Friday, September 11, 2009

Who wants to go to England?

Ughhhhhhh!!!!! I'm so mad! So frazzled!Such a nervous hag!!!!!

When we bought my plane ticket nearly a year ago we got a flight from Dallas, as opposed to where I live 300 miles away,because changing planes would be too traumatic for Cavuto.
So, the plan was for me to rent a car and drive to Dallas then leave from there, just like I did last time.

But NOW they have jacked up the price of a one way car rental double what it was then $420.00 to drive 300 miles!I think NOT!!!

I literally spent days searching for a cheaper alternative. Wracking my brain. I checked rental trucks, flights, animal rescue name it.

My friend Eva offered to drive me there but I am worried about her car having flats and /or breaking down.

Then it hits me....a brilliant idea! I could get a regular round trip rental car and she can drive it back here. $40 bucks a day. So I thought.

Yesterday I get online to reserve my car and what do I see? Oh now they have a 200 mile per day limit on the f'n car. The trip to Dallas and back is over 600 miles. So I am now forced to pay 20 cents a mile after the 200 miles.

May I scream???


Thank you.


What else do I need to bitch about?

Ah yes, luggage. Last time I was allowed 2 free bags ,under 51 pounds. This time (unbeknownst to me until right now) it has been reduced to ONE bag under 51 pounds.

Your free checked baggage weight allowances

The weight of each bag:

  • must not exceed 23kg (51lbs) for the free allowance to apply
One standard-sized bag
Charges per additional bag up to 23kg (51lbs)
$165 per bag from any US departure airport

Well, I already have 2 bags packed ,one of which weighs 60 pounds as we speak. I have re-packed 4 times so far .(insert cuss words)

I may as well just unpack everything and take nothing but my damn purse!!!

Pass the xxanax please

I have plenty more to rant about but it's getting late my friends ,I must get out and start cleaning the garage before it gets too hot.

To be continued............



Anonymous said...

Now I think you need to write another book entitled "The Curse". Good grief. Keep shopping for a rental car - some have unlimited mileage. I use Budget and Dollar and they have always had unlimited mileage. Also, ask them if they have a Texas car that needs to go back to DFW. If they do, they will give you a large discount to get that car back home. Anyway, good luck from here on out - the entire "system" owes you one. G5

Jamie said...

I have to agree with G5---karma owes you one. Seriously, WTH? I thought the economy was bad and everyone was doing everything to increase business....good heavens.

I am sure you are just ready to get there and be done with all of it. I sincerely hope that everything else goes smoothly. Hang in there.... Hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

.......... staying tuned for the next episode of "The Curse Continues" ........ aj

SOUL: said...

returning a texas car was a good idea-- but no worries now poops.

see you soon.

breathe inn----
breathe out-----

go to lake catherine---
and if i was you-- i wouldn't pack anything---
you've been through enough-- take a carry on bag of what you need to be clean , presentable, and entertained on the plane---

screw the rest!
it's replaceable.
don't forget a warm coat tho--

luv me

why do i smell cat pee? ugh.