Saturday, September 12, 2009

Part 2 from yesterday...

continued from yesterday..........

Well, yesterday after my nerve wracking day of repacking again, cleaning the garage so the truck will fit in it and unsuccessfully searching for better rental car deals, my sister called me out of the blue and said she would come get me and drive me to Dallas. My immediate response was the overwhelming urge to fall to the ground in relief and babble incoherently.

I managed to control that urge. My next thought was God must really have a sense of humor.
Thank you sister dahlink'!!! You have no idea what a relief that is.

So, since I got that good news I decided to try and be grateful and end my ranting. I have really been such a nervous wreck ,I've been on the edge of hyperventilating for 2 weeks.
I suck at relaxing. I need to learn how to chill. Whew!


I repacked (once again) from the enormous suitcase on the left to that little tiny bag on the right.

As hard as that was for me (I don't do light packing) seeing that little bag actually felt like a big relief.

Remember all that decor stuff I was planning to take?

Have decor will travel.....

Guess it all gets to stay behind.

Oh well. As long as I can find a way to stuff 2 pairs of boots and one more pair of shoes in that little bag ,I'll be good to go.


I am making great progress on my 5 page list of chores . I have only the office and my bedroom left to do. Which I will try and get done today.

It's nice and cool and rainy outside . It would be the perfect day to relax if only I knew how. Damn.

Have a wonderful day peeps!


Anonymous said...

Hey there!Im so glad Bren is driving you. And yes, learn to chillax. I will tell you Im a little jealous that the 2 of you are taking a road trip w/out me. I was so fed up w/myself a few days ago, i was going to just pack up and go to Bren's. I would have called first Bren.
So hope you 2 "chatty Cathy's have a great ride and remember to laugh a lot!
Love Aud

lisa said...

Ship it!

desert dirt diva said...

hey when did you buy that tickect, when i left your house and checked my bags, since it was bought before the new rules , the ticket clerk said the old rules still applied..kinda like aq catch 22.....check i out..

Smocha said...

Aud, Thank God we ain't going greyhound! LOL

Lisa , Been there , paid thru the nose for that too :(

DD , you are RIGHT! I do get 2 bags!!! Woo hoo!!! But they shall still be small ones :)

SOUL: said...

well that's cool that you get 2 bags-- i'm still impressed that you managed to get what you could live with into the smaller one tho- extremely impressed.

btw-- i think you forgot -- YOU are drivin back. remembah?

and yep-- i'll try to relax if you do . :)) ugh.

c-ya bebe`

Golden To Silver Val said...

Maybe this is a stupid suggestion....but when I had my foreign exchange student here, she shipped stuff back. Would that solve the problem for you? If its stuff you can live without for a while, ship it the SLOWER most reasonable way...probably by SHIP. LOL

Anonymous said...

I second or third the motion. Ship it cheapest way - UPS surface? Or look at mailing the stuff. It would get there fine. Congrats on having a sympathetic sis - that is a great solution. The curse is lifting. G5
PS There is a UPS sender right around the corner from the post office, on Higdon Ferry. Go ask.

SOUL: said...

i still say take the small bag -- and a coat--- and thrift store yourself into a new decor and wardwrobe !!!
the way you shop-- you can do it-- lots less hassle-- especially if you have to change planes or anything. ugh. i have always hated baggage-- even when it was free.

luv me

audrod777 said...

AKKKK! I need numbers ppl's! I wanted to say goodbye while you were together. My numbers are gone! If you can still get this.,leave Bren's cell number!