Tuesday, September 22, 2009

White trash alert.....

I swear to God THIS is really my broom.

Note that it is built for Herve Villacheze (sp???) you know, "da plane " guy.

Yeah, it's great on the old back.

Annnd, we've reached a new low on the white trash scale.

Yes, I did get desperate enough to scotch tape my prints to the wall.

Don't hate. I ordered some cheap ass frames.

The tour of our hideous (and I DO mean hideous) house......part one

hideous, part two.....

Annnnd...the latest pictures,
taken mostly from the car and the top deck of the bus.

Believe it or not, I'm still busy and exhausted.....so I will add the commentary tomorrow.

I miss you all !!! luv me


desert dirt diva said...

yea i'm first first first..woo hooooooooooooooooo....
anyways looks good, are those socks on that furnace.....and do you use fabric softner still now that you hang your laundry.I have stoped my clothes are still real stiff with it....oh and re-send me those pictures......and not as an attachment

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the area. Nice and quaint. Love those old houses and that castle thing is spectacular. Living in Navy housing as a young pup I taped prints to the wall because we could not afford frames. Finally, I went over to the Marine base shop, bought wood and made my own frames. Shopping for frames and accessories will give you lots to do. Can't believe that midget broom. Who would buy such a thing? Don't answer that. G5

Anonymous said...

I know whatever you may do is your own business, but did you say smoking area in the kitchen?

SOUL: said...

now i know what
"all decked out " means !!!!!
woo hoo. i love to learn :))

i think your place is just adorable-- and i know you can make it homey soon.

i had to laugh when cavuto greeted us on the video :)) i see he is makin himself at home.
i'm still relieved he aint in kitty jail.

go see the latest on my thief !

luv me