitty loves. Mine are still in NC and I doubt they will even remember me. :-(

Karen Mc Donald said...

Is this a different part of England since you went last year? It is very pretty, I really enjoy looking at the pictures, Good Luck to You all,

Anonymous said...

I think that Monkey and OReilly forgot who Cavuto was and thought he was some strange cats. I wonder how long cats can remember their friends? Not like people do, I know. Fareham is very quaint and nice looking. Keep lookin for that cat stroller. On the positive side, that bare looking apt. just gives you a wonderful opportunity to decorate and accessorize it. Think what fun! Do all the young Brit women dress like a 2 dollar prostitute? What getups! G5

Brad said...

I wish I was with you to go exploring - looks like fun - eye twitches can be caused by a lack of potasium - eat a banana, they've got tons of it in them.

Now go out and take more pics!