Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween !

I've been trying to do this post for about 4 days now. Gah! Between packing and cleaning, being sick and dizzy and my spouse downloading movies....I haven't gotten very far.

So let me see...where to begin. First of all ,my spouse returned from Copenhagen back to his "normal" self. (besides his back going out) He went to the doctor about that. If he actually goes to a doctor, you know he's in bad shape. What did the doctor do? Absolutely nothing. Welcome to national health care.
So yeah, he gets to move us now while dying of back pain. (It does wonders for his personality as well)

He did bring the camera with him to Copenhagen.

Remember this? This was the apartment before we rented it.

this too.

And now....the ugly truth. Here's what it really looks like.

Few ugly art pieces .Rugs removed.

(the mess is all my husbands own creation)

The kitchen ,now.

The entry way.

Anyone know what that white thing on the left wall is?

The second bedroom AKA the office.

The bedroom. I would consider that wardrobe to be sort of a closet.

but wait...there is something seriously WRONG here.....

um...EXCUSE me. All the room seems to have been hogged .

Where are my millions of clothes supposed to go?

And last but not least....the stunning bedroom.

(hubby slept on the couch) as you can see, they took the sheets and stuff too.

I will be bringing my own bedding .Thank you very much.

I was able to get a super king sized sheet set at TK Maxx for 30 pounds. SCORE!

There you have it. The house beautiful tour. I can't wait to see what I do with the place .

On the crappy news front.....we have been informed that we will have no

cable .......

OR internet for one to 2 weeks!

That is going to seriously cramp my world.

If you don't hear from me that will be why. I will be trying to find a library or something where I can use the internet though. Believe dat!

I found these two cute hats at the charity shop for 2 pounds each.

2 pounds!

I'm gonna be walking around Denmark looking like "that girl" ,only old.

Won't that be special?

Well ,I wish we had some exciting Halloween plans. But nooooo , our plan is more packing and cleaning and removing wall shelves. Woo hoo!!!

If you do have plans be sure to take lots of pictures .Have a safe and fun Halloween peeps!

Luv me

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Take my monster ...please

So husband ordered some bubble wrap.

It took the delivery guy and me (in my pajamas) to wrestle it through the front door.

Me (to spouse) " wow, that's a lot of bubble wrap."

The spouse's reply was one of (the only)two that he's had these past few days.

The stare of evil .

(in silence)

OR the crab apple.

This one is verbal.

He's off to Copenhagen today. Should be spending the night in our new house.

I'm really going to miss him.

Hopefully he will be over his demonic possesion errr I mean Man cold by the time he returns.


Yesterday ,we both had errands to run in spite of how awful we feel. C.A. dropped me off in Fareham and then went to run his errands.

I took some random pictures out in the streets. There really wasn't much to see.

Weird junk art.

The market stalls packing up for the day.

Brass Monkey pub

One of the few left. Most are in pretty bad shape.

Fashions on the street.

This bean obsession sort of nauseates me.

more fashions and YES,it's the dollar errr pound store .

more random fashions

beach towels for sale. umm OK

Beautiful downtown Fareham

more of the same

scenes from the way home

weird exit sign.

boats sitting in hardly any water

cute lil' cracker boxes

The hood. And now...blogger won't cooperate with me anymore so I'm out of here. I have no paitence at the moment.

have a great day ya'll !

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meaningless babble......

Me: all dizzy

Hubby : all sick

Everyone being bedridden does not get much work done. Gah!!!

He had to go to work yesterday . The poor thing said "None of them even noticed he was sick. "
I'm sure I would have whined about it atleast once . lol

I managed to do laundry and hang it up on the old lady drying rack.I'm finding that when the severe dizziness hits ,if I keep moving my head (in the way that made me dizzy) then the dizziness goes away just as quickly as if I just cover my eyes and wait to faint.Maybe by fighting it that way ,my fluff brain will compensate and this shit will go away sooner. (I hope and pray!)

We got a smaller crate for Cavuto's flight to Copenhagen. I managed to put that togather as well. (what a productive day) errr not.

Tha reminds me I think we're out of here around the 5th. Hubby gave the new Mr. Landlord a buttload of money yesterday.First, they sent him a lease saying "No Pets" "excuse me?"

So they had to rewrite the lease. It's all looking like a go now. "I" need to know what exactly are they leaving in that apartment. So I know what we need to bring. Getting this info is like pulling teeth in various countries. (UGH)

That reminds me, I am still smoke free .But at home I had already adjusted to my routine with out cigs. Well, big surprise .....I got here and it was like starting all over again. Every place an every thing is a trigger .(insert cuss words)
And no damn sunflower seeds here. I think I still need them. (hint ,hint any child of mine)

Not sure if I am still getting fatter by the day or not. I don't even want to know. I just hope that it will all come off eventually ,with no car and all.

I wonder if they have cheetos in denmark.

Hopefully I'll go some where today and have something more exciting to report later on.

Enjoy your Saturday peeps!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My ear crystals da' fell.....

