Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to the poor house.....and a P.S.

Yesterday morning ,I anxiously wait for 9:00 to arrive so I can finally call and get Cavuto's plane ticket.

Ring ,ring, hold,hold hold,hold:

"Hello, ripoff airways ,how may I help you?"

"Hello, I'd like to get my cats plane ticket to London."

"What is the size of his crate?"

"umm.Enormous." (I give her the dimensions)

"That's a pretty big crate for a cat.Most cats can fly in the small crate as long as there are 2 inches above the tips of their ears while standing."

"Well,he's a pretty big cat. He's 16 inches tall the cat crates are only 10,12 and 14 inches tall."

"I'm sure you know best ma'am......if he won't fit in a smaller crate then his flight will be $1,235.00"

*choke*sputter*become nauseated*

"Why is it so much?"

"Because of the size of the carrier ma'am.If he can fit in a smaller one will only be about a thousand."

"Oh is that ALL?,

well, as delightful as that sounds I just don't think he'll fit in a smaller one, due to the two inch ear clearance rule."

"Sorry 'bout your luck sucker!Will that be all?"

"Um yeah , have a lovely day,thank you."

Welcome us to the poor house won't you?

and say "hello " to the most expensive cat in the world.

My husband took the news better than I was expecting.
There's always that I guess :)

Have a wonderful day peeps!

Ignore that nice typo in the title :)

you would have to be a devil to keep these cats apart


Creative Problem Solver said...

I see where I get my amazing drawing skills from haha!

Brad said...

Ha! that house looks exactly like the house my parents lived in on my grandma's place (Waconda Road) That's what the porch looked like after our german shepard pulled one of the support columns down trying to get free. Strong dog.

Smocha said...

We had that dog too ,Brad.Her name was Star.

Wes,if I spent more than 2 seconds to draw that would be fabulous! Don't blame ME for your bad art skills.:)

Anonymous said...

The glass is half full. At least you got a ticket for Cavuto, albeit for a king's ransom. Good grief. That is more than a people ticket. And they say the airlines aren't making any money! Good luck from here on out. G5

Jamie said...

I LOVE that pic of Cavuto taken through the fishbowl.

Hey, there is a new "pets only" airline started up this summer but I can't remember the name of it. Google it? Hell, for what they are charging you, sweet Cavuto should be groomed, and spa'd and have a full medical and dental check up while on the way..

But the previous commentor is right - at least you have the ticket now, and life is once again rolling along for you. Kind of like the casons (you know, the song that is always in your head..) teehee

Happy Friday. Hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

The origional flight over there for all 3 wasn't that much each, was it? Boy! **choke, sputter, glad it's you and not me! we're home... aj

Smocha said...

Jamie, LOL ,I can't believe you remember my theme song. :)

AJ, no his ticket was NOT that high on the way there.We got the multi cat discount. It was 750 for the first cat ,then 350 for each additional cat. That was BAD enough!

Meg said...

Christ on a Cracker!! That's reDONKulous! My kitties are still being boarded in NC without me (13 months later) and I'm devastated that it could cost me as much to get them here. Argh! least you're on your way!! x

BPOTW said...

Good grief! Nothing is cheap anymore!!