Wednesday, October 20, 2010

S*£t I think it's the vapors.....

I'm so dizzy I can barely see . Gah!

No idea WTH is wrong.I've been like this for 10 days now.

I go to the doctor this afternoon.

In the mean time this will have to do for a post.

The new digs.

Washer and dryer baby!

Just like a big motel room :)

Kitchen (sort of)

Back to my fainting couch .

Have a great day peeps!


vicki......says said...

get your butt to the dr.s.
I thought you were going to do that awhile ago!
Does the knew palace come furnished? looks the washer and dryer.....yay for you!......let me know what the dr. says and when do you get to move?

Mary said...

New digs are really neat. It looks a lot more comfortable than the England abode. I see other buildings so I'm hoping that shopping will be easier.

Plese make getting - and keeping - a madical appointment your number one priority!!

Mary said...

Oops!! Old fingers make many mistakes. Change "Madical" to "MEDICAL"

lisa said...

Congrats on your new move!! You and the kits will love denmark. There are alot of expats around there also. Kelli from might be able to give you some tips. New adventure awaits!!

Nocturnal Queen said...


Feel better soon!

Smocha said...

I couldn't go to the doctor until I got back to England . No insurance over in America, remember?

I'm about to update all about it :)

SOUL said...

i likee -- lotsa room.. compared to the last one. you'll be happy there ;)) i hope.

Anonymous said...

Cute apt! Neat lookin kitchen. Glad you went to the dr. Sounds like pressure control prob on your flight coupled with exposure to the nasty virus = virus in the middle ear. Hope you make a speedy recovery. Read where Restaurant Magazine has named Nona the best restaurant in the world. It is in Copenhagen. You and hub must try Nona and let us know about it. Very spensive tho and the portions look like those for a small mouse. G5