Friday, September 25, 2009

International drudgery .......

Hi ya'll ,

Well day before yesterday my plan did not pan out at all. I was planning to be dropped off to shop for hours and then meet the lady to buy the stroller . As it turned out I got to sit at home all day ,watching my spouse work until it was time to go meet the lady. (can we say BORING?)

Then he dropped me off while he went to the printers.
I had no trouble finding her, red hair and glasses . The stroller was this huge complicated thing with all kinds of winter gear attached. She showed me how to operate it and of course by the time we got home I could remember NONE of her instructions. I spent hours trying to open it. Hubby tried it as well. Nothing.

I finally had the brilliant idea to email the company and ask for a manual. Which they sent me lickety split! Hubby was able to decipher the stupid drawings ,which may have been Chinese as far as I could tell.

I vote for NEVER closing the damn thing again.

yesterday I got to do laundry then walk to the pharmacy to get my pills. From there I took the bus to Fareham ,didn't find a thing. (I only had 2 hours before my bus came back)
Then the grocery store and my walk home. Very exciting ,no?

I will say that it is quite different ,being here right now. It's warm and every time I look at Cavuto I am overwhelmed with relief that he is NOT in quarantine like last time I was here.
As it is , I can roll with the flow and try to make a life for myself. Whatever that turns out to be. lol
It may be just walking, shopping and cooking and cleaning. Same as at home, isn't it?

Speaking of which , I need to go figure out where I want to be dropped off today. Hubby is working from home. Meaning ...get me the hell out of here! :)

have a great Friday peeps!

P.s. I got a new cell phone . I forgot mine at home. Ooops.

I'll send ya'll the number soon as I know what it is.

Luv me


Anonymous said...

The news paper looks real! How did you do that? Nights here getting in the 50's and 60's. So nice to sit outside and read the paper/drink coffee! Highs just 70's and 80's. aj

SOUL: said...

yes, please, do tell-- and does that say
the daily distress?
lemmee know how ya do that.

welp-- i best get on with my day mate :))
cheerio !

luv me
ps-- go read about your niece! :))

Brad said...

I was totally suckered in on the newspaper story - cute - You need to find some like wise crazy british gal to hang with. Hope your having fun sweetie - I keep looking for you online but haven't worked out the time diff to tell when you should be around. What is it ? 9 hours ahead of west coast time? XOXO

Anonymous said...

Well, I sure missed that article in the paper - but it sure was a good article. Cavuto is now internationally known! Maybe it is time for him to go on talk shows. Need a pic of all 3 in the stroller taking a nice walk. Months and months you were separated from hub by the Atlantic Ocean and now when he is home you want to get out of the house? Go figure. Of course, when he is working he is probably not very much company so you are forgiven. Get out and be a turista and send pics. G5

SOUL: said...

well-- do you know your phone number yet?
what kinda phone didya get? did ya talk hubby into an I-phone?
haha--- i know. just kiddin
luv me