Monday, September 28, 2009

At least it's not the swine flu.......

6 A.M. ,still dark out and what do we have here?

A dingleberry in a stroller,begging to go for a walk :)

Why is it whenever one travels ,one gets sick?
Yep, I am sick. I spent most of the day in bed yesterday. I gave my husband a list of TWO items to get from the store. Naturally he forgot ONE of them. WHY?Why does it always happen ?
Now, I have to get off my deathbed and walk to the damn store. Woe is me .

My little boy has gotten fat. Surely a combination of not having his playmate and being in such a small house.

It cracks me up to see laundry hanging everywhere. For the life of me I can not understand why dryers are not the norm.

The Realtor in me can not help wondering ......
when there are hundreds of houses attached to each other, do they have a homeowners association?

It doesn't seem so ,since everyone seems to be responsible for their own exterior. I have seen ONE doorway for two houses and only half of it painted.

I'm very intrigued by this.

Also ,they must have some enormous brick factories because everything is made of brick around here. Houses, streets ,sidewalks ,courtyards.

I love the gingerbread details on some of the places. I went to this area on Saturday. I think it was the cutest one I've been to so far.Not sure what it was called except it was London Rd.

Yesterday when my spouse got me some cold medicine I noticed that the box had braille on it.

I noticed that when I walked cavuto in his stroller, people avoided eye contact when they saw me. (they were probably embarrassed for me) lol

I've noticed that a lot of shops have a security guard standing in the entrance.

The water here is awful. Not only does it taste awful but it leaves your hair looking like dead straw. yippee.

I love my little stainless steel stove top. It's so easy to keep clean. Even though I'm still having a hard time adjusting gas burners. Gas scares me.

I'm living on delicious cod. I swear I could eat it every single day.

Well, my house is a sty after the weekend of hubs being home. A fun filled day of cleaning and laundry awaits me.

Happy Monday peeps!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those houses! Reminds me of san fransisco. Easier to cook on gas -- when you turn it off, it's OFF. Not like electric where it has to slowly cool down. Cats are so cute --- I know you're glad to be with them. Have you met neighbors yet? oh, I made $40 on exhibits at the fair. rounded up things I'd made thru the year, plants, and quail eggs! I'm rich! aj

Creative Problem Solver said...

How are you preparing this delicious cod?

Brad said...

Your sick because you were crammed on a long metal tube with 200 other germy "god knows where they've been" people. (I hate flying) - No dryers because where the hec would you put it? On top of the dishwasher? - Can you tell I'm in a snarky mood?

Hugs, love and butterfly farts from me!

Anonymous said...

Many people get ill when they live in a different area -at first- whether it is the water, the food or whatever. Keep eating the cod - it looks delicious and is so good for you it is ridiculous. Love all those quaint looking village shots. Bricks are durable in the Brit climate - the Brits are very pragmatic and practical. And, land is so expensive that they don't waste it on grass between the houses. That is true all over Europe. G5
PS The finest chefs in the world prefer gas for precise temperature control.

Jamie said...

Get better soon...and I love the pics of your kitties.

Men are just NOT good at going to the store...

Hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

R U STILL sick? 6 yr old died in texarkana from swine flu. Recently a 5 yr old died someone else in arkansas. Take care of yourself, and get well soon! I want to see some more pictures. aj ps when you get my 'test' envelope, check out the neat postage stamps

desert dirt diva said...

it was so good to talk to you and believe it or not the pictures are really on there way! first off you should be walking up to those doors knocking and finding out all about the housing situation and how its diffrent from all of us......and then go ask why someone would only paint half a what an adventure you have moved into!hope you feel me

SOUL: said...

your random boring crap is less boring than my random boring crap :))
i liked this post
feel better-
luv me