Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bon voyage

Ola Ya'll ,

I'm in Dallas at Souls house.We take Cavuto to the airport in about an hour.It appears that the vets have done all his paperwork correctly and hopefully all goes well.

I'm exhausted , my pants are too tight and all my carryon stuff is way too heavy :)

I'll update as soon as I get to the English manor.

catch ya'll on the flipside!

Luv me


desert dirt diva said...

woo hoo I'm first yea .. have a safe trip.. i Love ya and let us no when you get into england... and all yooooooour details, cause knowing how you are there was nothing smooth about your trip.. now i'm gonna go read your sistahs blog

Anonymous said...

Update asap...anxious to know Cavuto gets thru ok !!! aj

SOUL: said...

oh-- btw, i do not claim dallas to be my home---- i call fort worth home. even though i am in the burbs of FW.

luv me.

don't be smokin by those crackheads :))