Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nothing ,really

Ola peeps,

Well ,let me see what have I done since I've been here?

Sunday we took a drive to Southsea ,just to see what the area was like ,for when we move to a bigger house. Way too congested. Those pics of the cars lined up with room for one car to fit down the middle, that was the area. Nope. It would take forever for hubs to get too and from work.

Monday ,I took the bus to Fareham to go to the library. They only have 3 buses coming and going from this town,so once I got there I had about half an hour to run to the library pick books as fast as I could and run back to the bus stop.

Actual conversation had with old man at bus stop:

Me: "Does this bus go to Whiteley?"

Him:" You don't know wheh ya going ,do ya? You need a rich husband."

me: "I already have one of those." (husband ,not the rich part)

him" then what ya doin' on the bus, you should be driving a Rolls Royce."

me: " I don't even know how to drive!"

There's some real characters on them there buses. lol

On the way home I rode on the top floor of the bus for the first time. It was roasting hot up there too. But I was the only one up there so I could take pictures without everyone looking at me like a lunatic.

Yesterday ,I could have gone to London and been dropped off all day cuz hubby was going to work there. But noooooo , I couldn't go because they were delivering my groceries.

So, I did my chores and then got to walk to the pharmacy and reorder my pills. That was where the pics of the trails and the berries were taken. Those berries are growing everywhere.

then walked home to wait for the groceries. It's cool to have grocery delivery. Then I realize that I forgot diet coke and sweet and low. So I got to walk to the store after they left.I also bough a tall mirror and got to carry it home. I don't know how my husband has lived here all this time only being able to see his head. The only mirrors are way up high , above the bathroom sinks.
I'm sorry, but I have to be able to see how fat I'm looking.

I've been emailing this girl for a few days now ,trying to buy her baby stroller for Cavuto. Today is the day! Hubby is going to drop me off in Portsmouth and I will shop for a while and then figure out how to take the bus to meet her, then he'll pick me up after work.
Cavuto should have his new stroller by this evening. I hope he doesn't notice the difference. :)

The cats are being awful to Monkey because she is a sreaming ,hissing scaredy cat. O'reilly just attacked her in her own bed. Good Lord.

well, it's time to get going. I'll be taking the camera with me ,of course .

Have a great day ya'll !

luv me

p.s. if you no longer recieve an email when I update it means I do not have your email address ,so send it to me. Audrey, Vicki , ???


SOUL: said...

you sound very upbeat... i'm happy you are 'home'.
not the so far away part--
but yeh. helps to be with hubby and the chillen don't it?
luv me

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the virtual tour of your apt. The apt is not hideous, it is cute. It has a ton of potential - all it needs is accessorizing - and the closets need help. Maybe those expandable shower curtain rods? Nice yard - a lot bigger than the one you have here. Anyway, there you are and any one of us here would give our left nut to be in your position. Be a turista while hub is at work - and then tell us about it and show pics. I could spend a week in London alone, just going to all the museums there. They have some fantastic ones. Let us live vicariously thru you. G5
PS All unfurn. apts look bare and bleh until you fix em up.