Tuesday, September 1, 2009


(Click the pictures to see them full sized)

Told ya' I could make my own for about 4 bucks.

These black candle holders seem to be all the rage right now over in England.

This one WAS a hideous green ,the others were french provincial white and gold. *ick*

These little cat baskets were also a hideous shade of green.

I got nu'thin ,unless any one wants to hear me whine about how nervous ,depressed and bored I am.
I think I'll spare you :)
Your welcome

So if you're bored too, here's a link to go window shop in England. Let me know what you think.


Luv me


Creative Problem Solver said...

Well after being sick knocked me out of my routine for a week, I'm trying desperately to pick up the pieces and prevent pissing off every single client I have. Love the laundry basket pic!

Smocha said...

what laundry basket pic?

Anonymous said...

Good work on making the things black! Black is in and goes with everything. They look really kewel. Tell Diva I wasn't trying to tell you how to make your bras soft, I was suggesting a way for you not to have itchy boobs. It's all right to have itchy boobs at home but not at Wal-Mart. Here kitty, kitty, get in your carrier, you are going bye-bye. Here, kitty. G5

Jamie said...

I want the cat baskets!

You are just so talented with stuff...

Happy Humpday Smocha!

Hugs :)

Brad said...

I'm so lost I don't know where to start - oh yes I do...where are you? state side or UK?

I'm good - nothing newsy to report unless you want a goat update.

yah, that's what I thought.


Smocha said...

Of course we want a goat update!AND pictures.

G5 ,Yeah I'm lovin' the black stuff. More cat nightmares are in the works :(
I'll try and update today about the latest.