Ola ya'll,

Just found out those kids that came to look at this place have decided they want to rent it.

And who could blame them? Just look at the spacious lounge. The splendor of it all :)

They'd like to be able to move in by Nov. 1st.

Only problem am I supposed to pack and clean when I can't move my head?

I got to walk to my doctors appointment yesterday. I got in the place and it was like an oven in there. I saw nothing but breastfeeding chicks and babies.

Seriously,5 of them were just sitting there breast feeding.

Apparently they had squeezed (squozen?) me in on baby day.

Anyhow.....there is one of 3 hideous dizzy conditions going on . Basicly ,I can barely move without feeling like I am going to faint ,puke or both. I feel the need to wear a neck brace and an eye mask. lol

"Labyrinthitis: This is an inflammation of the labyrinth which makes up the semicircular canals in the inner ear, and is responsible for our balance. The canals can become infected, usually by a virus. Inflammation disrupts the movement of the fluid, thus disrupting our balance. Symptoms are dizziness, a spinning sensation, possibly headache and nausea, and being off balance. The dizziness and spinning sensations usually come in episodes and disrupt balance, and last from a few seconds to several minutes. Unfortunately this type of virus can take up to several weeks to resolve. Viruses are not affected by antibiotics and have to run their course.

It usually takes 3 weeks to recover from vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis. Recovery happens due to a combination of the body fighting off the infection, and the brain getting used to the vestibular imbalance (compensation). Some persons experience persistent vertigo or discomfort on head motion even after 3 weeks have gone by. After three months, testing (i.e. an ENG, audiogram and others) is indicated to be certain that this is indeed the correct diagnosis and a referral to a vestibular rehabilitation program, may help speed full recovery via compensation. "

The shitty part is...there is no fast fix for it. This BS could last months . (insert stream of cuss words)

The doctor gave me some kind of pills used for sea sickness. They did nothing at all except make me even more in need of a nap than usual. Awesome :(


So that's that. Moving on.....lets talk about the new apartment shall we?

Obviously,I haven't seen it myself. Hubs is in Copenhagen ,he'll be coming "home" today.

It is in an area pretty close to the airport called Orestad. Literally a concrete jungle . (here's some pics of the area)

Apparently it's pretty difficult to find a rental in Copenhagen.We were lucky to find one on such short notice. I think hubby looked at maybe 5 places ,total. Most of them had really smal,chincy IKEA -ish furniture.OR they had no dryer,no dishwasher, were too far from his work etc...

So, the one we did get has a dryer, a DW, closets, it's right by the Metro , the biggest shopping mall in Scandinavia (Fields) and it had reasonably comfortable looking furniture.

Yes, it comes furnished. We'll be putting our England stuff in storage. I haven't spotted a refrigerator in those pics. Surely it is there ,somewhere.

Oh yeah, it's also on the 10th floor. And that's about all I know so far.


Have a great day guys, I'm off to start my dizzy day :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

S*£t I think it's the vapors.....

I'm so dizzy I can barely see . Gah!

No idea WTH is wrong.I've been like this for 10 days now.

I go to the doctor this afternoon.

In the mean time this will have to do for a post.

The new digs.

Washer and dryer baby!

Just like a big motel room :)

Kitchen (sort of)

Back to my fainting couch .

Have a great day peeps!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phuck it's and some news........

See, I wasn't exaggerating ,was I?

And NO, my spouse wasn't kidding about the landlord coming at 11 A.M. (gah)
so the house no longer looks like that.

Mr. Landlord brought these two young guys to look at the place. I was stifling guffaws as I overheard him tell them about the "spacious lounge" and the "bedrooms big enough for a double bed" .Bwa ha! I can't wait to get out of this house!

I actually feel sort of human this morning. The first time since I left the US. Jet lag was awful this time. I've also been having some weird dizzy spells ever since last Monday. I'll be trying to see the doctor about that tomorrow.

Last night we ordered Thai food from Phuck its Thai food. (lol)
It was delicious and I'm sooo glad I haven't had to get off my exhausted ass and cook yet.

Hubby is off to tomorrow (I can't even keep track) then I get to pick up my British life where I left off....errr I mean start spring cleaning this sty hole.

You may have noticed that we're moving out of this sty hole. Where are we going? ,you ask.
I haven't been able to talk about it because it wasn't a "for sure" thing yet, but now it is

Drum roll please........ We're moving to Copenhagen ,Denmark for the next 11 months.

Apparently the Danes have closets. Yeee haw baby!

The bad part is....I am at my spouses mercy when it comes to our new house. HE will be all alone ,having to pick our new house. Talk about nerve wracking.

And so...a new adventure begins shortly. Stay tuned for "cat's on the Danish counter"

Have a great day ya'll !

I'm off to dig through suitcases to find some fat clothes to fit on me today .

Friday, October 15, 2010

My fun filled flight .....

Click on the pics of the text to biggen them .

The babies were thrilled to see their mama. I feel like utter crap!

Hopefully I'll get back on the bloggy band wagon now :)

have a great evening (or day) lol

Luv me